Basically, this is exactly what the title says. I did this on Facebook because I've been listening to my aunt and my uncle and their constant posts about how terrible this or that is in politics, or how the future is going to be so terrible and all that...and when I thought about it I couldn't help but think that I've been hearing this a lot from a lot of different sources! People all over the place are afraid of the future or the present or they're angry about everything that's going on in politics and the world right now and...I feel like we need to step back from the fear and the hate and stop seeing this so one dimensionally.


This is what I posted as my facebook status a couple of days ago:


"i'm tired of all this doom and gloom bs. name five things you love about living in whatever country you're living in, in this time period. you are not allowed to sarcastically say something like, "I *love* living in a country in a time period where the economy is failing because of loser politicians." i want five things you *really* l ove.  




I got three or four responses (nothing yet from my aunt or uncle) and posted this last night, hoping to get more responses:


"I want to thank everybody who checked in with five things they love about living in whatever country they're in, in this time period. I want to say that this is still open. More people need to check in. I think all of you need this. Seriously. People are too focused on the doom and gloom of the near future. Name five things you love about living in your country in this time period."


So, essentially I'm challenging you all to the same thing. I want to hear from everybody - whether you're totally in love with the world, or you're totally in hate with the world, or you're terrified of the future and where this world is going (there have been people on this site who've expressed fear or anger towards the political climate and the future as a result of the political climate). I would love to hear five things that you love about living where you are living, in this time period.



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  • I love living where I live because it is rarely very cold and I can swim in the ocean in January if I want to and it is only a little brisk and I can decorate a palm tree in 75 degree weather at Christmastime and never have to deal with ice and snow.


    I love living surrounded by woods, canals, lakes and rivers and I am samck dab in the middle of it all and love the sounds and the smells of the water and the woodland birds and creatures and love to walk on beautiful white sand beaches at sunset in barefeet with sand squishing between my toes/


    I love living in the state I do because older people are treated so well here, people stop their cars so you can cross the streets or parking lots because they respect your age. Although it took me a little while to get used to it, most everyone everywhere you go calls you honey or dear or sweetheart or sweety,  Witresses, salespeople, care attendants, service people and just people you meet casually do this if you have a gray hair on your head, which really takes some getting used to....Just the Florida culture.  More older retired people in the state than anywhere else in the US and we are their bread and butter,


    I love the US because we are a melting pot of all cultures, religions, credes, nationalities, traditions, and everything else which makes it very interesting to say the least.


    I love that where I live as the houses are very cheap compared to many other states and most of them come with heated swimming pools, central airconditioning, and a screened in lanai (porch) as standard features. I came from the north and always dreamed of having a pool because in the north houses with pools are a rarity and cost a lot of money.

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