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Selamat Jaran! Nearly 13 millennia ago, your ancestors arrived on this living orb. Like all new colonists, they first agreed on a beginning. This became the lost continent of Muror (Lemuria). At the same time, the colonists set up their settlements in Agartha (Inner Earth). These first steps were in remembrance of the destroyed first colony, which you know as Hybornea (the land of the North Polar Region). This land was settled about 2 million years ago. These colonists eventually went to Mars and settled on its inner lands about one million years ago. These colonists used this Martian land as a way station in order to successfully evacuate to safe Galactic Federation solar systems in Lyra and Centaurus. A similar plan was to be copied by the Atlanteans and their compadres when they moved from Gaia to Agena in Centaurus some 13,000 years ago. Following this mass migration, Heaven assigned us to watch and only interfere when necessary. Your planet (Gaia) was temporarily given to the Anunnaki (the remaining governing group from Atlantis) to govern until a set date of recovery. Heaven wanted to prepare you for your future role in this galaxy.

This very brief outline of system history is necessary for you to better comprehend where you are now in the timeline set up so precisely by Heaven. Historical dates in the Galactic Federation are set by relationship to a great year of 26,250 Earth years of approximately 360 (+5 days). This calendar was given to a number of ancient peoples like the Maya, the Egyptian and Tibetan civilizations nearly 8000 years ago by the Anunnaki date maker known for instance in Egypt as the god “Tahuti.” This was done under sacred edict and a number of calendars resulted from these actions. We are constantly watching over this and need to correct these calendars shortly before we land. These documents are actually very accurate. They are based on the movements of stars such as the “Pleiades” and planets such as Venus and Mars. Each of these objects has orbits that can be measured to calculate a yearly set of dates. These dates reflect energies collected from a number of constantly changing geometric sets. These sets can be used to plot key moments in the life and times of societies.

It is necessary to see this galaxy as emitting energies that can be collected by those who understand the significance of these geometric calculations. The Anunnaki assigned a number of their kind later to confuse these set dates and thereby alter history to what their councils so wished. Hence, these ancient calendars, while still somewhat accurate lack the ability to reflect what the original time keepers intended. Our wish is to restore these calendars and introduce you to the highly accurate date keeper of the Agarthans. Agartha alone kept the many traditions first used in sacred joy by the Lemurians. You are to meet your ancestors when we finally land. Before this grand event, we are to address you and lay before you the history of Lemuria (Muror). When you look in detail at their language and customs, you are to see clearly how the Anunnaki divided you and how the Atlanteans lowered your consciousness and altered your RNA/DNA. The sacred time for a spectacular reunion of surface and inner Earth humanity beckons!

In accordance with this history, we started the opening vestiges of a first contact mission nearly 2½ decades ago. Initially, the first steps were made not knowing how the Anunnaki and their minions were to interfere with these many projects. This caused us to seek assistance from those who so dearly wished to aid our sacred cause. We are now in the final stages of preparing events, which when manifested are to forever transform your world. The minions of your world (the dark cabal) are at the point of no return. A large worldwide group of opponents are poised to oust them from power. In addition, this cabal presently lacks the resources to continue. Taking this into account, the time now approaches when a number of needed announcements can be made public. We, in your name, have been able to schedule a series of actions. Our belief is that your allies can come forward and transform this present gloom into Light! This requires that you join us by using your inner focus to visualize the reality that together we are all to manifest! Gosho ba shen! (Sirian for “action for All”)

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! As you wait in frustration for the day when your blessings are to arrive, a few notes on this matter. After the fall of the Anunnaki in the mid-1990s, those former minions who were dedicated to their nefarious plans refused to stand down and permit the rise of a new era under the control of a number of secret sacred societies and the many ancient families. This defiance of Heaven worked for a decade. Then their dastardly schemes started to fail. By the middle of the next decade, our blessed associates began to gain the upper hand. These failures signaled to the Light that its time of rapid ascendance had at last arrived. We decided to force some key issues with our allies and were able to get a preliminary date for various deliveries. So far, these strategies are operative and we expect, dear Ones that these dates are to be met. These circumstances insure deliveries are to commence shortly.

One must remember why these enormous amounts of funds were set up in the first place. Our beloved Master Saint Germaine wished for this time to present his chosen ones with a degree of funds sufficient to redirect how the wealth in this realm was redistributed. Thus, it was initially necessary to alter how this insensitive group of heinous autocrats (the dark cabal) was redirected. The trap was to be a new banking and monetary system, which was to drive them in a few centuries to be primed for the perfect trap (the rise of fractional banking). The point where this trap was ready to be sprung first occurred at the start of this millennium and then again one and one-half decades later. The second point is much more advantageous and it is now being readied even as we speak. The final point of this heavenly plan is to be released and is to result in the final defeat of these most misguided and misdirected souls.

Often, in the strange history of this surface realm, our compadres are frequently ignored or discounted by the ones in power. His most holy being, Count Saint Germaine, knows of this and has quite skillfully created a blessed scenario, which despite its long run of over 2 ½ centuries, is currently able to obtain the desired results. When you shortly receive your blessings, rejoice, and with great dedication carry out your sacred plans to transform this realm for the better. Be aware as well that your allies are fully prepared to protect and aid you in your numerous blessed efforts! This realm is to be united with our cousins from inner Earth. Together, we are to alter this realm and this solar system for the good of humanity and the directed decrees of Heaven. For this Gaia smiles upon all of us! Remain focused and be positive about what is to happen. The future of Gaia’s humankind is about to begin!

Today, we carried on with our weekly messages to you. A great change in this surface world is now assured to occur soon. The dark cabal is on its last legs. Under this process, a series of special agreements are in effect. These have put us in a position to execute the last series of operations, and the results are to be known to you as they happen. The next period ahead is a most joyous one! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  • Same old message, slightly different wording.  I wonder why Sheldon isn't embarrassed to repeat, repeat, repeat the same BS week after week?

    • I am begining to seriously wonder about his state of mental health ..

      • Yes, that is a good point.  How else can he not see that his messages are the same every week, year upon year?  Something is not right.

  • CORRECTION....This official update has an error in the first passage, which I've been asked to modify, albeit belatedly.....

    It should read; "900,000 sol years ago, your ancestors from Lyra, arrived on this living orb...."

    Note that in the same paragraph, the references to "Agena" in Centaurus, are to the star Beta Centauri, aka Hadar....

    The second root race of Hyperboreans ( Hyborneans) did indeed migrate to Mars and set up an earlier colony there, during the time scales suggested...predating Lemuria........That earlier race had no lower aetheric physical expression at that time.....

    And yes, Sheldan Nidle is human and can sometimes (not often though) make grammatical or numerical typo errors which are released uncorrected....We make the correction here....

    The dark cabal is indeed on it's last legs and the state of the failing dominant financial system should be obvious, even to the most hardened of sneering and jaded cynics......

  • ~At this point, the GFL should sidestep the eternally out of reach 'Nesara' fantasy... & just see if they can float ole Sheldan some cash... undoubtably, their main contactee is hurtin. Come on guys!... he's been rewriting versions of this exact same message for 20 plus years... & the fact is, he's only fallen in to deeper obscurity... both personally & financially. Your lack of follow through on ANY of Sheldan's messages has left your beyond weathered messenger as little more than a tag line in a bad joke... even in New Agey circles, who tend to give quite a bit of wiggle room. You gotta feel for the guy? At the very least, beam him up to one of your ships for a sec & let him get some well deserved R&R... 


    Then again... seeing as the current mandate from the GFL higher-ups is for Humanity to take responsibility for our current state of affairs... well... from that angle, Nidle has no one to blame but himself, right?... He's owning his 'role' as the the living embodiment of Einstein's definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over & expecting different results.  

    • I agree. It´s an eternal copy-paste.

      He is one of the first "channellers" I read 10 years ago and Im tired of reading the same lies. Some months ago he said that the mass arrests had began and a few weeks ago he said that the deliveries were starting.  He also said that in June 2013, the deliveries we going to be completed. 

      • Hi Jumper, yes, he did says those things, many times. None of it has occured. He reminds me of dear old Blossom Goodchild who predicted that a 2000 mile long UFO would to show up on a certain date but of course, it never happened. She got a lot of flak for it too, the poor woman. A great alibi for people who champion so called "channelled material" such as the "works" of Sheldon Nidle, is by telling people to ignore dates. Its the perfect alibi which shields and protects them and an ideal cushion for them to fall back on. It also provides them with enough Carte Blanche or unconditional "authority" or full discretionary "power" to further spread disinformation that they would like others to believe in, simply because they have swallowed it as truth. In retrospect, Blossom unwittingly gave them an invaluable boost by supplying them with a future hidden card up their sleeves in the guise of a "false alarm".

        Perhaps they should tell the channellers whom they support not to fumble over their "prophecies" by advertising dates in the first place. To my understanding, Sheldons material is baloney and no amount of parables or wise words in favor of his scratched record could convince me otherwise, Hes already blown it by issuing a date for mass arrests and the prosperity delivery funds, which he has, as you have wisely observed, advertised several times and yet still, nothing has occured, and certainly not a peep from the rather mysterious GFL. Those of us who challange such way out promices that never delliver, are labled Skeptics by the ones who have no proof of what it is they are believing in. Then we are told we need the faith of a "mustard seed" (and other cliches) and without it, we are viewed as not aware because of our "vacuous minds" etc etc. I assure you, it is not people liken unto ourselves who lack faith in higher truth and refuse to buy into a bunch of lies and fairy stories on the Internet, moreso, its those who propagate those falsehoods and fibs who hang around the "lunatic fringe"

        Broken Record Gif This is a Broken Record in

        • ~No question about it, to say ole Sheldan is caught in a groove is an understatement... he just needs to be reminded that there's a hell of a lot more that 'one' can do with a record. He desperately needs to get back in the flow & mix it up a bit ;-) ... it's never too late...

    • Yes Stick, exactly. I sort of have this notion of Sheldon wearing a Straight Jacket in a padded cell and typing his GFL message's using his nose on the keyboard, one letter at a time. The question arises, are those who remain loyal to him and follow his messages without question also for the birds?

      I am reminded of an article I once read, about some insane loner guy who supposedly created a website but the only member in it was himself and he spent four years chatting to himself in a blog, he must have had some kind of multiple personality disorder. I cant remember how it was eventually discovered.

      To my conclusions, the whole Galactic Federation, Nidle thing is a lie, the GFL, NESARA, all of it ...no doubt there will be one who wants to correct any of us who deem Nidles work as looney tunes material, but its lies, imo, none of it has happened and even these replies are repeating themselves .....

      These monthly updats, Its a broken record, a zombie cycle of recycled words going round and round and its no wonder he appears as insane .. makes me wonder if he ever questions what he calls his own sanity?

      • ~Let me throw this in, while I can’t entirely explain why… for some reason, I still have a soft spot for ole Sheldan, who unquestionably, has wrestled with a myriad of questions & emotions when reflecting on the ultimate value of what he is doing. I still choose to give him the benefit of the more than reasonable doubt, that his overall intent isn’t malicious. Who knows.... either way you dissect it, though, a growing audience can add to a sense of purpose & accomplishment... but that time has long past for Nidle. Coming to terms with the fact that his readership has dwindled to, at best, the hundreds, has got to be a horse sized pill to swallow. The bottom line, for me (& I’ve always said this when it comes to ‘channeled’ material), is that it’s a monumental misstep to place all the multidimensional eggs in one basket, if you will. When it comes to the mountains of data in the ‘Awakening Movement’, Sheldon’s work barely warrants a thimble full ;-) In that sense, once rightsized, I’ve found it to be more palatable. & look, for those that still resonate or feel uplifted by his one-dimensional list of completely unfulfilled promises... enjoy. Truly. The problem arises with those who treat Nidle’s narrative as the end all, be all… & then, have the audacity to cavalierly whitewash the works of authors with far more substance, like: John Lash, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Paul Levy... the list goes on. Not only do these guys have more depth & weight in their pinky fingers than Shel has ever shown… more importantly, the evidence at the center point of their well researched works can be clearly seen in the world around us. So… the quest for the Alchemical Gold continues, Ashtar Massive! Just don’t allow yourselves to be thwarted by those who promise riches without any meaningful evidence, or doing any real work themselves. & hey, ultimately, we’re ALL on the same team anyway… let’s just be honest about those who are courageously doing the heavy lifting. OK…. gotta bounce!


This reply was deleted.

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