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Vote Brexit and Take Freedom Back From the Brussels Eurocracy - No To Obama

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but can't the alliance change the plan? this is insane!

This is a war between Light & dark, fought on several planes. Battles won, battles lost, advances made, retreats also. No Commander on the field of battle wins every campaign. Plans must adapt, to take this into account. Fog must be allowed to cover any withdrawal. Lines redrawn....

yes, but I'm tired of this crap

The whole world is SICK of zero progress being allowed on Brexit. They see clowns in both parliaments [EU-UK] playing games. Stupidity by career politicians, as well as EU villainy colluding with UK liberals, who are naive about and obsessed with Euromania. Addicted to Brussels rule, for reasons better known to themselves. Insanity..

Honestly i feel as though the only way to get rid of the cabal at this point is galactic intervention if that dont happen then i dont see any changes happening at all and i really dont want to live on a planet filled with fear and dictatorship i would honestly rather wait for the nearest truck to flatten me like a pancake then go another 50 years waiting for something to happen i hate this life i have to live right now to be honest hard to trust anybody especially my family i would just like to reunite with my galactic brothers and sisters already and just leave no point being here anymore.

Just got an email back from the pao which is sheldan nidle and company though im sure guys knew that already my message was about have the gfl told them anything about the rest of 2019 going into 2020 got a reply from colleen nidle heres what it said and i quote. For us to keep our vibrations high vision strong and the possibilities become probabilities. They are confident much will unfold within the next couple of months. They are not providing details at this time. They do tell us it changes daily or weekly as current events take place. Wish i could hive you more decisive information. and thats what colleen wrote to me right now i dont have much faith in anything happening thats my honest opinion i even wrote that back to them its gonna take galactic intervention or the greatest miracle ever to free us and again just my opinion.

Problem is, UK must Brexit, as London is a major centre of the global finance system. Brexit captures London for the Light and deprives the voracious EU of a strategic resource, of great value...Thus the bitter last hurrah being drawn out by these scallywags....

I know

The movie; 'Joker,' is making the current liberal orthodoxy nervous in 2019, as 'Last Tango In Paris' made the christian conservative orthodoxy of 1972, likewise nervous. What makes 1968 the pivitol historical year, repeated [in reverse] in 2016...?

National Populism is directly opposed by Elitist Globalism; the current establishment that promotes censorship of dissent, of those who seek national independence from secular, neo-liberal institutions. The left are no longer a revolutionary aspiration [1968-2015,] but a tyrannical culture of elite reaction to the changes demanded by people [2016- ] As with the polar-opposite establishment of 50-years ago, we see reaction to the incoming changes within media [MSM,] arts, politics, UN, ECC/EU, corporations, Hollywood, etc. In the past they banned certain 'offensive' books, now they deplatform offence to liberal sensitivity. For example, Greta Thunberg has become as revered by liberal orthodoxy [not real people] in 2019, as Mary Whitehouse was, by church puritans, in the 1970s.....

Finger wagging with scolding comments will not win over hearts and minds. Censorship, bans and nagging never moderated the social tastes of 1972...Neither the Mary Whitehouse crusade against; 'amoral indecency,' nor the Greta Thunberg 'climate emergency' condemnations of the travelling public; 'how dare you...!' Repeat history, will fail

I've been wondering about Greta. 
Everything she says sounds rehearsed. 
She doesn't speak her own mind. 
She is acting...



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