What Is Woke?

I heard of the word 'woke' here. It is described as such a monster in the society that is about to destroy the world! I had to check it from dictionaries. But when you search from the dictionary, you find the following definitions:

1.)Awareness of the social problems in the society
2.)Awareness of the social problems and injustices in the society ESPECIALLY RACISM
3.)Awareness of the social problems in the society ESPECIALLY RACISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL DAMARGE

In other words a complain about 'woke' is itself 'woke', a big irony!

So what is wrong with such?

'Populism' squarely fits the definition of 'woke' and incidentally, some people think that 'it is a threat to the world order'! So how can members of ACC persue populisms and a constant complaint about social problems and injustices in the society while at the same time complain about 'woke'? How can they talk of cabals forcing pple to be vaccinated, attempt to depopulate the world. 'Medical apartheid' wherein the unvaccinated are discriminated against, the bankers stealing from all of us, the cabals stealing elections, the mobile phone destroying the environment eg with 5G technology, China creating a bio-weapon to target 'westerners',...the list is endless, and summarise it all by saying that 'the workery is destroying the world'??

Lets recap so the absurdity may become clear: It is right to complain about China trying to 'kill westerners' and a cellphone trying to 'kill all of us' by damaging the environment or mainstream media trying to 'poison all of us' but it is wrong to engage in 'wokery'! In other words, it is wrong to be aware of social problems and injustices in the society, especially racism and environmental damage!! Make sense?

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  • Ebonics-American black English regarded as a language in its own right rather than as a dialect of standard English.

    Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is an English adjective meaning 'alert to racial prejudice and discrimination' that originated in African-American Vernacular English (AAVE).-Ebonics
    • Good! I now get it.☺
  • Ebonics-alert to racial prejudice and discrimination
    • Define 'Ebonics-alert'
  • Roaring, wokeness is very real to us in western countries...It started in America and it is modern left-wing political social activism....It is endemic in major institutions, here...It is self hating...They hate their own race, mainly white. They hate their own class, mainly upper and middle class. They hate their own nations, mainly western nations of the Anglosphere, but especially the US and UK......They think we are the worst in history...

    Because the origins of woke are somewhat obscure, I shall offer a vid that came out yesterday, (good timing,) that makes for a bold attempt to summarize the origins of wokery, or wokeness...
    Of course, many of us have modified the original term, "woke, and used terms such as wokery, wokeness and wokism, as well....This is culture re-calibrating itself, around the phenomenon...

    I use the term wokery, to compare the secular religious overtones to popery, as it was in the 16th century and a major threat to us then, as wokery is now...Albeit, less excommunications, "bloody Mary" stake-burning, gunpowder plots, Spanish armadas and papal inquisitions and more online censorship, big tech algorithms, toppled statues, hate non-crimes, cancel culture, national subversion, open borders, identitarian pronouns, critical race theory, historical revisionism, etc...lol ;-)

  • Yes RL, that is the correct dictionary definition and it has a good core meaning..

    However, the term (in slang) is now associated with self-proclaimed “woke” individuals who are more into ‘slacktivism" or activism on social media intended to show off or gain followers rather than actual, real-life activism..
    When the term is used with quotation marks on ACC, they are referring to these ‘politically correct’ pretentious types, who claim to be woke..
    • Oh! So you are saying awareness of injustices and other social problems is not bad, but that some people are hypocritical and go after money power or such in the guise of 'social justice enviroment concern etc'?. Then I completely agree with you!

      But the environmentalism is the particularly notorious one. Someone pretends to be concerned with the environment only to find that he is working to promote the so called 'green companies' or things like that!
      • I'm sure Movella will place her reply also, but I just wanted to say that it is true...We do have woke types who practice what they describe as SJW, online and offline...They display "virtue signaling," in the main...

        Often, they only really care about the perception of oppression, and their "virtuous" response to it, rather than actual oppression. Their "oppressed victims" often express a belief that they are oppressed. A subjective view. A state of mind, rather than a real oppression..
        They see trouble for trouble's sake..

        They ignore true injustices...

        These types are happy to be tyrants over others...

        Their environmentalism is a sham...They support the corporates, secretly...
        Also they complain of racism and then practice it against white males...In their view, a white, straight male, is the worst "animal" on the planet and must be persecuted to extinction...These woke SJWs are truly mad...

        I believe in true racial equality and true justice under law...I strongly believe that men and women should have equal rights, under law...BUT, the woke simply pander to differences between people and exploit them, for gain..They want us all fighting against each other, over race, class, sex, and more..

        Nobody should be judged on the colour of their skin, BUT, the woke do it all the time..
        I believe in diversity of opinions...The woke hate this...Their "diversity" is contrived for theatre, only..All fake..
        • That precisely☺️
        • Thanks for the clarification. I get you well, and I agree with you. My encounter with the preachy 'vegeterians' here makes me understand what you are talking about. I railed against the 'all problems are caused by humans' and the tendency of humans to hate themselves. So this is also there in this 'race' thing?! Also I cautioned pple on ACC wall not to be into this 'Alien' thing out of hatred for humans. Hating ourselves is not a 'love for others'.
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