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Welcome back to the new AshtarCommand Website...

The transition to the new website went quite quick. I could never predict anything like this would happen. Ive learned that we have to move forward whatever happens. Nothing is Eternal in the physical state, But Love is Eternal....

There are now 2 adresses to visit this website:

"Express your Cosmic Nature".

Thanks for all your support and energizing Emails, im so greatful.
And thanks to Cmdr LightSpeed, for his determination and Action
in this transition.

I have great ideas for this website, the coming months will be blossoming....

I hope you like the new Design, make yourself at home.

Lets get started, uploading videos, images and blogs and ofcourse INVITING people once again. The Global Meditation group will be added the coming weeks and also other things from the old website. Have patience.


2009 Is really a year of Change and Surprises, what is Known Today can be gone tomorrow. Be in the Moment and Be grateful for all that you have, right now.


This text explains quite good what we just gone trough.

By Ben-Arion

Meditating is one wonderful tool, to be, to look within your universe. You eminate a vibration, a tone that calls you back home to mastery of self.

Mastery is to love oneself and what is Right now, be calm in the storm, knowing that outer influences cannot choose for you, you choose with the love you have inside, the heart is All that is, trust your heart.

To love is to surrender to the Higher self, let it flow trough you, let it be one with you. What you ressist persist. Ressist nothing. We want to change things outside of us, repair damaged structures, most do so with a sense of Guilt. To change something its important to Change whats within, choose new higher thoughts, be grounded in the moment, trust that heaven will open up for you. You are here to trust, thats your mission. You are the signs of change.

Can you trust what is right now, that all is perfect, does it feel frightening to know that this moment you experience right now is filled with LOVE. That you are a being of light that forgotten that you cant die, that you are eternal. Does The collective thought patterns make you less free of choice? Go within, laugh and know your eternal heart in this moment.

Be bold and choose your own life, your own thoughts. The new Age is about being yourself 100%. Meditation helps you feel this inner feeling of connectedness and trust. The illusion that all is happening to you without reason is illusion. You create it and mold light from within, by heartfelt intent. Love can move mountains. Its truth.


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I am so glad we can be all together again. I felt rather lost there for a little bit, but knew it would be ok. My wholehearted thanks goes out to Comdr Lightspeed for keeping the homefires burning and for working so hard to keep us from getting lost in the shuffle. And I am so glad you are able to get the ship back into action so swiftly. Thank you for your heartfelt message about self mastery.

I look forward to watching this site grow and will be inviting new friends and reuniting with all longtime friends I made in Ashtar. Ah, life is good.

Blessings and light to you
Thank You Ben and All of You with Love and Light!
Greetings Ben-Arion !

Through the invisible, the Light Forces act towards you and we were all One with your own effort to reach you again such we had the opportunity to visit your meditation site and sent a real belief.

Mange Tak -I know I use norge words - for your friendship !

I am new here to this site and this family when I came across it I felt strangely joyous down to my core
and I very happy to be with other like myself anc I cannot wait to make new friends and be involved with everything

Thank you & blessings to all only here for the diamonds...after all.
The rock and coal can stay in the shaft..its worthless.



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