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Untrasmutated Materialism (Teachings of the Divine Feminine)

Gospel of Mary*:

“Matter gave birth to a passion that has no equal,

a passion for itself, which is contrary to Divine nature.


Matter caused powerful passions to enter into you,

forces which arise from the attraction of opposites.


Thus are you pulled apart, and a disharmony arises

to disturb unity through its whole body.


This is why I tell you,

be at one; be in harmony one with another.


If your courage fails you and you feel out of sorts,

go out into nature, and take heart from its manifestations

of beauty and harmony with the Divine nature.


Those who have ears, let them hear!”


*in “The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene” from Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey


                The conundrum in which we are in the physical plane-we have a physical body we want physical things.   “The desire for matter of itself” But these material needs and wants need to be transmutated into non-physical/spiritual needs and wants—otherwise they will tear us apart.  This is something that Mary speaks of repeatedly.   


Without the Divine Mother, we could not exist in the physical—and some people may think of that as a curse.  I don’t know if this in any way has anything to do with the desecration of women…meaning that maybe people despised the Mother Goddess because she brought us physically into this world.  How many times have we said to ourselves (hopefully not to our mothers) that “I never asked to be born here” when the going gets tough.  We blame our mothers…it seems like the father gets little of the blame. :)


I can’t paraphrase this better: 

“The Tantric mysticism from ancient India, the great power of the Goddess was contained within the fluids of her transcendental body.  This source of primal energy is the power of the soul, for the soul is the first body to clothe the spirit when a spark of it individualizes and ‘falls’ into the world of matter, there to learn, first self-consciousness, and then God-consciousness.  Without the soul, humanity could have no existence in the sense that we know it.  It is because of the Goddess and her bestowing of soul-power that we are able to descent to Earth as independent entities, taking on, first the soul-body so similar to the ethereal vibration of water on the material plane, until we emerge as a fetus with all our bodies intact, from the most subtle to the physical, and after full development, ready for our use on Earth.  It is her gift to us.”  p.46


The authors of this book suggest that perhaps because of this link between the Divine Feminine and physicality/materiality—her creation is the material world, the cosmos, the place where we may evolve—that the Divine Mother was relegated to a status lower than that of the Divine Masculine who is thought to be the essence of the spiritual/ethereal world. 


However, being that the Divine Mother, Mother Gaia, Mother Earth gives birth to physicality and material reality, her teachings are much dedicated to not being consumed by the physical—not to let flesh eat flesh—but to transmutate our love for the material by appreciating and becoming in tune with the harmony omnipresent in achieve soul ascension

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