You know, when we're kids, we're so creative, we're so full of life and adventure, we are how normal beings are supposed to be. Somewhere down the line, we lose that....and we start living in the "adult" world, and start being at effect to what's around us, instead of using our imagination to create reality and bend it to what we want. And I was thinking back on my childhood, and the things I used to create, and I'm curious about what were you guys doing as kids, what were you creating, what did you love to do and be. I think that's an interesting topic.

I used to love drawing, and making comics. I'd love drawing buildings, or boats, or houses, kind of like an architect. I'd take a book, and make little drawings on the side of each page, and then flip the pages to make an animation lol I would make my own languages, with alphabet and everything. I'd make songs and poems, and make music with a guitar or drums. I'd love to draw maps...and make up my own world, like J.R.R. Tolkien used to do. I'd buy sets of army men and have fun all day playing war with them, I'd draw flags and make bases for them and everything lol I'd love playing with toys, and making up all kinds of different scenarios with them.

I used to love going on adventures, and playing make belief. Like me and my brother would go out into the forest and pretend to be adventurers, and look for animals, climb trees, swim in the river. We'd put on military costumes, use hockey sticks for guns and play war. Or we'd go out and make all kinds of scenarios and act them out. Just all kinds of things.

And those were real fun times. It's amazing how kids seem to live almost entirely in fantasy. What ever happened to that...somewhere down the line, we lose that sense of fun and play, and creative fantasy...and start being "mature". We start looking for fulfillment and enjoyment, not in our own creations, but in possessions, or titles, or labels we give ourselves. We start being too left brained, to into facts and figures, too caught in the intellect and mind.

But anyways, so...tell me folks, what are some of the things you used to do, when you were kids? For creativity, for fun, for enjoyment, for play? I'm interested to hear...and I'm sure it'd be interesting to reminisce.

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  • Nice thread John :)

    Let's see, I haven't really thought about it - it's good you take this up !

    When I was a kid I used to collect Pokémon cards lol! One thing that really made me happy at the time. I also loved visiting my friend that lived on the countryside and play with all the animals as I wasn't allowed any myself. Dogs, cats, horses, goats, guinea-pigs, gerbils etc :D.

    I also loved bathing, especially visiting warm counries like Greece. Snorkling around and looking for fishes and pretty stones, this could keep me occupied for hours non-stop. 

    Later I also developed a passion for motorcycles and guitars which is a thing that keeps me happy nowdays too. Just recently I bought myself some crystals representing each different chakra and they have become my best friends lol :))!

  • i used to love writing... and pretending i was making my own book :P

    and i used to pretend i was a princess...


  • I spend a lot of time in nature, from very early days back in the city park or when I visited mountains. First time I really hit the mountains wilderness and gave my folks a scare by disapearing , I was 5 yrs old. I kept that tradition by spending endless hrs in our city park which at that time was total wild pear and apple orchard.....I think I invented air guitar imagining creating music while listening to many different music genre; I grew up in musical and artistic house.

    Other than that , my childhood was nothing but boring loneliness.8108793267?profile=original

    I really didn't get creative up until my 6th grade when I fell in love with volleyball and played for next few yrs.

    My creativity didn't get off the ground up until my adulthood when I started painting and creating art. Done dj~ing and other stuff.

    I guess I am late bloomer but again maybe not since I consider my self a little boy trapped in mans body. Maybe it is taking me so far 47 yrs to keep creating all these fun activities and energies but I do know that I am growing out of my inner child 'couse more serious things are on my mind like creating peace, advocating love and searching for the Light.

  • I was a master with mashed potatoes. . all these alien landscapes that just came out of nowhere. . I must have been channelling at a yong age :)

    I'll have to add onto this though. . I got my long list I should reflect on. . +1 to this blog idea John. .

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