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Drekx Omega recent ET contact report:


When I received the impulse to travel to Rendlesham forest, on the 5th November, it was a familiar intuition, that I would re-unite with one or other, of the Sirian team members. Driving my car through Woodbridge and over the level crossing and approaching the Wilford Bridge public house I knew the contact member would be Sandara, rather than Vashtar, or Kalestra..

Continuing on past the roundabout, taking the left fork I felt she would be meeting me physically. It was when I arrived at the forest logging road 11, that she transmitted again and I stopped the car there. It surprised me that she was not visible, as there were no other cars around, so seemed perfect for liason and rendezvous.

However, what surprised me was she asked to continue the journey, further up the main road, through the forest, where she had parked (floating) her vehicle..A tetrahedral probe.

What was new to me and somewhat amazing, though surprising, was her use of the temporal beam and the other beam effect, that seemed to change me, in some way...I feel great, but at the time was alarmed...Especially with the eyes changing. I thought it was permanent and could no longer ask her (telepath shielding.)

One thing to note about ground crew/flight crew, is that we are all soldiers, so niceties are less salient than mission. Albeit, Sandara was her very affectionate and playful self and although I did not get to meet her, face to face, as before, when she enhanced my psychic reception, it felt like I could "see" right through her ship and did...It was an amazing way to "see" people....Ascended Masters probably do this all the time and I was so privileged to experience this type of sensory power..

It's awesome and so much better than telepathy, alone...

I will also add that much of her relayed information is omitted from the blog, as pertains to the complex material and also GFL Ground Crew intel, for crew only..

Sirian scout ships possess three tetrahedral probes, which are about 9' in height, have the appearance of "black glass," can extend landing legs, glow plasma field colours of oranges or reds, and blues, around the base. Normally unmanned, controlled by biological computers, the one that visited me in Rendlesham forest, yesterday, was "manned" by a beautiful woman, from Sirius B4, aka Samanet..
It was not landed, but hovering about 4" above the forest floor, bobbing upon the "sea" of electrons, much like a ship on water..
The probe extended a stasis beam to my car, as it speed along the road, having just left logging road 11, and continuing on the road, as per the instructions received, telepathically. This temporal effect also changed me, as the car seemed to slow right down, in spite of my foot on the accelerator. The beam was directed from a small wood, about 50 to 100 yards from the road, where the Sirian, known as Sandara, was located..

This was a time compression process, rather than "missing time," as I received a massive download of data, from Sandara, which seemed like hours, but was only 2 minutes...The clock read 10.55 at logging road 11 and 10.57, as the effects were lifted and the probe teleported (it did not rise slowly,) up into the scout ship, located in geo-synchronous orbit, above England.
The most startling thing was the way I was getting the data, mainly about the Sirian work on the Grand Solar Minimum effects, which included complex formulas and figures pertaining to solar flares and the Earth's electro-magnetics...Things about flux densities, at differing altitudes and plate tectonics being impacted..

At the time, within those 2-minutes, it seemed so simple, but afterwards I thought; "what the heck is it I'm apparently understanding.??"
Now when I try to regurgitate this complex data, relayed to me by Sandara I find it to be too difficult. It is in my mind, somewhere at sub-conscious levels. But the rest of the information has been relayed in this blog, to the best of my memory...

One shocking thing that I have never experienced before, in my years of interplay with space brothers and sisters, is after the transmission ended and the probe exited I wondered how my telepathy had become (during that short time, which seemed hours,) amplified to a degree in which I could clairvoyantly "see" Sandara's probe, in the forest, while I was frozen in time, in my car. And I could even see that she had a special control helmet on, the silvery cybernetic kind, which allows piloting..A kind of magnetic impulse steering..

So my powers seemed enhanced, for a while...Never had that before..
Now the really bizarre thing was as the temporal field lifted, the encounter ended, the car continued on and I knew that I'd have to turn it around, in the road, to return. As I did so I was shocked (I jumped) to glance in the rear view mirror, briefly saw that my eyes were no longer the normal grey colour, but had turned VIOLET...

First I thought, could I have blood-shot eyes, or conjunctivitis...? Don't normally get this. Then I glanced again, keeping my eye on the road, while viewing, quickly...The iris of each eye was violet, yet the white corneas were normal...I thought, oh my god and as soon as I thought these words, I glanced up again and the eyes had returned to normal...A grey.

I have known my grey eyes to sometimes go blue and even green. But never violet..So I will have to ask the Sirians if the "brief enhancement" effects and the change of eyes, is related...Unfortunately I'll have to wait for the answer, as they are resuming work, elsewhere, as earlier described....

They did want to let people know of this important work and so asked me to make a blog about the solar adjustments.

I did know about time freeze tech, but you don't truly appreciate it's power, until you are in the field..
And like I said earlier, the car stopped abruptly, without apparent inertia, so no car crash injury, from that sudden event. 

The weirdest thing, apart from the eyes being changed (yikes..!) was the way that the car simply resumed it's journey, after the field was lifted. Like there never was an interruption. It just kept going as my accelerator pedal was still down...

I'll certainly add this to experiences of their amazing technology...Next time I'll be OK about the whole thing I'm sure...And I feel really grateful and privileged for the enhanced sensitivities and sensory prowess, at psychic levels...It really is so much better than telepathy alone...

I'd like to add that I've been unable to telepathically communicate with Sandara since that recent interaction, as per her solar guardianship efforts, she has resumed with the others. However I was able to glean some data from M'Zupa about my experience, which was the most bizarre yet.

She tells me that I was briefly subject to combined energies of temporal pausing and a mono-calibrated ("tailored" to me) energy, which is similar to a light chamber, but much briefer, so has no long term changes, simply a temporary change while subject to it, so the symptoms were related to the light beam...This was apparently to more efficiently impart data, in as short a time as possible. Allowing Sandara to enter, make contact and then depart, under emergency protocol...
The emergency being the solar guardianship work, which is highly salient to them and us..(well it should be viewed as critical, by Earth people, too.)

While in the temporal field I was fixed in place, as it were. My hands remanded on the steering wheel and my foot pressed the accelerator pedal, I looked straight ahead, expecting something, but not knowing if it was from the right side of the road, or left side, or from above the car...Then suddenly, a flash of blue light and I was halted. But the sudden stoppage was without inertia, or forward momentum, so no ill effects, as with a car crash..

The ability to "see" her small probe ship, in the wood, as well as to "see" her, through it's hull, really impressed me...I did not need to turn my head to see, simply did not need to...It was amazingly clear...

Also, snippets of sub-conscious download data, is coming back to me, over time...
Like I don't remember much static electricity in the air, while subject to the beamed "zanaka daunmuk" effect. Normally, this can occur.

And it was a sunny day in Autumn, so often I wear shades while driving, but on that day I did not...Maybe I would have missed seeing that weird effect, with shades on....?? 

And I suppose if my aetheric/dense body ray was different, the eyes would have been alternative tones...
The tones are:

1st ray - Blue (pale)
2nd ray - Indigo (purple)
3rd ray - Green
4th ray - Yellow (gold)
5th ray - Orange
6th ray - Rose
7th ray - Violet

The contactee should not be the news, but I felt I should share this with ACC, in full.

The Sirians were mainly keen on me raising the consciousness profile of the Grand Solar Minimum; efforts to mitigate. Sometimes, however, people find the personal contactee experience an interesting and stimulating one, to read about...I hope readers found it interesting. To live through it is infinitely more mind-bending.

Location of my recent contact site, just off the main road, with the small wood partially hiding the probe..It was located on (bobbing inches above) the slightly raised area, within the cover of smallish conifer trees. She had a straight line of sight to my car on the road. And an unimpeded beam projection line. I have placed a Street View link below, so as to appreciate the layout of the area.

Travelling back in the direction of logging road 11 and Woodbridge, the forest thickens out, with mighty evergreen conifers and deciduous trees...In the opposite direction, on the B1084, takes the traveler towards some very thick forest woodlands. There are great beauty spots there, with places to park the car, en route and nearby woodland paths. The Sirians love this area....

And sorry, we are not permitted to take photos of craft, equipment, or personnel and I would not have been able to do so, even if I wanted to.



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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A Link to the site of this event, is below:


 B1084, England | Instant Street View

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  • A single volcanic eruption can completely change history. As the one back in 536 A.D.
  • It's weird and must have been his ship...I didn't notice it at first, as yesterday we had heavy rain, following the night in question, then today, nice and sunny, it caught my attention...The brick I described, was even weighted down with another, smaller one...Wind does not effected it, normally...It keeps the door to the shed, secure...
    The whole brick, with other stacked on it, is heavy....So it must have been a gravity wave, that caught it...It moved a few inches, only and in the direction of the lawn's flower bed perimeter...

    Another thing I noted today, after inspecting the scene, was that the displaced brick had not made a mark on the patio floor, outside the shed...Therefore it had not dragged...It must have floated for a short duration and then landed, at the location I found it...
    That stone floor can be marked, if a red brick is dragged across it...
  • Interesting.. I agree that it was probably moved by Vashtar’s ship.. It’s unlikely that even a strong wind would have moved the brick, and it was a mild night.. 🤔🛸
  • One other strange happening, associated with Vashtar's miniature scoutship, was that a brick had been displaced by gravity (can't be magnetism,) several inches, towards a flowerbed....It was against the door to my garden shed and I didn't move it....It must have been his ship, the other night...🤔
  • 💖💫
  • I'm not telepathic but I have the Internet, I enjoy the 3D experience to the fullest :)
    no really, it's a world wide web, must be a pre-stage to telepathy
    and I'm using it in the best possible way, I assume
  • Nice one, sweety...😍
  • This is my telepathic message 🥰😊🥰
  • "Zimra jountro zau...!! " Sirian for "reciprocated sentiments, stalwart spirit." This visit was physical and telepathic, both. I knew that I was getting that feeling before the event, as my comment below, at 9.38 pm, demonstrates....It was after that comment made on my laptop I got the "call" from Vashtar...
    I greeted his return, with great enthusiasm and asked where they were, at present...His response surprised me...."Laying an egg in your garden...!!" He told me that he had heard through the cosmic grapevine that I was not happy with my neighbour's kid's ball being kicked over the fence and wanted to show his own version, which might cheer me

    I had to rush outside to see what he meant, both in shock and in curiosity....Even though it was pitch black in darkness, with a very chilly feel....There at the end of my garden, smack bang in the middle of the grass lawn, was his reduced in size, scoutship....It could not have been more than the size of a ping-pong ball, and glowed oranges, reds and all in between...Crimson, scarlet, vermillion....oozing a lovely plasma field glow....
    It looked like a classic "orb," so often spoken of by psychics and ghost hunters..

    I immediately threw the thought; "I hope your landing legs are down...?" I could not see them in the dark, and it was so damn small, with a bright glowing plasma field..Completely silent, electronic hum, at that size....Too small to be heard, at that high pitch frequency...

    He replied; "of course, we don't want to lose any electro-charge, before I vector off...!"

    At that moment I wondered about us being seen by neighbours, I didn't want us to be seen and had already invented a cover story about fireworks, if anyone asked He sensed this and said don't worry see for yourself...And I noted that there were no curtains open...Nobody was watching us....

    He then gave me information about the now completed sun re-calibration work, too technical to place here...He also sent blessings to Movella and Mertro, wishing them both the best of health and fortune...

    Then as he said this, telepathically I asked where the others were...Knowing that the ships often travel in triads, outside the mothership.....He laughed and pointed my gaze in the direction of a nearby church, in an adjacent road.....Surprisingly he even said the street name, which I won't repeat here, for security reasons, but it is named after one of four UK patron saints....I won't mention which saint, on ACC..

    And there in the distance, like glowworms in the night, or will-o'-the-wisp fairy lights, were similarly minute orange and red lights, flitting around the church rooftop...I threw greetings in Sirian to them; "Selamat balik," and they returned the greeting....It was Kalestra and Sandara....Happy to be back, was their general sentiment and very happy about Mertro and Movella's news...
    I quickly asked Kalestra if she missed Vega also....She said she did miss the council and her deputy had been filling in duties in her absence...
    Sandara thanked me for my November interaction with her, in Rendlesham forest...People are reading the account all over the world...she sent a psychic "kiss," which is a small experience when an emotion at buddhic plane levels, is passed from one telepath, to another....I felt instant bliss and it made me emotional....This emotion is not astral, but a higher octave plane energy, all together...

    Then after filling me in on their news and also plans to rest from solar work, they said they would return to Earth, shortly, but needed some training from the Plejaren, about dealing with the current levels of human despondency, pertaining to the covid restrictions and political pressures, in general...This is the human collective energies, which have certainly got worse, the last couple of years of dark cabal skullduggery...

    I then congratulated them on their solar guardianship efforts in mitigating the more extreme effects of the grand minimum...With hearty cheers, they all said (paraphrasing,) now we must have a holiday break and more training, back home, then the words; "zazuma Drekx mahdra zau...!!" from Kalestra.

    All three orange lights then shot up into the heavens, in an instant, soundlessly....
    I then went back indoors, in my freezing shiver of a state, to immediately resume my comments on ACC...So I placed the 9.55 pm comment, here on this blog...

    Demonstrating the short duration of the event....BREATHTAKING...I had made notes on my pad, which I used to produce this very comment, today...

    I was too amazed and tired to place it here, immediately....I needed to sleep on it all, first...
  • Congratulations🥳🥳🍾.. To Vashtar and Sandara who were focused on the solar re-calibration mission for many months.. As this is now complete it’s nearly time to celebrate the resuming of Earth assignment duties with my favourite people! On and off world ;). I have no doubts that the team and I will assist in 2022 being a year of great, positive change!
This reply was deleted.

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