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THE TRUTH WHATS HAPPENING.. Extraterrestrial Communications ...Most People On Planet Earth Zombies...Most Doctors On Planet Earth Criminals...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Most Doctors love money ..don't really care about patients.

Most so called humans have turned into zombies as they are falling prey to the corruption  

Yes, and they often don't know the answer to cure diseases. In the Church I have heard someone they probably know only about 30% about the human body.

The cure for money grabbing corrupt doctors and the pharma .. .NO CURE NO PAY ...ANY SIDE EFFECTS HEAVY FINES . .So many are taking medicines that are doing them no good and they are now hooked on them's a doctor's trap to keep making money  

When I was 12 I was inexplicably cured of a pulmonary emphysema. My alveoli had initially destroyed themselves but then regenerated themselves. The doctor said that this is clinically impossible, but has happened. I see God the giver of all life as my father, the lord of my story. He didn't want me to die when I was 12 or earlier. God is greater than what the doctors think they know.

God the giver all lifes did so many true Wonders in my life, espacally at my Body, wich can not explained by the Doctors. Thanks to God the giver all lifes and his beloved Sohn Jesus Christ. Mission Rama bleongs to Jesus, he start this Mission. AC´s Mission Rama from Jesus Christ the King of all Kings.

We must not desesperate even though that we are surrounded by the not awake, we must not lose the faith, we are alone between themselves, but we must work for the light because for some reason we choose to live this human experience.

Here the extraterrestrial refers to the beings on this planet behaving like zombies because most are failing to distinguish between right and wrong and so becoming slaves to the corruption....most of the media is lying and beings are falling for it ...the answer is form communities and cut off from corruption ...grow own food, keep away from Doctors using alternative medicine like Ayurveda ..get your own gas/electric from green eco friendly close to nature in peace and harmony. ...stop being fooled by corrupt media need to form strong communities self efficient ... righteous living 



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