Everyone is responsible for his/her own decisions and beliefs.
Everyone can investigate for himself/herself to find his/her own truth(s). Together we are
laying the puzzle and together we may begin to understand the the whole picture

Ashtar Command Community was Created to share Positive and Uplifting
Information to inspire humanity in being the Highest vision of Expression.


 Your Cosmic Nature.

Let the Universe be a mirror for your infinite potential.

 your Cosmic Nature through your consciousness, with words, intention, love & action.

Be your Cosmic Nature and simply follow your breath until the rhythm of the Universe becomes the music of your Soul.

Shine with your Cosmic Nature and you will find a power more immense than millions of suns.

Dwell in the space of your Cosmic Nature and let the sweet nectar of infinite Peace fulfill all of your Being.

Sense it! Feel it! Breath it! Be it!




The Ashtar Command Community is a platform for light, knowledge and growth. Thanks to members like you, we can achieve something extraordinary! This fellowship has the power to awaken slumbering Souls. We are building this community together, just as we would collectively build a city. We can echo each other’s thoughts and aspirations worldwide. We can also assist with each other’s missions and focus on the Light. The Future is Now!

The universal Truth is love and it exists in all humans. This Community is a Library filled with Universal knowledge for those who in their hearts know that our brothers and sisters from many dimensions, planets and universes are with us and supporting us in our evolution.

Our intent is to remind you of your Cosmic Nature. Explore your Cosmic Nature and let the universe be a mirror for your infinite potential.

"Its time to expand the awareness of our Oneness. We are equals, no matter what religion we belong to; no matter which concepts we carry with us. This is what the website does… it unites different views into a common energy; where we can grow and change our Collective Reality just by being “Who we Are".

Did you know that AshtarCommandCrew has 260 000+ visits every month,
you are one of them. Your participation and contribution makes a difference.
The website Ashtar Command was born in May 15 th 2006 (In Sweden).

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Ben-Arion About Ashtar Command Crew

Is Ashtar Command a religion? No it isn’t, but we had to choose some kind of descriptive label around which we could gather. Ashtar Command is a well-known energy, but our connection has more to do with LOVE than attaching ourselves to labels of any kind. LOVE is beyond labels.

We hope you will regard Ashtar Command Crew as a library of information on all sorts of topics. When many come together as ONE in the same likeness of shared intent, then you will see things can change drastically and quickly. Love and Joy are natural states of Being, we must embrace in this simplicity; we are all in this together.

I like to compare Ashtar Command to an anchor, grounded to the earth and human nature, transforming things from within in a very beautiful way.

From a member:

"What i like about AC is that Ben-Arion has created a garden where flowers can grow, thrive, or fail on their own. Where spirits are welcome to dance, or feud, without interruption- even if they disagree with the gardener, each is allowed to express themselves."

I created Ashtar Command Crew because we are becoming more conscious of the Love within us. It’s really very simple: awaken to love and you cannot go back to limitation again.

You came here to anchor Love, by being an Example. Be the change.

I choosed the short "slogan" - "AWAKENING MOVEMENT" because we are in constant movement and within this lifetime we will awaken to Love and our True Cosmic Self.

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