What are the New Earth "symptons"?

as there are ascencion symptoms I was wondering if there were new earth symptons

I am seeing wacky behavour in people like negative people gettin bad news all the time, being robed, or getting bad event while good people all the contratry aka the law of atraction?

any other stuff?

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  • Some of the symptoms must be that everything looks beautiful. People say the world is crap but I can no longer see that. Everywhere I go, beauty lives. It's a wonderful experience :)

  • I think there will be a different behaviour.... lol ofc there will.

    like animals humans do feel if there is something going to happen..

    take for example a classroom full of students. ALWAYS the day befor a storm comes, the class just cant get quit its a thing we just feel.. although we do not really feel it ofcourse... our behavior just changes :)

    I dont know if with a new age behavior will change good or bad ways, but one thing is sure it will change...

    Hugz mees

  • as much as i hate to say this. 

    was it not that hitler was a pure vegan, stalin was a vegan, and many others who have  become in the human history the worst and most inhuman monsters of their times. or is this just a dumb animal rumor.


    • rsolor: In re to your comment about Stalin and Hitler:  Probably true.  People probably drove them crazy.  Probably had child abuse.  Related easier to animals.

      • thanks for sharing darkstar.


        you are probably right, these groups of people have a different status of right and wrong of where they draw the line of what their statuse of entilement they deserve and can do without remorse, and is taught to their kids the same set of values and what is normal for their social class and the human race they call worthless eaters, and dumb animals to be used as pawns (kissager comment recorded).


    • Vegetarians do live longer than meat eaters, but some vegetarians hold records for media coverage involving the most insane and horrific acts of murder against humanity (especially the ones who ate meat). In addition to Hitler and Stalin, add Pol Pot, Charles Manson, and Genghis Khan to your list. Note than Manson reportedly told a judge that the judge was wrong to judge since he ate meat. 



      • Malcolm:  In re to your comment in regards to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Charles Manson and Genghis Khan:   I believe all these people were victims of child abuse.  You just don't get that crazy overnight. 

        • 1darkstar: you are probably correct. But all of these people I mentioned above developed a sense of grandeur AFTER becoming vegetarians, and there are many non-violent AND violent people who use their diet as a "holier than thou" card when such people can't admit their wrong about something. Manson played this card in open court to the judge prior to his sentencing.

          Hitler became a vegetarian after becoming an avid reader of Vedic literature. He ate meat before becoming a Nazi leader.

          Manson became a vegetarian after studying scientology and occult literature.  

          There are vegetarians out there who do wonderful things; Gandhi is my favorite.

          There are also vegetarians and vegans who play the "holier than thou" card when they can't admit their wrong, and some use their dietary beliefs (in addition to the possible childhood issues you mentioned) as a justification or an excuse to feel good about themselves for committing wrong against others.

          A vegetarian lifestyle is superior to the meat-eating lifestyle, but don't let this scientific fact go to one's head. I notice a lot of people who post on Ashtar occasionally play this dietary card, as if the Pleiadians "have their back" or whatever.

      • age old argument that those mentioned above were veggies. nonsense, think people......do you really believe that ?

        • Militant vegans will kill people for animals

          Squeaky Fromme - Charlie's "Angel"...
          Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme attempted to assassinate President Ford for the sake of the redwood trees of California. Fortunately the gun wasn't fully loaded and didn't go off (Must have been the dope.) For this hare-brained assassination attempt she received life in prison.

          She has managed to escape prison once, and is now back behind bars unrepentant and practicing a vegan lifestyle. She used her two days of freedom to try to get to Charles Manson.

          Pol Pot - Vegan Despot and Mass Murderer

          polpot.jpgPol Pot - a vegan - murdered some 2 million Cambodians in his lifetime.

          Pol Pot wasn't just a killer. He also had organized an independent revenue source for the party in the form of rubber plantations in eastern Cambodia using forced slave labor.

          His Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975. A new government was formed and the name of the country was changed to Democratic Kampuchea. Phnom Penh was full of refugees from the war. The new government drove all the refugees into the countryside without regard to the human consequences of their actions. Pol Pot also drew up death lists of former government officials who were to be executed on sight.

          Out of a population of approximately 8 million, Pol Pot's regime exterminated one quarter, or almost 2 million people. 

          Genghis Khan - Vegetarian Marauder and Rapist

          Genghis KhanIt is said that one in 200 people on the planet carry the DNA of Genghis Khan - he was a prolific impregnator and rapist - when he wasn't murdering people.

          His murder spree most likely began when he butchered his 13 year old brother, Bekhter. He is believed to have even poisoned his own son, Jochi. But at least he was a vegetarian!

          Genghis Khan is said to have once killed 1,748,000 people in a single hour. But at least he did not eat animals. 

          Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian!
          Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian and loved animals.

          Have you ever heard a vegetarian tell you how vegetarians are kinder and gentler people because they care about animals? Some of them believe that their false religion has made them morally superioir to non-vegetarians. In their warped minds, their vegetarianism is final proof of their moral superiority, and they feel that they have the right - and obligation - the dictate to non-vegetarians on moral grounds.

          manson.jpgManson: "I did it for ATWA! Air, Trees, Water, Animals!"

This reply was deleted.

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