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How to be almost retired and live a new life through all experiences which happen here

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Abeille Guichard 1911-2001 translator of "The Christopher Letters" from Ruth Tristram; Jacques Weiss known as Louis Colombelle translator of "Living Masters" and "Urantia " Prem Pal Rawat known as Maharaji who reveals Knowledge since he is 8 years old.

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  • Thank you for your invitation, I am already there. 

    Will go to the french part.

    Much Love to you,


  • Hi Jacques / Keaka

    Nice to meet you, and thank you for the gift!

    I offer readings and other teachings through my website: http://anakya.ariana.tripod.com
    You might like to consider a "Starborn Reading".

    With Love and Light
    Future Website of anakya.ariana
  • G'day, Jacques!
    For detailed information on the Southern Cross (Crux Australis), please go to: http://homepage.mac.com/andjames/Page205.htm
    and read the article: 'Around the Southern Cross'.
    The Southern Cross is more clearly visible in parts of Australia that are not affected by smog.
    In 1986 when you said you visited Australia, I was working in the Commonwealth public service in Canberra. From where I lived up on a mountain overlooking a lake and the Telecom Tower, the Southern Cross looked very clear and huge (It must have something to do with the clean & crisp Canberra air!). The only UFO I've ever seen in 3-D was the one that hovered above the Telecom Tower for about a minute, and then zoomed out of vision in a split second!
  • Hi Jacques,
    Thank you for that anchoring perspective. It complements what my Spiritual Master is talking about strengthening our resolves. We really have to get ourselves used to in doing the 'best good' that we thought of in order to stay in the path of that level of Divinity. And also in the same sense, perhaps I will leave the 'judging' aspect to Him, that's His prerogative and I will just write verbatim what He had dictated. So myself is not entitled to judge the majority of the people of this planet neither, being just a creation of the Creator who takes command of the major forces of the Universe. ihzawây
  • hello. little fun..välkommen mens velcome. ..
  • Greetings Jacques...I failed my French lessons as a teenager;
    My family is from France and my Father speaks and writes that
    language fluently...My skills are NOT in languages !!! Yes, The
    Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Sirians, The Whole Ascention Team Has
    Arrived !!! I have a BlueOrb Consciousness; MySelf ... Heru
  • Yes Solaris movie I have seen, it is a science fiction classic indeed
    Istanbul where I spent my childhood is my favorite

    Bonne journée!

  • A votre santé Jacques :)
    Sinceres Salutations
  • The first intuition is often correct Jacques ...
    I go with you ...
    Blessings and Light..
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