What Is NATO's Raison D'être?

NATO appears to me like a gate build in a place where there is no fence at all. With USSR dissolved, and cold war 1 ended, the nail was gone. So it was natural to expect the hammer to go as well. But the hammer remained! With the hammer in hand, of course, everything begun to look like a nail. This mistake would lead to cold war 2!

In a nutshell, NATO is a unity of nations having a common fear. These nations actually donnot love each other at all! They need an outside enemy to remain united. Without an enemy, the unity is in jeopardy. So the end of cold war 1 and USSR was actually a bittersweet experience. Just how can Europe stay together without an enemy? Will they not rivert to the WW1 and WW2 mentality?

Or perhaps that is just a U.S. exaggeration! NATO might be just an excuse to maintaine U.S.'s hagemony. Actually U.S. donnot respect Europe at all! To U.S. Europe is an immoral and irresponsible region that absolutely requires U.S. itself plus an enemy for it to stay together! There seems to be some truth in this, thanks to Trump's extraordinary leadership. He revealed that Europe's unity is just a profound illusions! It is like the way the spokes of a bicycle appears united but only because they are all connected to the same axle. It the case of US-Europe connection, it is for pure convenience. Each nation needs goodies from the fat brother across the Atlantic, beginning from the so called 'Marshall's Plan'. So in this way, US black mails them into its own so called 'sphere of influence'. But US cannot do this forever, especially as China rises economically!

This NATO's persistence despite the fact that the reason for its creation is long gone is the main reason we now have the mess in Ukraine. The problem is that NATO had to justify its indefinite existence by creating ever new fears, once USSR was gone. So, for instance, they bombed Serbia. So they moved from such a massive 'nail' as USSR into a microscopic Serbia. So even though it is defined as though 'defensive', it is actually an aggressive mounster, or so must it turn to be, if it desperately needs an enemy to justify its existence!

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  • Now I am not sure if U.S. downplaying NATO threat to Russia is a blatant lie or a genuine foolishness! To justify bloted milirary expenditure and never ending wars, U.S. often try to convince its citizens that 'Iran is a threat to U.S.', 'Saddam is a threat', 'Taliban is a threat' etc. You wonder how Iran, with neither jet fighters nor Intercontinental Balistic Missiles, nor aircraft carriers can possibly be a 'threat to U.S.'! Iran poses no meaningfull threat even to packistan, and absolutely no threat to india or any country beyond Turkey. But U.S. has convinced its citizens that Iran is a serious threat to U.S.!!

    But worse, it convinces its citizens that an hostile Ukraine, just sitting next to Russia in a 'Russia is the enemy' nuclear alliance, with Intercontinental Balistic missiles, hypersonic weapons is not a threat to Russia!!
  • Well, it's all about arms manufacturers in western nations....Frankly I suspect that a concept such as a western block of like minded "democracies," is utterly illusory...It's mainly the Democrat party in America that wants to keep this show going, with "leader of the free world" in charge of "the west," of course...

    Maybe this worked when the Warsaw Pact existed, with Moscow in charge of an eastern block, but that is no longer the case, however they seek to keep it going...

    Personally I see a massive divide between the Continentals and Anglospherics....The EU, for example, does not have the interests of the UK, at heart...So why do we defend them...?? Especially the Germans and French...There is no united western Europe...The French hate us too much for that...

    Former Soviet republics, now in NATO, seem more loyal to the UK than the rest of the EU...Maybe NATO needs to be redefined in a more up to date mission...?? Or disbanded....
    Already, the signs are there that British interests are not really in Europe, but rather in the Indo-Pacific region...We recently consolidated this fact by creating a new defense alliance, or military pact, named; AUKUS......

    I want to see a united Anglosphere......English speaking peoples coming together for commercial reasons, cultural and military defense...The Anglospheric Union.
    That political project is named C.A.N.Z.U.K. Maybe you should search online for the details..?? That is the future, not continental Europe...
    • Agreed! What these NATO and also EU members do is just an outward show of unity! No countries can possibly act with conformity, like a single country led by a dictator! Germany ,for instance, knows very well that blocking Russia from SWIFT is not in its interest. But it has no real say on it! NATO was designed exactly to humble Germany because it was taught it can easily revert to its Nazism and expansionism! These countries try to speak with solidarity with regard to sanctioning, for instance, when in reality, they have to do it! They are dictated by their boses in Washington!

      Consider expansion of NATO eastward, for instance. Since it is the neighbourhood of Germany, Italy etc, you would naturally expect that these countries to be the ones deciding most on whether to expand NATO. But you find that it was all done in Washington boardroom, led by such as Clinton! U.S. has no 'security' interests in these regions! It only has hegemonic interests. The case of Ukrain is another example. Putin had to attempt a negotiation with Biden, rather than with Germany etc. Why? Biden has no interest with peace in this region at all! He is petty save in Washington! All what he is interested with is unifying NATO to create a sense of 'America is back'. If a war in Ukraine will do that, then so be it! So as a peace negotiator, Biden and other US presidents should have been a non stater!
  • Biden has happily said that Putin has achieved the opposite of what he intended: United NATO members! But as I have said several times it is obvious to me that the so called 'west' needs an external enemy to remain united. To me, Putin would have to be a fool if he thought that a 'Russia is the enemy', vivid reminder will, somehow, fail to unite NATO, let alone divide it. Is Putin stupid? I don't think so!!
    • Another thing that I am reading of, which is along this lines, is that Russian military is facing a stiffer than expected resistance from Ukraine army. The question is that whose 'expectations' are we talking about here? The NATO morons expected Ukraine to fall to Russia in 72 hours. That is why the 19 of them sees the need to gang up to defend themselves from Russia! It is not necessary! To wade off an invader is easy. If Putin is not a fool, then his aim cannot be 'to take the whole Ukraine' in short time, unless he has seen cracks in Ukrainian army. Still, it takes several months to take a country that large, even with 'cracks' in the military ranks. Uganda-Tanzania war highlights this very well. But all this assumes that Putin intends to overthrow Ukraine. It is probably not the case!
      • It is correct to say that Putin does not want to "take" the whole of Ukraine, but rather to neutralize the military capacity of that nation to attack the Dombask region..
        The complications came when they decided to secure Chernobyl....Which is an operation using paratroopers, working with Ukrainian nuclear station personnel..
        It is necessary for ground troops to make a success of it...And, if they did not have to commit to this, they could have launched an airstrike, then moved out...
        So yes, they are getting bogged down....THIS IS NOT BLITZ KREIG....If it were, they would have taken the whole of Ukraine and captured President Volodymyr Zelenskyy...

        Now Putin is up against a guerrilla war, and that often keeps any military campaign bogged down...This has been made possible by British anti-tank weapons, plus surface to air missiles (SAMs) and now, even the cowardly EU are sending weapons in, to fight Russia....

        The longer he stays, the more egg on his face and the more the world hate Russia..
        • Thats true! Putin should not be tempted to directly change the regime. All he needs to do is neutralized the excessive state military and then withdraw back. This leaves the state vulnerable to militias from within and if the state were just a western imposition like that in Afghanistan, it will simply collapse from within! The west are fond of propping up otherwise unpopular regimes and then arming them excessively. This makes it unthinkable for popular uprisings to overthrow them. The best example is Saudi Arabia. But even Israel is one such! It is a pariah in the region! Fortunately in Ukraine, Russia can neutralize the expensive, west supported military power.
  • Actually, NATO is U.S.'s trick to subdue Europe and to attempt to rule over the world! It is quite easy to understand. U.S. technically contributes the largest in the NATO. This is intentionally done to convince these countries like Germany etc not to build its own armies powerful enough to deter a 'USSR' on its own. So it is just the 'don't mind protecting yourself for we will protect you', US's tactic in persuing global dominion. It also did that to Japan!

    What will it happen if Germany built its own military without expecting a support from U.S.? The answer is that it would become powerful on its own and therefore no longer vulnerable to blackmailings from US! It would begin to walk its own path and form its own allies etc without any need to involve U.S.. This will undermine U.S. power!

    But this U.S. trick is slowly coming to an end! Following the embarrassing performance in middle east, countries are beginning to arm themselves! They no longer trust US's protection. Even Japan has defied its own war-forbidding constitution and it is beginning its pre-WW2 aggressiveness!!

    The world is changing, watch out!
    • To highlight Japan's trend towards militarism, consider what its former prime minister, Abe Shinzo is saying: that Japan should seek to host nukes! Japan is beginning to worry if U.S. is still able to protect it, especially against China.

      Also many US alies will use Ukraine incidence as an excuse for more militarism. Ironically, this will slowly erode NATO itself. The aim of NATO was to rubber stamp U.S.'s military superiority monopoly by ridding capable nations from arming themselves. This was US's strategy to control both Europe and Asia! By promising to protect Japan, for instance, Japan would always be military inferior to U.S., hence U.S. would be assured that Japan would never rise again to challenge it like it did in WW2. But it seems that the time is up for such conmanship, and Putin is accelerating the change in world security order!
      • I just heard that Shinzo Abe have been assasinated!😯
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