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Most complaining people dont understand what ascension means.....

It has become a poloraized buzz word... as if by magic some people "get it" and others don't.

Ascension is not automatic-- it is an opportunity which has arisen and now is a very posative time and energy flow to  make rapid progress.

It takes work and it also takes grace...

It takes a posative and loving not a negative and belligerant attitude.

No one will force any one to ascend its voluntary....

but once it becomes so obvious how beautiful and free it is everyone will be eager for it.

The work is your work 

the work that you have created for yourself

in the circle that has been traced for you by the universal order.

Alchemy takes time and being too hasty can lead to an explosion..

the ingrediants need to be gradually heated up----

and combined at the right ratio and purity....

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Thats a very good point MOL...

the chakras have a lot to due with ascension...

they must be clear and funcitoning...

and then you have the countdown......

Yes, ascension is a level of personal growth and spiritual advancement, not a singular group event. Nobody else can do it for you or make it happen instantly.

The whole process should make you realize that you are master of your unique perspective of reality, u change this reality as you live, learn, think, speak, laugh and love, its your creation. Dont give this power to any outside group or entity which claims to know whats best for you. You are the only one that knows whats best for your personal spiritual advancement or ascension. I hope all of the ones who were waiting for the et saviours were still doing the internal work needed to ascend as individuals.

I'll just wait over here for you.. whenever your ready....

The Shiva Linga  the tears of Shiva were created from an ancient meteor shower in a sacred river

in India-- The Narmadeshwara river..

after longs years of tumbling these interesting stones have become worshipable due to their universal extraterrestrial nature.


Ascension is started and to feel it someone must have increased sightedness, must have open the third aye or the aye of his soul. Ascension not seemed with normal ayes not heard with your normal ears. !    ...Dear  Eddie................................................John.




Ah choo/ God bless you...

There is nothing like Ascension or Descendance. Mental aberrations and nothing more.

The one who already at the feet of Lord for him or her there is neither ascension nor descension.

Practice devotion and become a devotee.

Truth has been spoken. :) 

Eddie, you layed this out very accurately for sure!!

People jump on a certain "band wagon" instead of really doing the "Inner Work" people seem to "attack" or "strive to become an authority" on what they feel is happening, by either putting themselves of a position of Opposition or Domination.  That in itself is also a result of misunderstanding what is happening on a deeper level, and just what it means for each person individually and as a collective.  

Things are way more amazing than we can currently comprehend...

What you're talking about here MOL I believe is the Universal Teacher..

The Universe itself and the sum total of our experiences are controlled by a mysterious intelligence...

Through our daily experiences the unverse seeks to create the necessary experiences to help


We are a product of the universe and the  universe is responsible for us.

It provides light heat food water sustenance and also is the teacher who shows us the way...

the mysterious unspeakable way...


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