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Hi Everyone,

Since I cannot figure out how to go back and edit my event I thought it best I leave a post because I seemed to have caused some confusion.  In my description I likened pendulum dowsing to tarot card reading which really is not true only in the sense that it is a tool for providing information from beyond and helping you to see things in a way which sheds a new light upon them.  Pendulum dowsing is unlike tarot card reading in the sense that you are not divining.  You are dowsing.  Two quite different things altogether.  Dowsing is scientific in nature while divining is not and I would have to call divining strictly metaphysical.  See if I were to read your tarot card and ask you for information before I did, that would be like cheating because I am supposed to magically know the past, present, and future.  With dowsing, I know nothing, my pendulum works with the energies of the earth, the highest and wisest Angels and Beings of Light, and other scientific factors such as force fields and subconscious communication.  So really all I do is pose the questions from a meditative state, usually rephrasing your questions to try to get the most accurate answer and start us on an exploratory path that ultimately will lead to some answers and solutions.  The reason I ask for your 'issue' upfront is to 1. save time because dowsing can be long and arduous, 2. you can ask and solve things with dowsing that you could not with divination or other holistic/metaphysic treatments, the list being endless. 3. It gives me time to prepare a pathway with my charts so we can work faster and you are not sitting and waiting for me to look for this chart or that book.  Charts in dowsing are very important.  Only imagine that I could find out what organ of your body was sick by dowsing over a chart!  The alternative would be to ask the pendulum, because it cannot speak, the question 'is this organ sick?' for every organ of the body.  Now that could take hours!  So if you would like a reading, please cooperate and give me some pre-session notes, in private, of course, about your major issue, the one that you need to confront right now.  I will have about 1/2 hr. to spend with each client.  I really would like to help. So help me help you.

In Love and Light,


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