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Hi my brothers and sisters with much love and light,


Ok as you can see in the title what is your thought of religions and is there any truth in them at all, like is islam the most trueful one and just asking because people are talking about it at work and that if you don't follow it, they say when I died that my soul will not go from my grave and I know that this will not happen.


Because I know that god etc prime creater is all loving no matter if we are positive or negetive beings.


Anyway please do reply back and I will be telling a life story of who I am as a person and in my next discussion.


Much love always





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dear stumpone, yes i totally agree with your comment,blessings eve.

Our Perceptions are Everything to us.  When we get out of the Little Me or Ego and into the Bigger Me or Higher Self we begin to see the forest - and - the trees.

Our dumb-downed brains and the two-helix DNA has NOT been serving us very well over the past few thousand years.  With Light Frequency entering our planetary system and a realignment and reconfiguration of the original 12-stand DNA we have a chance to become the Hu-Man we were originally designed to be.

It is all about The One and not its parts.  Only when we Really See the Bigger Picture will we open our eyes.  Eyes to See and Ears to Hear is a very true statement.  We need to become Co-creators with the Universe and Mother Earth.  Procreation and Destruction is no longer serving the Human Species.  Neither is "man-made constructs" serving us any more.  It is time to Awaken and take back our own Power.  It is Time to realize Who We Truly Are.


Religions used to piss me off.  I saw them as intentionally manipulating the awakening process. 


Now that I see them from a bigger picture, I see them as perfect!  Many people are not ready to take responsibility for their experience here.  Religions are doing what they need in order to wake people up.

dear Christy,very true, i just read all the above,religion has been the main cause of war and misery throut the history of the earth,and it is imporatnt to discern between spirituality and religion.jesus did not want a church,such as the roman catholic church,based on his teachings.he wanted us to have a one-to-one relationship with god,in line with the Gnostic teachings.the church hierachy and structure simply gets in the way of our natural spirituality.the Roman Catholic Church,or simply the Roman church,has been responsible for much controol  and misery around the globe.the vatican bank is another subject not talked about very is very powerful and independent. it is never audited and is not accountable to goverment authorities like other banks in italy,so on a footnote,much war is generated from false teachings of evil souls incarnated,the balance of positive and negative of duality on the earth has flourished for many millenia,to learn the balance of both aspects of good and evil,there will always be a 3d reality,as one goes up,and another comes down,the one above,the one below,universal evolution,it is infinite,peace,love,light,eve.
I feel like religion is a basic way to access fundamental spiritual principles. To many people, affirmation of personal ideals is important, so religion allows ordinary people to connect with something greater than themselves in a familiar environment surrounded by like minded individuals. On a small scale, churches and temples influence their surrounding communities  in a positive way, essentially promoting love and respect to all. On a larger scale however, religion can be a dangerous force. Whenever a hierarchy of wealth and power is involved in a system, greed and corruption are bound to manifest. Any system that allows for separation, animosity, and entitlement is imperfect and obsolete. It's only a matter of "time" before we as a collective can absolve our petty differences, unite and ascend. The law of In Lak'ech will soon be rediscovered and peace will reign.

I agree with you, James.



Well Jason, that is to all encompassing a question. Obviously satanism is a religion, but it is evil and leads to death and splitting of the mind into multiple personalitys for demons to ride on. Now most religions of the world do have some truth in them.

Even Jesus said in Romans 2:14 -even those who do not know God will make it, as long as their consciouness does not condemn them in the judgement. And those who make it thru the judgement, follow the law, and are a law unto themselvs. So what law can this be. Obviously someone who doesnt know God is not remembering the 7th day sabbath, as a memerioa of creation week. Jesus said the law is summed up into this, love your neighbor as yourself, or do unto others as you want others to do to you.  This is the universal law found in all religions exept satanism, Luciferianism and things like that. Buddism, islamism, ect all teach to love one another. Well there is a vers  ein the Koran to kill all heathens, those who dont follow islam.

But aside from that, any religion that teaches tolerance, love, peace, and compassion, is telling it right. I believ Jesus is the son of God, a Diety. But thats beside the point, because even Jesus said, even those who dont know me will make it, if they follow the golden rule. God is looking for the right character, not the right doctrine. Its that simple. Hope that helps you..

And this site is totally wrong by saying there is no right or wrong, because God knows what works and what doesnt work. thats what Lucifer challanged God about in Heaven, that God didnt know what rape was, what death was, what evil was, And God told satan you dont want to go there. But Lucifer did go there, and we are paying for that one. God knows what works, so dont believ ther is no right or wrong, thats a lie..peace -dennis

Excellent, Dennis. Thank you for your input, and it really is such a simple concept, it is a wonder why it has taken us so long, literally thousands of years, to get it right. Every religion, save Satanism, teaches the spiritual ideals of love, peace, understanding, tolerance, unity, and the ''Golden Rule''. If we humans had simply understood the wisdom of these ideals, we could've spared ourselves a lot of bloodshed and heartache. If we had simply understood and practiced what the masters preached, the dark ones could never have used us and divided us amongst ourselves, they never could've gained control and led us onto the path of enslavement. Thank God for Ascension, thank God we are starting to get it right...better late than never!
Amen to what you are saying here, John.

I love reading all your comments.

I agree with you totally, James.

We are evolving and we are ascending.

In Love and Light,


With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things but for good people to do eveil things, that takes Religion. Man by nature is a religious animal. If you have two religions in your land, the two will cut each other's throats; but if you have thirty religions, they dwell in peace. There is just  just enough religion in the world  to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another..It's not money that the root of all evil but man made religion like it is today and always has been..a sad but inevitable part of life.

There is a lot of truth in what you say about religion being more divisive than it has been a uniting factor in man's evolution.  Any belief system that says one side is right and the other side is wrong has always created strife between the two.  It is amazing how many people on this planet are completely tunnel-visioned. 

Now that we have identified the problem - we must find the solution.





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