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Hey!:) Nameste!Im excited to be ready to begin my search! I am extremely interested in finding out hoyw i can help out locally with the GOFL, and im having difficulties, I am aware this information may still be restricted to an extent, but i would Love to jump right in at any level and extend my loving gratitude as far as it can reach :)-if you have any suggestions, comments, tricks tips hints or just some loving advice, Please, Do Not Be Shy:) im working hard with you all as well but i still feel the need for more guidence :) LOVE!!! LIGHT!!!!!! Peace:) <3 XD

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  • Awe! Lol <3 thanks sooo much!! <3
  • My excitement gets the better of me :) , my apologies :) <3 you're all Awesome! Thankyou for the Love and support!
  • Thank you, very much :) <3
    I do believe my great expectations are on the way, the excitement is just difficult to contain :) its nice to know people listen :)
  • There´s an old saying.

    When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

    Just be patient


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    • You've always been a ray of sunshine here, Justin, it's nice when you are here, I bet you spread light wherever you go........

  • Hello Shawn, great posting :)  I've found meditation to be very, very helpful in my growth.  If you don't do it already, there are some great blogs here at ACC on the subject.  It's like they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears. 

    • Thank you <3 :)
  • http://stellarwingz.weebly.com/

    This is a website in progress that will have a good blog up and running soon, i hope. This site i made for a Zine News press that i created. In this Zine there are writings of myself and others(lots of channeled material. I would like to believe i am helping by spreading this word in a way that opens people up and gets there minds thinking on a galactic level. I have gone out into the city on the street, sold the zines and struck up quite good conversations with random people about ET's and like.  I am working with the mass consciousness in unfolding and divulging truth about the UFO phenomenon. I feel like getting out and simply talking to random people about these things is great because it catches people off guard in their work mind set as they go about there day. It is healthy for me to receive input from people who do not believe or are ignorant because it just makes me better at explaining my truth. Hope this serves as some guidance for you and if you would like to talk more i am open

    I can send Zines to anyone who request. Once recieved You may send a donation to help me make more and get the zine out to more people. You may also copy the zine and make as many as you like:)

    • Thanks for sharing the site. I actually have an idea for a story to submit about why we shouldn't fear the negative aliens and the manipulation that is going on, on the subject of aliens in the media. I'm a freelance writer with not a lot of experience except getting a political paper published anonymously and keeping up a blog about Disclosure. 

This reply was deleted.

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