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What Is The GFL Doing Most Of The Time..??? - A Lesson in Planetary Guardianship

Dear Ascendees,

Here is an opportunity for a wider education about the role of the GFL on Earth and an easy to digest summary, as to what the GFL is mostly completing, fulltime, 24-7 and why this work  is being completed...

I'll simplify this matter as much as possible, as it is highly complex and convoluted, in fact....But in essence, surface humanity, though comprised of highly evolved souls, has fallen from a previous full consciousness status, about 13,000 years ago, due to genetic manipulation by the former Atlantean elites, which rendered surface humans limited consciousness, with shorter lifespans (between incarnations) and disconnected from the light body, upon the manasic plane....Which means, spirit is restricted in what it can achieve in physicality, through these limited forms of expression, these genetically stunted vehicles, we call our bodies....So this must be rectified, so we may serve more effectively.

Now, over vast periods of time and through multiple incarnations of experiences, both sexes, all races, each and every soul, can eventually return to full consciousness, using the limited gene, but it is a vastly restricted number that do and thus we have only some who may fulfil that ESSENTIAL ROLE of planetary guardianship and not enough to be truly efficient....We have a group of Ascended Masters who returned to aid humanity, when as individuals, they re-claimed their angelic wings, as it were....The White Lodge...They are the local spiritual hierarchy and were all normal earth humans at one time....They have asked cosmos for help, because the task of aiding planetary guardianship on the surface, is monumental.....That task is keeping the good order of nature vivified and operationally efficient....Which means that the atmosphere, magnetic field, bio-sphere, waters, soil, plants, minerals, animals, etc, are all enhanced and maintained, to their MAXIMUM EXPRESSION POTENTIAL....So that spirit can express fully in physicality and not in a limited or restricted  way, as present...Now this is about keeping Mother Earth healthy and vibrant...Earth being a living entity, with a body and soul....That soul of which is actually logoic and we are all connected with it, if we incarnate here...we are one with the planet.....even we who came from other planets...Noting that the being who ensouls earth, originally migrated from Venus...a planetary Kumara (Buddha) who became a Planetary Logos.....Bringing it's great light to Earth and making that sacrifice for the divine expression of the do we all, we struggle to return to our former higher states of expression, through ascension....

Now the reason why the GFL is here, is to midwife a new planetary birth, as the time has come for this experiment in limited consciousness, to end...In the mean time, as humanity is unable to function in the essential capacity as true Earth Guardians, which is actually our PRIMARY FUNCTION, so that role has to be conducted by fully conscious beings from other systems, as well as from within this planet, inner Earth, where evolution is more on a par with those other systems of full consciousness....Organic technologies of the Light, combined with ritual work, conducted on the ground, as well as in the ships, assists the planet, helpfully.....Think of those ancient people, who's descendants were the aboriginal shamans, who had a close bond with nature and you will see my meaning...But, imagine such shamans with high technology and greater skills in magickal work and service....and on a larger all the planetary node points....imagine a vast icosahedron and all it's node points, with geomantically placed temples and within them, ceremonies conducted.....So, that is what it was once like on earth, in Lemurian times, when all surface humans were fully functioning guardians......That is what we should be doing, but mostly forgot about, having become potential guardians in amnesia.

Yet the consequences of shirking such tasks are obvious, as the world falls apart before our very eyes.....Whole animal and plant species die out, as mankind has become an overpopulated and also a destructive burden, with a false philosophy of greed and profit at odds with nature and the divine will....So the planet is not being served this way, by mankind in general...Thus the GFL try to help, as much as possible, to fill in the gaps, until humanity can return to that prime role of full planetary guardianship....and with regard to Earth's vast population, which is far more than a planet can actually sustain well, many humans are destined to migrate voluntarily, to Mars and Venus, to aid in the rebirthing of water worlds there....These planets also will need many galactic human planetary guardians, to make for better worlds...They will be joining up with the inner continents of both those world, in which civilisations already exist...but are hidden....This will be the forging of a new star nation, we call Solaris.....That is the plan for humanity...and in the mean time, the GFL have to try to maintain the biosphere, magnetosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, etc, as well as is possible....

I hope this explains what the many UFO sightings are about, much of the time, if not all the time...

Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)


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"Isms" are peculiar to limited conscious humans....They help us decide the best course in a limited world...BUT, am I a communist, capitalist, socialist, libertarian, liberal...??? Well, I'm actually a Theosophist, if I had to choose an "ism." ;-) But, having said that, "isms" are just SMALL FRAGMENTS of truth....holding such an ideal close to the chest is actually illusory, as the COUNT drums into me, like a sergeant major, in an "army." He's a toughie, my ashramic master....He tells me not to take "isms" too seriously, as they are ALL seriously flawed....Including communism, which has never been actually applied here....BUT, if we look at the Federated star nations, everyone is looked after....nobody is in need, and from each according to his ability, is distributed to each according to his needs.....Now GFL tech make this apparent "communism" a reality for those great star nations....And there are no classes, only levels of merit and achievement based on skill, plus a very flexible fluid group dynamics no actual lords and ladies...These earth terms are used to describe Lord Surea, as well as the Lords of the Council of Nine....But they are earth terms, to convey someone's responsibilities and abilities....Not to cast a class shadow.....I realise the sensitivities about class and have a left leaning (yes I know) outlook.....It's just that I loath injustice, especially based upon class or race....So on Earth, we have to apply "isms" as a stopgap, until full first contact and new technologies are distributed among the citizens of the world, all nations....EVERYONE...Nobody left out, even the tribal leader in the Amazon rain forest....

So people are asking me, am I a communist...??? NO, no, no....BUT I do know history and the world needs a new system of economy that mimics some of these ideals, because capitalism has become too destructive...we need a synthesis based upon 70% socialism and 30% a start....We will need a new outlook....People should have things for FREE.....Energy and food and clothing and housing...ALL FREE...Now am I a communist...??? Well no....But I seek a new star nation, which is far better....I mimic them....and believe me, everything they "own" is FREE....

Hi Agarther, dear friend....thanks, appreciated.... ;-)

great summary Drekx, thank you.

but we can also make our duty on a ship, on new missions for the GFL, if we decide to leave solaris?

Agarther my friend....That is a very good question and it is precisely because our planned programme for a MASS ASCENSION, based upon the law of divine grace, and an authorised (by Surea and the Council of Nine) the Light Chambers, that we will be bumping up the numbers of ascendees for our forthcoming star nation...Solaris....known as Solarians.....Seven billion people on OUTER Earth.....If we can get as many as possible to take the light chamber mods, we will have numbers enough for distributions of galactic humans to multiple theatres of service...Some staying on earth, we starseed travelling back home, many going to Venus, Mars and Pax....Oh so many options for us....But yes, we need good numbers of ancient earth souls, modified to ascension levels and put to work on outer earth.....Of course, you and I will be space faring explorers....I'm a Cosmic Man when it comes down to the 6th degree decision.....The path to Sirius and beyond....You will be free to choose, dear probs...bless you, Drekx

Family of Light on YouTube...feel free to use this material....I'm honoured, as is Vashar...will be the 15th video, so much a freely rendered tranche of data, in service... Now Vashtar is concerned that people think I'm a communist...well he tells me that such principles are applied in practice on his home world of Samanet and also on another Sirian world called Atarmunck.....Nobody is poor, but nobody is rich...Now Vash says he has no bank he asks me, is he poor...heheh...I reply, dear friend, you have so much damn cool tech I get dizzy.......It's all FREEEEEEEEEE..Damn it, are we communists.......?? he laughs....No we are Cosmic Men....You Drekx, are my Cosmic Man...he says.......I laugh and feel so happy to be of service to my clan...

Well I wear short hair myself......But yes, Vashtar does sport shoulder length, its Sirian culture...he is not a victim of the earth Tsars of fashion as I am...LOL........Anyway, really nice to see you here, friend Charlotte...always a pleasure... :-)

Well, Vash does actually wear the white metraknen venabu (sirian utility wear,) which is a GFL Sirian supposed to be white........But on the astral, may get a grey tinge....remember we call that plane; the plane of glamours.......It distorts visual and audio perceptions...

Yes, the metraknen are warm.........actually I have worn these uniforms, tailor made......They are incredibly comfortable, though skin tight, bullet proof, etc......Oh yes.......Movella wants one, BUT in purple.....Indigo....Oh gosh, they are really damn cool.....You will never bore with these utility jumpsuits....The height of our GFL "fashion." LOL

Yes I have a sewing machine but I have to leave it here which is OK I will just save and get a new one I make my own ceremonial robes as I'm a wiccan priestess I made an emerald green robe a royal purple and a white robe. I love seeing lol

No problem, my darling....Rahida has a sewing machine and it is in tact still, in our attic...It is yours, my baby...all yours....and a good machine she has... ;-)

ThAnk you dear but movella may want that....

Well, Movella has not used it to date, since Rahida passed....I want you to have it, babe...You can teach Movella how to use it, maybe... ;-)

Of course I will looks like she and I will spend lots of bonding time together



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