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It's so heated on Ashtar Command at the moment I have found myself giving it a bit of a wide berth and also wondering what is going on... My conclusion is we are now at the point of saturation. Humanities old dance that has dominated is coming to a swift end and a new dance is beginning at a really fast rate. With the light now that's sweeping the planet and solar flares etc... all that has been so buried is now surfaced and releasing daily. It's the sludgiest of the sludge, not pretty the most buried of all of our issues, the hardest to shift. I know I'm there and have cried my eyes out for the last two weeks on and off. Deep rooted issues rising to the surface is an understatement. 

I'm just trying to remain in the attitude of gratitude as it's a beautiful energy to sit in and be still in, it really is. Staying centered knowing all of this will pass and is needed for our new dawn is really helping, and when the giggles come I am embracing them. A mixture of emotions is what I would say I am feeling and I'm not sure about the rest of you but WOW... The energy is so picking up lets try and ride this wave and remember we're all in this together. Love to you all at this time Louise.

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Thanks Joshua much love and peace to you too :)
I love you Louise!  Thank you!
Hey Cassandra How's it going? I love you too & welcome :D X



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