I come to you all in hopes for answers, words of assurance, or maybe a simple, "That's Normal"..

We are all approaching a change in time, reality, and realms beyond our understanding. But with these changes there are those of us who are blessed with ways of understanding these changes even before they occur. Those of us who read the words within a book and find the secrets between the lines. Need not be afraid of the voices you hear. For they will one day be the only voice you'll understand.,, I share with you a series of events that have led to my discovery of things possibly to come...

In the beginning of my studies of ET and UFO's just last November, i encountered my first night involving Sleep Paralysis. A week or two later it happened again.. A few weeks later it happened again. Each time the feeling of "being watched" was all i could remember. Fear would cause me to fight myself to awake.. Months later on a trip to Jamaica i encountered Sleep Paralysis again but this time "Contact" seemed to have been made. But how?? When ym younger brother was in the same room as me watching TV. As strange or embracing as it may sound, while under this "sleep trance" it felt as if something small was being placed inside of me via my backside. It woke me up completely from the sleep paralysis and i laidd there confused. I looked around to see my younger brother watching TV. I didnt think much of it and went back to sleep... A few days later later i heard the words "We Are One" i told my roommate and it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was happy and relaxed... A few weeks later while staying at my mom's i dealt with sleep paralysis again and woke up partially to feel my entire body vibrating. Also as i awoke the words or thoughts or whatever they were told me " The Third World War will be a War over religion" It seemed so real, yet did not startle me in any way. If anything i found myself more confused as to why my body felt like it was vibrating. Feeling tired and weak i went back to sleep... still vibrating... The next morning i did my research. Astral Projection seems to be the answer to my vibrations. But how? was there more to it? i then tried to find what "We Are One" meant... These images came across the internet and gave me slight chills.

Were these the answers to my deepest questions? Or messages for me to share with you all?? or both?? My mind process many thoughts at many times of the day. Many "what if" scenarios play in my head. Since that night i've searched and awaited the arrival of more signs. Maybe one more would be enough for me to finally believe someone or something is listening to me....

The light of earth is opened. Tomorrows promise becomes today's gift. In a world where change is to come. Where will our hearts rest when the Dawn of Man approaches? Where will the heart of millions fall? Through the heavens and earth we must explain what we can and wait for that which we cannot. The game is not yet over. For it has only begun. 

Who am i? Why would the signs of World War be sent to me?! Who am I?

Martyn Redd... signing off--


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  • Where do i label Martyn as being paranoid? And no i am not paranoid myself. I do not believe the word paranoid is used in the right way by anny means. 15 years ago they classified me paranoid and having a psychosis,while al it was ,was a awakening of the kundalini with al it's side effects. I said before that the Ego is paranoid not the person. For the person is another kind of entity. In al the time i have been on this site i have never called people names or other idiotic things, so no i did not cal him paranoid...i am talking about the Ego and the way it lives.
  • I do not believe i am naive. I just gave a opinion on what i believe could be part of what he is experiencing. Everything happens at the same time in diff levels. What i mentioned is real. And it all happens within yourself as a inner batlle. My point is that if you do not understand and handle the smal stuff first you will not be able to handle the big stuff. I personally have no history on Martyn so i do not know how far he has been already in everything. When dealing with things one should never discard the psychology and the events taking place. My answer here was only directed to the way he felt being watched, and like i said diff levels diff observers and observing. The same with the tintling sensation when waiking up that on feels when getting back into the body after having traveled Astral or to parralel universes, or others. I have them all the time and they are not brought upon us by other beings. It is a reaction to the re-entering to the body. And the way a person percieve something and explains it is regulated by his or her understanding and vocabulary at this time in his or her process, by wich there is no right or wrong in the way it is percieved by me or others,and all teories should be plausible...:))
    • Experience is a hard teacher, because she/he gives the test first and the lesson afterwards. :))))

      Use your mind as a tool, not as a self-inflicting weapon.

      Just a couple of one-liners from "the Queen of the One-liners"......a nickname given to me by a friend. LOL
      • Like i said i agree with you. And Ego and paranoia are also real. And i do not state that paranoia is a negative.
      • Agreed Meg, What I've been experiencing very well may be sound and true. They say humans are the only species that don't fully trust their 'instinct'... The thing that stands out in the 2 messages i "received" is the feeling that they weren't my thoughts or created by my own knowledge. Because of these experiences and the messages, I've learned more about life as well as myself. Without them none of us would ever learn....
  • I've reached the place in "my" evolutionary process that IF I do read a channelling (which is seldom) I take it with a grain of salt.

    What computes with me is that this planet is not the only place there is warfare. I feel that there have actually been intergalactic wars over time. I believe that Area 51 here in Nevada is working on, if they have not actually built spaceships. They're certainly working on something that they don't want the public to know about. You're taking your Life in your hands if you go messing around there. I believe this planet is in quarantine because of Mother Earth's ascension AND because the general population is so war-like and aggressive......not nearly enough Love here.

    I believe our space brothers/sisters ARE watching over us, and that if Mother Earth does decide to do a pole shift, as she has before, that they are at the ready to evacuate this planet for all who desire to and are ready to leave. I feel we have a choice to stay with Gaia, or to go.

    My feeling is that Mother Earth is now passing through the Photon Belt, thus the intense energies coming onto the planet now. It's a time of choice and decision for all of we choose the Light or do we choose the darkness? I believe the Armageddon spoken of in the Bible is exactly what we are going through right now. And while it may manifest as a physical battle to the death, I feel the real battle is inward for us.....a battle for our Souls.

    Feel free to agree or disagree....this is what I am seeing and feeling in this moment.
    Go.My Project – Training.My, Kursus.My, Software.My Ebook.My
  • My crystal said it is my guardian Angel just as I had suspected, thanks for the offer of help I will let you know once I am told what is the matter with me, and decide what I will do about it.
  • I think personally that the feeling of being watched is caused by the Ego al of a sudden realizing he has been spotted. it happened to me when i realised there was a observer that looks at me all the time without interfering. problem is the Ego goes wild and you start to become paranoid with everything. I went trough this ordeal 15 years ago, it is always good to have someone close that understands this to help you not to lose it. The Ego goes and gets al paranoid and hears and sees things that are nothing but because he wants to escape the observer he will do anything to achieve it,even mes with your body. I believe that everybody that goes trough the awakening process has this problem. The size of the problem lays in the strenght of the Ego.
  • Hi Meg,my Angel was invited as I am having health issues that I need to sort out, anyway nothing would get past my protector, he would not allow it if it was not for my highest good I have seen him at work so often and I never have to ask him to clear things , he just does it.
  • I believe a lot of us are having strange things coming to us it seems to be normal, in the last month the list is getting to long to remember all my visions and dreams .
    It picked up after the etheral elephant turned up in the garden , I have had an intense dream from the past in which I was sobbing my heart out, I had a vision about my death and one about the earth surrounded by balls of fire and some being threw a ball of fire onto the earth. Monday I had a lovely experience when I went to bed ,I was lying in bed watching myself sitting on my Argon he is a starman and always with me, he was stroking my hair and telling me it will all be fine , next a massive Angel came in laid its hand on my head and then onto my third eye,I just fell asleep while this was going on, the following night someone came and put a hand on my third eye again.
    I can't really help you on what you are getting but maybe sharing my stuff will help you to see you are not the only one ,love and blessings.
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