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Warning About The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Nibiru

The Galactic Federation of Light, led by Ashtar Command, and Nibiru, led by a feline being named Devin, are hijacking people out of Area 51, and Dulce Base. First came chem trails, which put nanites in everyone. Then they fly around in black helicopters to tag specific people. Once you are tagged, you can be fully possessed and controlled like a robot.They are controlling a great deal of our lives by retrograding the planets on us using sophisticated technology. They can created a conduit or portal between you and some of the planets in our solar system, as well as Pleiades, Andromeda, and Orion and allow demons on those planets to possess your body and torment you. These are scary times and no one seems to be addressing this or even know about this. I'm telling everyone because this is what they are doing to me and from what I gather from them they are doing it to many others also.

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all fake news and a risible attempt to create fear of our space kin....

You get to possess others, and then get possessed in return. I mean, it sounds fair.

The karmic cycle must be completed. Or else we won't be able to make the cake. All ingredients must blend perfectly. Any material that is not well integrated in our dough, and it will explode. All over again.

This is total rubbish ; the stuff of your own nightmares and dark dreams and effects of dark influences created by the A.I. They have no factual basis in reality what so ever .

This is work of Devin, look at you all fighting instead of hugging and touching each other. This person spams messages without coherence, yes, but many aspect of the universe may seem incoherent to the human mind.

To break the boundaries of what is possible is important as well. Especially when we refer to intelligence. The universe loves humanity, intention is the nature of love, regardless of the polarity. For without love, creation is not possible in all the aspects of singularity.

This form that is presented before you has no apparent sense, but in the universe, even the ridiculous and absurd have a purpose.

I'm sorry that you think that this is fake news or delusional rants but it's not. It's absolutely true but you guys are are obviously ignorant to the ways of cosmic beings. It's funny, these days we're all encouraged to speak our truth, but when someone does come out saying things that don't fit into your neat little box, you want to vilify them and call them a liar. Shame on you! How do we know that some of you aren't just disinformation agents trying to block the truth? If someone doesn't believe me, that's fine, just keep it to yourself. I don't knock you down when you're on here speaking your truth! Anyway, I would suggest that those of you that are really interested in the truth and not just fluffy love and light b******* listen to Ivan Teller speak about the Lyrans, It is Lyrans, Andromedans, Sirans (Sirius A) as well as Zeta Draconians that are behind a lot of the negative contact experiences, such as abductions, possessions, etc. 



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