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Without lifelong treatments, vaccines and the whole range of Big Pharma offerings, where’s the profit? What’s the point in helping people if a real cure is the goal?

Did you know that a scientist claims to have a cure for HPV that was offered in Mexico? You probably won’t be hearing about that from Merck anytime soon.

And so it goes … Melissa Dykes covers the paradigm we are currently living under — “Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?”

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really ? oh no . no money made off healthy people ? I wonder how many folks dont get this , the junk food,ll take another generation of our children to understand this simple message

The whole pharma industry, stores and their medicines should be destroyed . Doctors put on no cure no pay and any side effects heavy fines. All staff of pharma including stores should have their earnings and properties conceficated and all money to be spent on alternative natural medicines



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