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So few days ago i was on a holiday with my girlfriend and her family, we went to the sea, sailing and just taking a break from usual problems life has to offer. Me and my girlfriend were sleeping on bunked beds, she was sleeping bellow me and i was sleeping upstairs,so as the night was comming closer we decided to go to sleep. Everything was fine just like any other day.

As we fell asleep, i woke up in the middle of the night paralyzed, the snoring sound her father was making sounded like a bizzare distorted voice, i felt a strong presence in the room, and i was trying to yell out to someone(or something) to go away but i couldn't talk, through next 5 seconds i felt the strongest vibration thru my body that i never felt before, and then somehow i managed to yell out and i woke up and everything was back to normal, but that's not the problem here, this is not the issue at all, i'm very familiar with the cause of sleep paralasys, doe it was my 1st time experiencing it. The weir thing over here, and the reason why i am writing this is because when we woke up in the morning my girlfriend started telling me that she has experienced the same thing...... I was baffled by the fact that her and me had experienced sleep parallasys for the first time, and same night at the same time.. Im still confused about why this happened, and i am not succesfull at finding out the reason why this has happened. So i decided to find the answer over here, hoping i will find why this intriguing thing has happened :) 

-Peace and love my friends!

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Nice article friend!

But i am still puzzled by the fact that me and my girlfriend have experienced it at the same time 

you got synchronized.....

can you shed some more light on that? :D some article or something like that

the things we call co-incidences actually happen for a reason.  With two people it is often because we get quantum coherence......we get the same frequency and the same rhythm of the frequency wave.  This happens a lot between people.  When this happens we often get telepathy or other things like this happen.  It is like when you keep seeing 11:11 on the clock,,,shows there is some sync happening.  These things happen far more frequently than we notice,,,if we are aware then we will see lots of them.  This is also what people call ´´luck.´´.

Here is a larger perspective on different kinds of sync..



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