I know this is a spiritual blog and I 'd like to keep it that way, but lately there have been strange things going on in this part of the world, things that already stirred the pot.

As I said, Klaus Iohannis, the ally of the European Monarchies and US has just won the ellections in Romania, key spot for stability in the region. If you look on a map you'll see wht I mean. The thing is that he want all the other parties to go away so that he will have the power along with his allies. The surprise thing was that Merkel has just turned around from being Russia's ally to US' as now, with the new situation, they have open road to the Black See and being closest to the endagered areas in the eastern Ukraine. I didn't quite understand why Putin after long discussions with Merkel have fled surprisingly back to Russia. Probablly he just realised the shitty situation he really is in.

There are big time unfoldings in the area and you'll hear more, but we should focus on the solar plexus activations starting 22nd to 25th of nov., so we can focus on creating a world that we deserve to live in. All the fuss regardin the wars is just to keep us out from doing that. I know, we must be aware of what's going on around the world but never give in to despair and negativity.

I just hope we'll be ok in here once the craziness starts. God help us all!

Here is the video on solar plexus activation. We should really take seriouslly what's going on, the avalanche has started


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  • thank you Gailene, already chilled down. I trust my self and my mountains and whatever will be, will be, as the song says. We need to stay high, as noone will do that for us

  • If you're worried about posting this type of content on a spiritual site, then simply post it in the section provided, i.e: "Alternative media, World News & Events" and you'll have no worries :)

    • the lightworkers need to know what's going on so that we can focus with light where is most needed. And I think now here is a big emergency. On the sites you mentioned there is no help to be found, only more arguments. I'm guessing here is different

      • He's not talking about other sites. He's talking about the sub-sections on this very forum. There are sections for spirituality, news, channeing, mad science (I hope, because we have lots of it here :) ), and so on. You posted your "emergency" in the wrong part of the forum. Luckily, you can always change that whenever you want by editing the post.  :)

        • got it, thanks

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