Where do all the skeptics go?

As sad as this makes me, I'm finding far too many similarities between ACC and SOE. Both sites started off as amazing portals of information, discussion and intelligence, but as time progressed they have become sink holes of narrow-views, one dimensional thoughts and heard mentality.Once, where a skeptic was seen as a positive challenge - one to discuss and debate with - now is seen as a threat and is attacked or accused of attacking other members.I know this, because it has happened to be on several occasions in chat. Because my logical thinking doesn't fit neatly in the same box as everyone else I must be "dark" or "evil" or "negative". I am none of those things, I am curious and spiritual and hopeful and loving. I am also logical, skeptical, and of my own mind. I question everything, I don't believe everything I read or hear or even see.So my question is.... now that SOE and (to my sorrow) ACC seem to be unhospitable for those of us who are slightly skeptical of the subjects covered in this site, where do we go?? Is there a spiritual website that caters for the skeptical believers? Are we such a contradiction that there's nowhere for us on the web????Skeptics, please, I urge you to share your thoughts and suggestions with me.Much LoveQuestion Everything~Sarah

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  • I have only been on this site a short time, but my impression is that the level of skepticism is surprisingly strong, for a site of this nature! ; ) Skepticism is healthy, but it can be irritating if expressed in a dismissive or sarcastic way. I enjoy robust discussion and debate, as long as there is respect for everyone's right to have their own view, whether they get to it in a mental/logical way, or an intuitive way.
  • Skeptics believe what they believe. They have their own truths. If they want to believe it that way, then so be it.

    No one have a need to prove anything to anyone, specially forcing their beliefs to other.
    If they ask for proof, to satisfy their undying curiosity, you should remind yourself that - You don't have to do it.
    If they don't believe, then they will simply won't believe. But if they are curious, then they should do their own research. But with you satisfying their craving about the issue that doesn't interest them... seriously, what's the point.

    You should ask, if they don't believe on the contents here, then why bother reading the materials here?
    Just pure boredom on their part or... distributing disinfo comments and Ideas about it. or they may have a HARD issues regarding the topic and only their-selves can fix.
    • It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back

      Skeptics/discussions are ok and good, it keeps us sharp and open to other opinions...
      As long as we are able to be tolerant to opinions of others... if we can listen to each other, and find some truths in responses that first seemed totally wrong... than we have grown I guess

      but some discussions i stop reading cause some replies are bit agressive or they make fun of the other persons...

      So let us cherish our nice, good, inspired discussions?

      And I hope the last straw is VERY soon (without breaking the camel this time, maybe??)
      • I agree Skeptical discussion CAN be okay and good, keep people open and thinking and talking and sharing information.

        I'm the first to admit that skeptics give themselves a bad name, they can and often do come across as brash, defensive, tactless a-holes a lot of the time and I hate seeing that.

        It's the discussions that I miss, the heartfelt, heated, passionate discussions that forces people to really THINK and examine and dissect the things that are going on.
    • so I should Question Nothing and blindly follow the heard? Question Nothing and blindly believe every channel message posted on this site? Question Nothing and be told what to think?

      I think not.

      My intuition IS what tells me to question the things I question. My intuition IS what tells me not to sheepishly jump on the New Age band wagon - even though it is OH so easy to do.

      It would be more than easy for me to just throw caution to the wind and find truth in the dribble, everyone can do it if they look hard (or not hard) enough. That would be a gross disservice to myself, however, so I won't be doing any such thing.

      It is one thing to have faith that a tree exists... it is another to believe that people en masse can suddenly channel highly intelligent intergalactic beings and bring messages of false hope and new moons and imminent intervention and yadda yadda.
      • New age band wagon ? Try Jumping on Chuck Wagon!.........................................................YeeeHaaah!............................................................................
  • Hi ..I'm open ended , I've had many experiences that are not easily explained away...and my awareness is that each person once living consciously is capable of free will based on that awareness and the ability to make choices...individuality is well within the parameters of that...freedom...just wanted to say that...
    • This post is wonderful...dare to ask, dare to dream, face the fear, and open yourself to wonder...Infinite Potentialities.
    • A Big Amen!!!!!!!! So well put Anna-karin! Put all my thoughts on this thread into one eloquent and heartfelt message. I could not have said it better so I did not try. Love you.
      • Oops, I meant to address my comment to Dijulia and just noticed I messed up. So to Dijulia my heartfelt Amen to what you said. I agree.
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