This pic was posted several year's ago and FB took them down as fast as they went up then. Now a new poto of I think up graded plains with the system they dont want people looking at or desussing them?




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  • cid:AD6B089B-7BD6-44C3-B1B5-7D568E2E1C3C/photo.JPG.

    This one formed a X in the sky on Monday, hope we can see it
  • Thanks John. We have to increase awareness of this.
  • I am still suffering from an exposure from 2 weejs ago. My dig also has a mucus problem from it. They spray all afternoon last Wednesday. I will wear a mask next time Ihave to be out.. I am curious also as to the longterm effects. I fkush my sinus with saline and drink vinegar in water. The antihistamines havent reallly helped much. Thanks for the comment about our body regenerating 24/7. It is a comfort. I am also going to the healing temples in my meditations. That seems to help. Archangel Zadiel and Lady master Portia! Thanks
    • stay aware my friend stay alive :-)   tell everyone, they may not believe at first, but they will be looking up when they got out.  made ya look thingy LOL.

  • Wow, John that is a spectacular difference, they certainly 'upgraded' the stuff, wonder what that is doing to us all don't you?


    • I etched the glass on my pick up truck, glad i wasnt outside when that happend.  its really nice that our bodys are capable of regenerating 24/7 as cells die there replaced.  i guess there keeping our bodys updating all the time now?

  • I have seen this video you talk of, and yes it is very clear and damaging to those who want it to stay quiet.

    Subect of quiet take downs is even greater,-- when it comes to underground citys.  the internet is the clearing house of the cabal, its a big train station and Face Book is only one train that never leavse the station, holding all its passingers hostage and under the thumb of the beasts control.  

    the pulpit, news, and now the internet hold the biggest control of the world population. if its civilized its controlled. and the more third world countrys are concored and force fead this false beast society the closer we get to one world power.

    all this new age stuff was manufacture just for those of us who have fallen off there train of deception, with yet a new one.    ET GFL New Age Love and light everything is OK as long as you keep your vibration high and out of our business Crap.   as they continue to march there new world oder right into our lives while we dance in circals singing song of bliss and kisses.

    putting the alteritive crowd right back to sleep, how do you think David Ike, and alex Jones stay alive - wake up people the pide piper will play any song your listening to.  and most of you have fell down a hole bigger than you can possibly crawl out of following this kind of music.

    How do you think is telling you there being stopped?  with there fingers cross behind there back while the one behind you is picking your pockets while your listening to all this crap.   sigh.................

  • I am only guessing but I think it is a plane that is spreading chemicals to make ChemTrails.  And of COURSE the government says there are no Chem is a figment of our imagination, right?

  • "i think that people who join the army do it because they really think they are helping the world...they think they are bringing peace and freedom to the world.......but they find out different once they get there"

    Yes Feather. One of my best friends is in the Military. And even though Swedens military in my opinion shouldn't have any involvement with other countries war, they are being hired as "proffesional" soldiers, believing they are doing the world a big favor and that they are doing acts of goodness. I just wonder how they feel when they have to take other peoples lives, for something they have not started themselves, wonder how it feels to kill someone you don't have anything personal against.. and the worst part is here in Sweden the military is taking advantage on the manufactured un-employment, with recruiting young unemployed people and offering them a full-time job as a solider. Makes me sick. Their latest COMMERCIAL being run on cinemas and alot of channels are really mocking. It shows a bunch of normal working people or some youngster doing some stuff on their free time that could seem pointless (like posting a youtube clip of yourself), then the screen changes to soldiers "fighting for other peoples freedom and democracy, securing food transports and disarming mines" with the ending-text "What are you doing?" Like making everyone think that the military is the only choice if you want to help the world, having a normal job isn't enough and should make you feel shame for not taking the chance to help these poor people against a big threat.. 

    So my friend literally wants to go to Afghanistan and other countries above anything else in his life, because he is really thinking he is doing the world and the people there a big favor. I can understand him that he does think this way with all the propaganda, but I cannot talk with him about it and offer what I know since he is allready so deeply convinced since it's his full-time job being a military, and starting to question that would really be threatening to him.

    I want him to see for himself, but it is hurtful when I know so much about this and seeing one of my best friends believing otherwise. I think the propaganda and programming is really deep once you get into the military and it get's hard to be convinced otherwise, unless you see things with your own eyes and start to question things yourself. I don't want to lose my friendship with him because of this thing and I just pray he won't end up killing others or getting killed in this big scam, believing he kills rightfully and that he dies a hero.

    Isn't soldiers realizing the truth more and more? I really hope so, it's not really so hard to see it once you start using simple logic and don't go too deep thinking. To see and understand that war is futile and won't solve any problems. I'm all for helping other people having a hard time, but not by marching into their country armed to the teeth and starting to shoot at threats and starting a big war there, as pawns for the big money-makers of this twisted industry.

    Sorry if this was a bit Off-topic, but your comment sparked me Feather, just felt I had to share.


    • Ogdoo ,No Your right on the mark and spoke your truth that matches the insanity of this world in a nut shell its all related, and programing is its roots very deep roots.  those you have mentioned dont even see the sky let alone the chem trails. and especially those who believe in cover storys, and say it just water, then why are they dumping it into our air and when the sun shines threw it why dose it have all these oily colors? and a few times eched the glass on my pick up truck and other times was like tree sap?

      thank you so much for extending you thoughts here it means alot to me and many others that have been there and done that. and now know this to be fact.  x  john

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