This is part 6 in the series, Becoming A Planetary Human

Solar Timelord, Valiant Ashtar Kumara

The Flight of One’s Fantasy


V: There are a number of tools of creation that you, as hardworking members of family and society, have had little opportunity to master.


Today, I would like to illuminate the power of fantasy. First, I must disabuse you of meanings I hear in your collective, voiced about fantasy.


Number one is its unworthiness. The idea of worthiness drives humans to put another’s ideas before their own, to develop a self to conform and to seek approval. In the light of self that  fantasy illumines, approval is only understood to be love in an inner reflection.


In order to remember your complete relationship with all the elements and realms living on Earth, you must consider that your imagination is so significant, that due to its lack of use, your vision has been impaired.


There are many ways to explain why mankind has forgotten their life that is everywhere. I have heard unworthiness touted and density disparaged. But here is a fact for you to consider, child.


When you harnessed your imagination to serve the desires of others for you, you closed your eyes to the power of your inner value, and you turned your back on the fantastic nature of your inner world.


S: Yes, our artists became the ones who would not give up this power. There is no one who is not moved by some music, some art. And I think many feel that they are simply not as gifted as the artist they admire.


V: It is time for the art of life that lives within you, for your soul connection as creators to be returned to each and every one of you.


S: (laughs) Inside, I asked you, even the ants? Sometimes I have no idea what will leap out of my self.


V: Especially the ants, though, truthfully, up to now, your ants show more joint faith in imagination than any of you. Why do you think they are capable of surpassing their bodily strength and continually building their kingdoms despite much interference? You have judged what you did not understand according to your purposes. This has blinded you to the richness of life’s power to communicate itself through imagination.


S: Life communicates itself through imagination….


V: Here is an example. When a flower is about to bloom, the plant imagines the support of all the elements combining. The plant brings the right range of temperature, the needed moisture, the creatures that will feed off the bloom to produce more blooms, and sometimes, the plant will bring you to witness its artful life in bloom. You may assign all these interactions to processes of nature that are not knowingly co-creative; but my dear, you err in this. And your error blinds you to the self-expressive nature of all living things.


S: What about plants used by florists for the purposes of sale?


V: These allow themselves to join the human dream. Not all plants do, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing that occurs in your interactions with Nature that does not involve choices made within rivers of consciousness.


So, up to now, those of you who are unaware of your inner artistry often dwell in other’s fantasies. This becomes like a charm you have made, closing a door of yourself and instead, entering what seems to be approved in advance.


I say this gently in soft words, with flowers and kindness; for you tremble at the power of your very own self.  Yet, once you allow your fantasy to take wings and fly where it will, once you surrender yourself into your very own life pouring out, you will become like a mighty ocean that is larger than all storms, and holds more hidden treasure than all museums you have ever visited.


You have heard again and again that your focus is creation itself, that your thoughts are living, and that they build landscapes of value which you paint in words and deeds. You arose into matter through the living fantasies of a beautiful being called Mother Earth. Other parts of your nature fly and sing, leaf and fall, wear fur and fins, push up from the Earth in a single night to stand tall in the light of day. These are one and all, the outcome of living fantasy. Whose fantasy? I hear you ask, Starflower.


Here is the more difficult abstraction. Though these are all parts of one, they are given the freedom to choose and enjoy their own ways of being. And there is never a problem with sharing the game, for life, just as your nature has experienced, ceaselessly adapts to itself, passing into new forms as simply as dreaming new fantasies.


Creating from the outside in requires you to create problems to solve. If I do this, what will happen to x, y or z? Am I being selfish? Do I have the right to do what I dream? Will anyone care? If the inner artist is hot enough, their passionate fantasy will spill out into form, and very possibly, surprise them so much that they will follow to see where it leads.


Your fantasies, given some flight time in your focus, act like highly magnetic and fertile beings. They charge the way ahead of them, and birth connections between yesterday’s experience and tomorrow’s potential. They change your experience irrevocably.


I deliberately stay unspecific for none of you needs to be given ideas. You are full of ideas, but you often keep your ideas pinned down and imprisoned. But Starflower, play this game now to show a meaning. Fantasize about a problem you are concerned with, which is world poverty and hunger.


S: All right, that seems like a very tall order, but I will play. First, let me free myself of the images  of weakened children and lack of food or anything. I have to acknowledge that these have been what I see. I feel like I am like Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) when the tornado drops her house in an enchanted land. She opens her door which always used to lead to the same place, and there is about to be an entirely different world out there.


And just as I am about to open the door, I have this sense of doubt as if I am going to judge my fantasy making before I even start! I have to acknowledge that or it just keeps standing in front of the door.


So, I say yes, I have dreaming power beyond any will to compare with all that has been and I will open my fantasy door. My thoughts take a moment to adjust to the freedom…What if hunger could be fed by love-rich air?  I imagine a child praying to the sky for love to feed his family. And the air becomes full of this prayer. The prayer begins to become a wispy cloud that gathers the answer for the child. And rain falls down. The taste of this rain is full of nature’s love. It soaks the skin and brightens the body. A few drops on the tongue satisfy. The water is full of light, light called to fulfill the prayer. Because of the richness of the water, even the Earth is more refreshed. And seeds that have lain dormant in the Earth sprout for the first time in many ages. Plants grow that have never before been seen. The family tends the plants with wonder and interest, having no idea how the plants will change their lives. The children discover the plants are comforting, They lie down near them and dream. Into their minds come new visions of ways to live that satisfy the hungers of the soul. They become awake to the love circulating in the world, and always they are given a taste of life in their dreams. It is as if they are fed while they rest. Gradually, the adults relax in the aura of comfort that is radiating from their children’s health. They too, begin to feast upon the magical love circulating in the air and water, and growing up in the new plants. Just the tiniest taste of a leaf fills them with inner brightness. They are free to feel what has long been covered up by worry and struggle. And they see the beauty that has been silent within one another, so they begin to mirror a fullness of life. All because of the prayer of one child.


V: How do you feel, little one?


S: To be honest, delighted, and a bit as if I have been somehow mysteriously nourished by my own fantasy.


V: Fantasy is a significantly powerful tool of creation. When you allow yourself to flow as a creator with your feelings, what emerges is what has not been given space before. Despite the difference between your expansive moment of fantasy and your more limited moment of what you have called reality, it is not the same world you return to. You are not the same either, for you have tasted freedom and plenty in a way you had never revealed in yourself before.


Don’t let a world of facts keep you from flying within. There are answers to questions you have not yet dreamed of asking because you keep your minds on a narrow leash doing consistent things so you can know the world is going to stay the same moment by moment. Truly, you do not want things to stay the same anymore. By allowing the flights of one’s fantasy, one can hear and see meanings that the love you are, wishes you to find.


It is quite mysterious, but the mind of the heart knows the callings of your fantasies, and through reasons quite unreasonable before, one can breathe inspiration and love into the world. You will find moments when you can play these games and open these doors of self. It all begins now within the silence of your own being.


You do not need advice nor systems of instruction. These tools are universal and only wait your focus to begin. They are conscious acts of self-love. And know this, too, each time you generate love within your being, this broadcasts into the whole collective, lightens the load of fearful ideation, and yes, in ways you may not see for some time, changes the patterns running the world.


S: Thank you so much, Val. You never fail to surprise me, that is for sure.


V: The value of mankind is sacred, with imagination more powerful than any guess. An important step of becoming in tune with the loving realms that operate together on your planet, is to recognize the dynamics of inner love, expressed as you playing the music of your imagination.


As your Earth is rising up in love, hidden well springs will open and pour out from the hearts of you. You are the love you have waited for, and the catalyst for all you wish to change. It is time for honoring the one not only in the external, but within the secret self. The power to walk awake in your living dreams begins subtly with your engagement in these conscious flights of fantasy. Think of it like priming your inner self to feed off of the magical nature of love based reality. A new world and new ways of being will come forth through you by returning to the freedom of your childlike ability to play and imagine. You can always start fresh and always go deeper, exploring what interests your sense of wonder. In this way, you participate in an inner reformation that will in time bear fruit of the kind you value.


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  • There is a great deal to be released in the near future, through each one of us, by applying our creative power stored in the true nature of imagination.

    Here's to our freedom to fly,


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