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This pic was posted several year's ago and FB took them down as fast as they went up then. Now a new poto of I think up graded plains with the system they dont want people looking at or desussing them?


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Face Book

Ya think thay are chem trail plains.

These are the insides of chemtrailing planes.  I saw this before a couple of years insider got a look inside the planes...I can't remember now the name of the company whose planes these were though..but I think I saved the link. Will check and see if I can find out more and will post it if I do.

Thanks Marique, a friend at Avalon says he's having trouble keeping the last one up on Face Book they keep taking them down and any discussion is worthless with out the pic as reference. :-) 

Some are even saying that they have there own power plant system never needing to land, and have been Droned, eliminating the need for pilots.

and since the stuff they are spraying is nanight reproducing itself - they need not have to reload chem as well.


Yup I started thinking about a chemtrail plane when I saw those pictures. Makes sense that they need these many containers if they are going to spray large areas.

.True but its still not clear if its part of the tech that keeps the plains aloft endlessly or the chem's there spraying or both. we need a whistle blower on this before they made them into self sustaining Drones.

true :-)

I ran the first picture through a photo recognition program I have and here are some of the results that came up for this photo.  There are 100s of them, I only copied a few so far....  I have not yet checked out the links because I am ill today and am heading to go lay down....but feel free to check the links....a few I did check the picture was taken down already....









inside-chemtrail-plane1500w1-150x150.jpg ""






400px-Ctfake11.jpg ""











chemtrail-inners3.jpg ""



The whole "Conspiracy Theory" is that these are supposedly the insides of Chem Trail planes, and when someone posts it on Facebook it gets deleted... However... The was this exact pic that I had commented to on Facebook and to my knowledge it was never deleted.  

The facts that I believe are true (per Debunked's website) is that: 

These are almost all photos of pre-production test aircraft which are fitted with ballast barrels, although there are a few that are interiors of firefighting planes. I'll try to make this post be a comprehensive explanation of all the photos. Let me know if I miss any. And if you see some chemtrail promoters using this photos in error, then please let them know.

Ballast barrels are just big barrels of water that are used to simulate passengers when testing various configurations of weight and balance on the aircraft during test flights. The barrels are sometimes isolated, and sometimes connected with tubes, so water can be pumped around in flight to simulate passenger movements. 

Note several of the following images are copyright, and are used here under "fair use", as non-profit, educational, and critical usage. 

Many of the photos are very large, so set your browser to the full screen width to see them best. 

Here's a video of the 787 Testing Plane setup:

The "Ballasts" are set up inside the plan to mimic the Center of Gravity".  The tanks are Filled with Water, some different weights depending on the Tests they are doing that day.

After all we would want to test these planes before we fly in them...

But we see something much more important in finding the truth behind so many of these "Dark Conspiracies"... That this world is not as diabolical as we make it out to be... And with about 5 minutes of Research you can find the answers to your questions if you really WANT to know the Truth!!! :)

More Pics of Test Planes...  :)

Link to the Original Article in Detail!

Debunked Chem Trail Plane "Facebook Conspiracy" :)

9/11 was a good cover story also.    if this is true then why do they need hundereds of these water testers world wide?   the tanks alone weigh more than 200 pounds then you fill them with water?  and if these are just test plain for human safety you would think after 20 years in the air they would have learned something by now dont you think?   I guess we need to go back to believing in swamp gass too.

Sure, the truth is out there for people who want to see it Feather... I always keep an open mind, never thinking I totally have everything figured out, and that's how the truth gets revealed to me the most, because I seek to find the truth regardless if it will be upsetting to me... Seeing things clearly is what truly matters :)



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