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I love being a part of this it has increased my aware-ness but has also challenged me,my beliefs,ways and knowledge.This is why I am on here,to participate be involved,understand,grow,be humble,walk in beauty,balance,aware-ness,non judgemental etc.

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Thank you my brother.. ThunderingBuffaloEagle... I appreaciate this post... everything you have said rings true in my heart aswell.. somrtimes we need to be reminded.. thank you for reminding me my friend...

much Love to you always.. my brother..

Thank you for being here, sharing, and participating. What an incredible soul you must have to say so much in only two sentences, and for it to resonate so deeply. Humbled by your gentle experssion, and it's ability to expand one's heart .in such a pleasant manner. Peace : )


Hi coyote kin,a good name coyote is the trickster he shows us how not to take things to serious and to laugh at our selves.How are you and thanks for your message,I love this site and found some interesting posts especially from Ben the founder he writes good and reflective posts which I down load to read and apply very challenging.Take care look after yourslf thanks again for your message Thundering Buffalo/Eagle.aka Philip Shearer.

Thank you your light is an inspiration to me love and light sally

we are here learning with you...i feel the overwhelming love here too...we will keep loving the negative away...don't forget to laugh everyday..much love

Thanks Feather Winger for this picture love it wolves are both teachers and pathfinders they are good medicine and lovely animals I love them.Hope you are well love Ashstar Command Ben is a good man love his writings and download them to both think and reflect on.Take care your friend.Thundering Buffalo/Eagle,Philip Shearer.

To all members on this wonderful site,those that contribute to help others selfless and post such wonderful posts,sayings,videos thank-you.Great to be a member of this group.All take care,lots of love and blessings.

I agree thanks for sharing would you like to be my friend?



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