Hello! Today I started thinking about this subject and I cannot seem to find the answer. While I know there is many aspects why we feel a need of control I want to know the underlying factor!

I thought that humans have developed a need of control because we feel vulnerable when we have no control or think we have no control. What can we do to eliminate the drive to know everything? Letting go and surrender? Deeper understandings? How do you eliminate the feeling that you are vulnerable?

I understand it can be a broad topic. To know things can be born from curiousity instead of vulnerability.

When do you feel that you have no control, and have a need to win it back? For me is exposing my weaknesses and seeing how they can be used against me.

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  • This Fear; everyone so fare has skirted is deep in our nature really deep.  So much so our intellect has covered it up but its still there none the less.

    I will give you a hint.    “everything”  on this planet of existence --- to exist one must eat another existent……….

    Let that sink in for a few minutes everything eats everything.  Bottom line… but since we have learned to stay off the bottom line, doesn’t mean our subconscious has not for gotten what go’s around comes around.

    Man no longer thinks about or cares about the lesser being’s that still fear there existence in the light of when will I be eaten.    Loosing control of the get away of getting caught and eaten. This is pretty much out of our thinking in the world we have built around us.

    There was a time when people ate people in south America and still do occasionally I hear. 

    So anytime some one or anything threatens our response to flight -- trigger’s  the subconscious fear of my sense of I’m about to get eaten………… that’s why a bully in school has such a fear paralyzing hold on this fear in our subconscious when it triggered.

    Loosing an argument, loosing control of anything triggers this deep set dormant but ever present “ I about to get eaten fear,  think about it -- everything eats everything on this planet…….. Everything..   Open ; your refrigerator door and see how much stuff is there that didn’t want to be there waiting to be eaten.   Love or hate has nothing to do with the food chain.  Eat or be eaten is a reality if its in our thinking or not, for most of the eaten world it still is, what I’m saying is our guilty conscious, of being the eater all the time, the subconscious still knows what go’s around comes around and is always on guard.

    Any one who has faced this in the wild as in a bar attack, or mountain lion encounter can verify this eat or be eaten fear we all have but choose not to think or be part of anymore threw a civilized world of protection. None the less its still in our subconscious.  You can escape your thinking, but your subconscious reality of a world of eaters.

    And this is never addressed in our safe, sterilized, domesticated society and here in this topic we skirt it, but everything mentioned trigger’s this deep response of not being in control is the first step in getting eaten.     

    • This is the nagging, under lying, our subconscious is telling us we have to keep moving or doing something or we will be eaten.  Doing nothing, something will get us, if we stay idle we will be left behind those left behind in Nature get eaten.  it’s a very real fear no longer addressed in our society; and is given other name’s and definitions, so we don’t have to deal with the subconscious fear of existence and something bigger than us taking it away. 

      So much so we will invent alterative concepts to keep it hidden deep inside and buried, and when it arises we easily explain it all away, while on a micro scale we are being eaten alive by parasites inside out day and night.  Doctor’s treat the symptoms that these parasites secrete into our body’s but never get rid of the source. 

      And we are doing it right now, idea’s and beliefs work the same way -- in that they eat each other as one is accepted and another is rejected and die’s while the other is eaten and ingested for nourishment.   Arguments are nothing more than a living thought or idea fighting for existence or its eaten by a greater idea.

      Idea’s eat idea’s, thoughts eat thoughts, fear eats fear, love eats love, living being eat living beings, greater eats lesser, from beginning to end everything eats.  Movement eats complacency, whistling in the dark eats the boogie man.

      No matter how loving, holy, spiritual, dressed in white velvet light, we think we are,  we have to kill to live, and move around on this eat or be eaten planet.   The End.  LOL eat that………  

      • Food for thought to be eaten xD just had to sprinkle your brilliant wisdom with some humor John :-) thank you for contributing with a subject that devours the rest :-)
  • Stay Strong . And , also know WE are ALL One . Your path is for you alone to overcome as is with All to overcome . But, we have God Source Spirit Guides at our beckon call when we need clarity . The answer s you seek toward absolute truths will always come when all is in tune with Self . I truly hope this helps .

  • Amen.

  • And these people need to learn how to accept life as it comes, then they won't feel such a great need to control things. They can "go with the flow" as they say. Doesn't mean you completely give up your will though, or your creating powers, or power itself....that's the big flaw in your guys perception, where you think control itself, and power itself, is a bad thing, just because it can become corrupted.

    That's flawed reasoning....dig a little deeper...and you'll come to realize, we're always in control, in one way or another. You're always in control of yourself....and even of your life. It's the law of attraction, what you are, is what you are....and your state of being, is what you'll attract and create for yourself. Ultimately, we have the power....and that should be an empowering, liberating thing, not something to fear or shun.

    I think the real question is, why the fear of our own power. Do you feel so powerless, and inept, that you don't think you can do a good job with your life, you have to let other forces, other powers, decide what's best for you. Is that what a God does, no. Gods are in complete command, and create perfection. We can do that too, if only we believed in it. But we don't....that's the problem, and it's peoples lack of true empowerment, that leads them to go down the negative power road, to give them a false sense of power and control. Real power is alot different....and also, real power is tempered with wisdom, so you can know when it's wise to exert control and when it's wise to let things play out.

    Again, it's the three fold flame. Love, power, wisdom. They need to be balanced, and you can't forsake either, and hope to become a full being. The whole point of life is to become Godly. So what does being Godly mean to you. There's some food for thought, and think about it.....because, as usual....life is alot more complicated than just....control bad, let go good lol

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