It Does Not Exist, The Virus Does Not Exist (Mirrored)! - Gemma O'Doherty Must See Video

More Proof :


More Proof :

Australian Police Blow Whistle Spectacularly on Coronavirus Deception:

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  • They want to make us afraid of the coronavirus so that we can get vaccinated. Heard that coronavirus exists and was synthetically made. Just because it broke out in China doesn't necessarily mean it came from there, even if everyone says so. I'm rather skeptical about that. In the past, so-called biological weapons were used more often. There is no control over a virus; maybe some government in the world would like to use a virus as a weapon, and it just goes wrong because such a virus is simply uncontrollable. If the vaccine actually contains nanobots, that would likely be big business for the government. By the way, I've heard that Bill Gates is helping develop the vaccine. Didn't Bill Gates always talk about overpopulation on earth, didn't he?

  • So what you going to do about it you Sheep's ...well become god conscious humans and fight for freedom and justice 

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