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The first time I saw "the black orb" I was sitting at the computer. The orb came down the hallway,saw me,and then scurried on it's way. It was black and about the size of cantaloupe. The edges were not sharply defined, but it appeared slightly distorted when looking directly at it. Also it was hovering about six inches off the floor and didn't float around and moved in manner like a small animal would.

The second time I made contact was two hours later. Mom had seen it a half an hour earlier in the living room and that's when we realised we were both seeing this orb.

Anyhow I was at the computer again. The phone rang and mom answered it. Then the black orb came down the hallway again, backed up, did a double take and sped off. Again, the orb was hovering close to the ground. This time the orb was small and moved at about twice the speed as last time.

The third time I saw the orb was outside. It was more sharply defined and very black. It changed it's appearance to an egg shape when it moved away from the picnic table to some ground cover plants. My mother also saw it that day, outside, at the side of the house. When she had seen it was perfectly round and black.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with this kind of paranormal anomaly?

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  • wowowow you see them in real shape? How define? I wanna see spirits and entities in their full glory too - and even in the full daytime!

    and thanks for sharing the site! The topics are very interesting, definitely a sure read. Another to add on my To-read sites collection :D
  • I had few experience with black stuff, about 2 as far as I remember. The first is when I saw a dark figure went to the backdoor, which I knew no one was there, so I followed because I wanna know more about it. And while at the backdoor, I was doing some scanning then at the side of my sight I saw a fast movement of black shadow - no longer on a human figure but more like a pet or a smaller entity.

    The light white version, most of it are non moving - stationary. I'll just saw a bright glowing form - solid looking object in awkward places then in a blink of an eye, it's gone. But that's about last year.

    So recently, I've seen most are light anomalies. Like when I open the door of my bedroom - which is just in front of the door of the bathroom (inside my room), I saw a flash of light. I thought the light on the bathroom is ON and that when I open the bedroom door - the wind causes the door of the bathroom to open so... I quickly reopen the bedroom door to prove my theory .. so behold it happened again. I'm not convinced so I turn on the lights and found out that the bathroom door is locked ---- and to remind me again that the switch to the light inside the bathroom is Broken. Made me wonder what was that. I'm having a conclusion that there is some anomaly on the bathroom since I often hear sounds inside it. Like the sounds of bathroom stuffs falling or anything else like as if someone or something has been inside. Sometimes makes me wonder that maybe its a portal.
    • I see them al the time they pas just out of the corners of my eyes. I asked about it to a person that was into things like that and she said i should look further into it, because she said i have the ability to see dead people. I have left it at this for now, talking and seeing dead people is not something i am ready to do yet. Even if sometimes they do get close to me and make their presence known.
  • OMG, I saw one of these at my old house. I am my roommate saw this black fuzzy blurry shape about 1 1/2 foot in diameter with indistinct characteristics and morping shape. It was hovering over our curtain rod in our picture window in the livingroom. Then it seemed to zip down to right above the floor and took off in a blur into our sunporch attached to our livingroom but a separate small room. We went running into the sunporch looking for the thing because we could not figure out what to hell it was, the shape was so dark and indistinct. We thought maybe it was a bat or something. Well when we got into the sunporch which had no windows open to the outside because it was winter, there was no sign of the thing at all, so we gave up pondering. We went back to the livingroom and saw the thing hovering and zipping towards our kitchen down the hall with our cat chasing it madly. We ran to the kitchen and could not find it anywhere again and our cat was going just mental looking for it, and making chittering sounds. We never saw it again but always wondered. We named the thing the WTFII (What to Fu-- is it). We told a lot of people about the experience and they asked us what we had been smoking, lol....

    So I am so thrilled that someone else has seen these illusive "creatures". At the time all I could think of was the movie gremlins....
  • Personally I think it has something to with the veils of different dimensional realities starting thin to the point were life forms from places outside of this dimension are suddenly appearing in ours. So that leads me wonder what else could be kicking around on the block that may present itself differently and act in a completely different matter.
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