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Time is nearing the three days and nights of darkness 72hrs when nibiru turns all earth dark

Dear ones it is coming the three days and night of Darkness. 

God is intervening now to give you all a choice, 

God has outlined the guidelines of what is to happen in those hours of darkness before the demons and tormentors are coming out of the pits of hell and be unleashed upon the earth. 

You will know this when the electronics are to be shut down whereby it's just you and the connection to God. 

No other means will be available. The last choice you will be given is a choice to be with God or elsewhere, and in that time, that place is not Green pastures beside the still waters. 

All beings positive or negative will decide who they want, so put down your false idols, your choice is crucial. 

You will have limited time to get to safety, by what I mean is that, you will need blankets, lots of them, food and water, unless you choose to famine, your prayers will be stronger. Make sure use a choice of oil lamps or non scented white candles only. When Nibiru overshadows all of Earth, God will make it at 55 degree Fahrenheit only, no colder, he will use natural means to do his will I am, this says the Lord. 

You must at least tell your love ones, or friends, strangers, to get them into your homes and seal all doors and windows, lock them all, seal around all windows doors roofs and don't ever look outside in these 72 hours darkness at all. 

The seas will you be thrown if you peek out your windows or doors.

So pray to God. The seas will not be what you think it is. It's not from Earth. The demons are to be unleashed, so will be the tormentors. 

The moment the skies go dark drop what your doing and head for concealed space, pray, the Angels will protect those who love the Creator. Use any God prayers necessary to initiate God's peace, from your prayers as these will make light your dross upon the world to the extent as it pales compared to those who don't pray and worship to God in these great last hours of the days of old. 

All information please go to the you tube sight: Urgent details on three days and nights of darkness. 

Perhaps go to linol Anderson sight Alien Contactee, or even subscribe to survive. 

I don't have many people who believe, but God giving us sinners one more chance, this is your soul not just your life I'm talking about now. 

Praise be and glory to our Holy Lord God Of Hosts, for you are truly worthy of Praise and Glory Forever. 

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OK Jason, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but we have been given this and that prediction that the world is going to end, three days of darkness, etc. for a long, long, time; but just to be on the safe side, I may get some water and tell people I care about about what you mentioned.  P.S.  Could you please post the Linol Anderson video?  I do follow him at times. I work as a CNA doing private care, one of my clients is a quadriplegic, I just cannot leave him without any care, do you have any suggestions?  What day does the three days of darkness start?  Why are we to have scented white candles only?  Why can't we look outside? 

darkstar-here's the prophecy-I think it was from the children at Fatima-Lucia-we have heard the weird trumpet sounds

Pet Rock:  OMG, so depressing I couldn't read all of it.

Use non-scented white candles. Heaps of food and water or prayer fasting. This is better. I don't know what day it's going to be. Pray to God ask him for guidance and yes, the earth is going to be moved in another star system. So this has been told. 

This is utter BS!!

Nibiru has NOTHING to do with an event of 3DD , so this is dark nonsense.

Our solarsystem has since long been towed to another place in our localuniverse , where there is an etrnal energystream.

Just look how whitish the sun has become - its now heliumdriven , not hydrogen like before.

Nibiru will never again come close to Earth.

If 3DD still is the plan , it will be a huge ship that will stand to hide the sunlight , just what happened after the jews crucified Jesus.

The Earth will slow down it´s rotation so that all can see that something is happen.

Andronover:  Yup, noticed that the sun is white - WEIRD!

What people are seeing is not our sun , it is the Sun Simulator, an artificial sun that I talked about in previous blogs that I posted . There is much evidence of this on u-tube especially dr.cloudia Albers. But she has the same problem as the above blogger who is Fear mongering. Many Christens have this problem and they are manifesting Fear in people which the DC feeds off. Another form of Fear mongering , Jason and many others are doing is hitting on people by calling them Sinners, the Idea of Sin is from the DC meaning a mistake that cannot be changed, this of course is incorrect. We only make mistakes that can be and must be changed if we wish to evolve into the higher Dimensions.

So sin is false for 99.9% of us,meaning that for most of us , ''there is no sin''. This Idea of Sin was thought up by the DC to control us, to make us believe that we are separate from God, which we are not and cannot be. But they make us believe that there is Sin so that they can control us as slaves and food for them to feed off. So lets stop pushing this false idea, so that the DC will starve to death and we will gain our freedom to recreate new life on the New Earth in 4& 5D. No one knows exactly how this will occur ,stay positive for we create what we think and project, we are all one. Adonai

Not say I know all, but hard to explain to non Christians or Christians, it doesn't matter what angle I speak it from, it still the same ammo. You no different. 

Rev. Joshua:  Yes, heard about the sun simulator.  What is DC?

T WILL BE ..FORSE .... but we are sure of nothing we are, it seems the prediction of geova ... who believes that GOD warns first ????? GOD NEVER UNDERSTANDS BEFORE ..... I say NEVER .... then if you want to believe go ahead, we will feel AFTER to laugh out of danger ...

Dark Star, have you forgot what I told you all of these years? DC stands for the DARK CABAL, the DEEP STATE ,ILLUMINATI  what ever you wont to call them. They are the ones who control us by use of Deception and Lies. They have infiltrated all of society, the Banking industry { BANK-STERS} THE CO-OPERATIONS and INDUSTRY, the Governments of the world, the MSM- Main Stream Media, MILITARY and our Schools and last but not least our RELIGIONS. They control every aspect of our lives and most people don't even realize it. They know something is wrong with the system but can't put there finger on it. And many, like this young man don't even know they are helping the DC do this FEAR MONGERING to others.

   They have been brain washed or a better word is programed since they were very young and there parents before them on down for many generations. They are not consciously aware of what they are doing to themselves or others but yet they are propagating it. They are being used by the DC to create FEAR in people so they can feed off of it. But there [ DC ] time is up, the LIGHT has come from the CREATOR himself to restore balance of the DARK and the LIGHT and Restore his Sovereignty of this Universe called NEBADAN. The Dark is now at this moment in time being Dissolved by the Light, Ascension and Freedom, is coming now as we speak and the New Earth and Heaven is upon us, with-out all the Dark things that the Church and False Religion has thrust upon us. Let us Rejoice and be happy that it is going to be a Peaceful transition. We are all one.  Adonai

The dark will be cleansed from this planet at all levels , and it will happen when Earth slows down its rotation and finally stops.

The astral also.

Everything that is NOT of God can not substain at that point.

Our localuniverse is named Nebadon Joshua , and there is more than 700 000 localuniverses at this point , all with its own Michaelson sent bý primecreator to build universes.

Our Creatorson is Christ Michael Aton , and he is after 7 bestowals a souvereign ruler of his universe in his own design.

Christ Michael will incarnate in body once more here - it has never happened in the creation before that a Michaelson incarnate twice on the same planet.

Imagine his love to this planet..




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