Selamat balik,

Some on ACC speculate that Obama is an antichrist, but I would like to clarify the truth of the matter, for the sake of truth..and am in no way making a defence of this man's misguided policies, by doing so.


In short, Obama does not qualify for this role and that is because of historical timing.....His lifeplan and incarnation render him unsuitable for such a duty, as an antichrist, which is not something taken on lightly, but something one is born for, in specific historical moment. It is not simply someone who is bad, such as a mass murderer...There are certain necessary traits one requires to be an antichrist and Obama does not possess them, in truth.


It is an esoteric fact that Obama is not the antichrist.....He may be deluded, mischevious and cruel, but he is not the antichrist described in the bible, nor the actual antichrist of this era....


The antichrist energy operates at the culmination of one age and the next....each age is 2160 years and we have entered Aquarius and mostly moved beyond Pisces...and so, have passed that dangerous phase in which the earth was subject to an energy described as the Shamballa impact, between 1914 and 1945....The two world wars and tensions between them were heavily coloured by the anitichrist energy, which is actually the destructive aspect of first ray energy, focussed directly upon humanity from Shamballa, WITHOUT being diluted by the Ascended Masters first....As would normally be the case.


The First Ray, of Will, Power and Purpose usually operates through political leaders and used Adolf Hitler's first ray personality through which to manifest itself...Hitler and several Axis leaders, utilised this energy and were also finally destroyed by it, having destroyed much of the world, beforehand...


Any TRUE historian would know that life in 2014 is far, far easier and softer than life in 1944....I'm not claiming to have lived in this body in 1944, but anyone who has will confirm my words....Whatever the problems of the world now, they are nothing compared to the problems faced between and during the last two world wars...


The purpose of the antichrist energy, or Shamballa impact, is to destroy the old and decadent imperial structures and impediments to human spiritual (not church) progress, before the new age can commence...


Similarly, in the last phase of this evolutionary occurence, Emperor Nero of Rome, receive this antichrist energy and behaved accordingly, during the end of Aries and beginning of Pisces.....


Like energy attracts like and so those persons of the first ray personality, or mind, will respond most vigorously to the antichrist energies...Politicians such as Hitler and also, Churchill....Note that famous esotericist Alice Bailey herself, possessed a first ray persona, albeit she was not in politics....


Moreover, note that although Hitler possessed a first ray persona, exemplified by his lust for power, ambitious drive and will, his soul ray was contrastingly the second ray of LOVE-WISDOM....Ponder upon that please.. ;-) Also, note that he is currently out of incarnation.


Note that many crystalised thoughtforms in culture that slow down evolution may be destroyed by this energy...We could summarise the effects of this by saying that between 1914 and 1945, the following empires crumbled beneath it's destructive onslaughts:


Ottoman, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Second Reich (Germany),....after 1918 and the British, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, Third Reich (Germany).....after 1945.


Of course, the post war world was not perfect, but had set itself on a new course....That path has now again reached it's conclusion, but will not be destroyed anew by the antichrist......But a rise of the turn of the spiral of evolution, leading to mass acension and the christ consciousness in all.....


We can provide you with a colour vibration for the First ray phases, so that the usual pale blue, focussed upon the will to good, when balanced, but converts to a strong bright scarlet, during the destructive phases, (antichrist) akin to a blue sky turning red at sunrise and sunset...The cycles are paralleled on multiple planes and correspondences..(law of correspondences.)


Hope this explains the historical and esoteric factors to you in a manner comprehended and digested.


Selamat majon dramu kas….!


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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  • Great info, Drekx, thank you for sharing :-)  

    • You're most welcome, my beautiful one... ;-) And this subject was in need of airing, as so many seem to think that Obama is an antichrist, when in fact, the purely religious enterpretation of that much maligned term, falls short of the true esoteric facts, that Obama is in no way connected with the release of the Shamballa Impact phase, of maximum worldly destruction, that humanity had to go through, during the period described...

      Being a "bad" or "corrupted" politician is not enough and as I stated, there are special circumstances that surround when the antichrist energy is released, and they have past....Obama is simply a pawn of the dark cabal and nothing more elaborate...

      Love you, angel... Drekx x


  • Every time there's a new president, there is someone out there claiming that they're the antichrist or wondering if they are.  I wonder when this behavior will end.

  • Note that I mentioned Churchill as possessing the same 1st ray persona type as Hitler, who was subject to the major, then present influence (1914-45,) of the antichrist energies of destruction....Focussed upon the old forms of cultures and civillisations...


    We did see this evident in his ability to counter the Axis, at one time single-handly, as leader of the British Empire....It was only through force of will that such an energy can be surmounted....destructive to both sides.....However, Hitler was an initiate at "baptism" degree level, where as Churchill had achieved the higher third degree of "transfiguration," and was thus less subject to the first ray glamours that hampered Hitler's strategies...

    Although the Axis powers represented much of the first ray destructive potential of the antichrist energy, we also saw it demonstrated by the allies upon Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki...

    • The word anti-christ is demonstrative of the energy and maybe agenda of the one titled as such...

      "the deceiver" or "the antichrist" are usually seen as marking out a certain category of persons, rather than an individual.[6]

      given this definition, anyone of us could be the Anti-Christ. Obama, Bush, Cheney or even you or I.

      to be Anti Christ...simply means to be against Christ consciousness. since Christ is not an individual but a state of mind/being. with that said, and in relation to the video i posted i would have to say that sure...obama could be ANTI Christ...and not necessarily THE anit-christ as depicted in the bible..

      what I do believe is that his identity is surrounded in mystery, and controversy... for what reason may I ask? seems like alot of fraud going along with him whom is labeled as being just the first "black" president (in reality he is not)  I never seen a "black guy" get so much press..LOL

      i dont want to over analyze this but the name Barack means flash of lightning..or something close...

      and according to the bible Jesus saw Lucifer cast out like Barack. True?

      i do find this sorta of disturbing..if not coincidental..in which we all know NOTHING IS coincidental

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