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I have been pondering the wording of this theory and it unsettles me...

People talk of Ego so harshly. I understand that you mean we just teach the Ego-Self some manners (props to FeatherWinger for that). What confuses me, is the application of this theory into everyday, practical life? I'm sure if I searched deep enough I'd find the answers and that is my goal for the week :)

I'm interested to hear your thoughts though?

Indulge me?



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Very well explained. People's rather hurried attack upon the ego is missing the point of pretty much everything.

There is no such thing as enemy in creation. The ego is probably one's greatest friend. Otherwise as those first created beings very quickly discovered, there is little point to creation.

Thanks for the share Rajnish .

I would like to expand a bit on this statement , thanks ;)

Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants

in terms of Chakra , if a person does not believe and understand the principles of balance , harmony and oneness and therefore then does not align his chakras with that greater goal , then the chakras themselves will start to align in the opposite way in which there is no God , no higher meaning , no greater goodness , which is then indubitably and inadvertently dominated and controlled by the 3d systems and control techniques of the Illuminaughts .

In the Bhagwad Gita , Lord Krishna says , there are two ways of living without creating imbalance to the higher flow  -

1) one is to trust in the inner God and align the self with it and perform all duties and actions according to that ,

2) otherwise inaction is the second best thing to do .

 Considering inaction as an impossibilty for majority of humanity , so if one tends to forget that there is a higher cause for the existence of life , they will by the very nature of life and existence tend to align with what the 5 physical senses feel and feedback to the brain , which is basically what the Illuminaughty are counting on , and have designed their power-structures and systems to take advantage of , in keeping humans at a low vibration and low consciousness , and a slow progress as a Planetary community of sentient beings .

You are most welcome , friend :)


It's hilarious they mention the word vitamins in that commercial, because that's just about the only thing that food does NOT have in it. Saturated fat, refined sugar and bovine babyfood is what that food is, in actuality  :)

This good man overcame duality considerably well :P

May I please add one more ? ;) I love and respect Einstein a lot !

Haha, from time to time I love posting spiritual Einstein quotes to hardliner atheists/materialists in their forums and on Youtube.

They are like: "Einstein said that????!!!! Oh well maybe he was talking about gravity..."

I just gotta laugh at the rationalizations. That's how you catch them pulling the old trick that religious people still enjoy pulling daily.

I really irks unawakened people when they see just how intertwined spirituality and science are.

Esp when the very person they idolize as the father of materialism is also the very person annulling their long held misguided beliefs.

most of the best scientists in the world went to the excuse of intelligent design when they couldnt answer any more questions, and then another comes along and answers those questions and has no need for divinity because they understood what the previous person did not.  Albert eninstein like all others resorts to divinity when he has no further answers.

so do we need a better answer than divinity and accepting that we ourselves are creatures capable of divinity ? leave the higher divinity out of it . We ourselves have something called a heart right ? And if Einsteins version is wrong , may I have your version please ?

no you may not have my version and should not be interested in it.  Do you still not understand that other peoples beliefs interfere with freewill, which is why i do not say what i believe.  each needs to figure this out on their own. 

Also there is no escaping duality living in the density of duality.

agreed and accepted , to each their own :)

It just hit me . . why did you even come up on this post One ?

Nia says in her post above : I'm interested to hear your thoughts though?

And the rest of us thought we'd share our view on duality with Nia , and here you are saying we shouldn't , so kindly understand that you are trying to interfere with Nia's free will here . 

PS : the only sensible thing you have posted in accordance with Nia's post is this

Also there is no escaping duality living in the density of duality.

Which is your belief / point of view . Therefore my dear One , you are basically contradicting yourself and your actions on many levels here . Please kindly , try not to cause confusion :)


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