Dear Starseeds,


Lord Surea is the Galactic Logos and his will is received on a daily basis by the Great Blue Lodge on Sirius B......


A ritual stargate opening is conducted by the Sirian Atars in space, exactly located between planets Atarmunck (Sirius B3) and Samanet (Sirius B4) and the great blue light of creation is invoked...Through this transference of stepped-down higher cosmic energies, the divine will of Lord Surea is known...and becomes available to us.


In the Sirian language, the name for such a stargate opening ceremony, is defined as an "aktaiwa." The Council of Nine receives the information packages from the Logos and relays them out to the rest of the galaxy...the will of Prime Creator.

So this very special stargate location, within this Milky Way galaxy, is held sacred on GFL worlds and is the actual crown chakra of Lord Surea, who ensouls this entire galaxy....


The heart chakra of Lord Surea is well known and is located at the galactic core.


In the works of Alice A Bailey, which were written decades ago and a product of her link with Master DK, the Tibetan, all references to the Galactic Logos were replaced by the esoteric term; "The One about whom naught may be said" (OAWNMBS.)

And the reason for this, was that Master DK was not permitted to reveal the name of the Logos and was waiting for those of later decades to do so..Those permitted to do so on Earth are the Sirian starseeds, linked to the Great Blue Lodge (of the Great Blue Light of Sacred Creation) and members of the Sirian Atar Clan, itself...


A reminder to those who may be interested in the wording....The Blue Lodge spoken of in this article has no actual connection with the "blue lodge" of Freemasonry. It is of an order far greater in magnitude than the material affairs of Earth, although it stands as a symbol for the secret sacred societies to emulate, as has been the case for millennia.


Selamat majon...! (Sirian for rejoice)


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



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  • Both Sirians & Pleiadians prefer their contactees to write reports using ENGLISH_ENGLISH rather than AMERICAN_ENGLISH...Billy Meier was instructed in 2005 to adhere to this habit, applicable to all his German translations to English; Contact report 379 gives details of the instruction to Meier by Srut Ptaah. I shall likewise use succinct English, on behalf of the Sirians, when required.....

    • Victorian British for the Sirians. 
      Medieval German for the Plejaren. 
      American English has become standardized Internet lingo. 
      With a z of courze ;) 

      But I agree, English English sounds better.

      • Yes, such cultured & dulcet spoken English...Sirians make the language fully-potentialised...and enjoy doing so..;-]

    • For clarity only....Personally I write in AMERICAN_ENGLISH only when being flippant to hostile bloggers..;-]
      New Yorkers particularly use direct no-nonsense language and superbly crude slang, that wins most heated online arguments, often with snarky wit and NY dry humour..they make me smile....;-]

  • I have been discussing the veracity of the CROSS as a sign of faith, but also it's inner esoteric meaning, with regards to the 4th planetary initiation, a renunciation of the lower desire nature, through it's sacrificial crucifixion, upon a figurative cross....So, a symbol of both a faith, but also an Ageless Wisdom truism, with regard to the 4th degree....4 arms of a cross.
    The Sirian star nation also uses this symbol, as one of several combined, within the Ummac Dan, or 'representative of creation.' The cross is within circles, which signifies THE COSMIC CROSS...Horizontal arm = matter, vertical arm = spirit....The circles keep the two conflicting principles in divine balance...Moreover the 4-quadrants of creation [purple spaces between silver cross within circle,] symbolize the FOUR COSMIC DEGREES, leading to ultimate spiritual perfection, at the exhalted ARAHAT ATHERSATA.

  • Movella, my beloved daughter, is also Sirian starseed. Apart from us both sharing 1st ray Divine Spirit [Monadic plane expression,] we have differing ray structures across the lower cosmic aetheric...Her rays in this lifetime being; 2-3-4-4-7....She is brilliant and the Sirians adore her...;-]

    • thank you for sharing that with us Drekx, I'm sure she is great ;)

      How can I find out what my rays are?

      • Hello friend.....sorry I cannot copy/paste links to good sources about the Seven Rays, using my current device, unlike my former laptop PC, lost due to malicious virus attack...I had prior lost other PCs, over the past decade...So, you will need to search/research online bookstores, that cover the Archane school teachings, provided by Lucis Trust; the works of Alice A. Bailey on Initiation and several references to the Rays by Master DK aka The Tibetan, whom I vouch for as 100% accurate, at the time of writing; 1919-49.....good luck....

        • I'm reading at the moment "My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything)" from Tom Campbell, he is trying to unify Philosophy, Physics and Metaphysics in one Theory. His approach is through out of body experience which he is studying with the Monroe Institut. He is actually a physicist and had a very critical approach to the whole subject.

          My Big TOE is a trilogy, and I am in the middle of the 2nd Book.

          I'm gonna focus on the 7 Rays and Alice A. Bailey when I finish the TOE.

          • The Nations and the Rays: Link to Website

            2.  The Nations and the Rays. - Online Books (Lucis Trust)
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