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Tremendous Flying Saucer UFOs @Yellowstone! Full Screen it!

This is the first video I did of this, July 12th, 2016
Q- Who was recording that?
A- Jeanette Foresta 
I was recording it from The live overnight streaming Cam at Yellowstone but no one noticed because It happened so fast. I thought I saw something move so I slowed it down and blew it up and that's what I saw. I spend a lot of time just watching the geysers. I find peace and serenity there in the mornings, to me are so beautiful. I call it the "Beauty Above the Beast! (I coined that term) hehe really, I did an article once (published) called The Beauty Beneath the Beast. U can look it up in a search with my name. 

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wow i have been fortunate that i got to see them ships in real time unmasked and all it's myriad of forms colors and patterns over my house or wherever i went it always showed up



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