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Dear Starseeds,


Lord Surea is the Galactic Logos and his will is received on a daily basis by the Great Blue Lodge on Sirius B......


A ritual stargate opening is conducted by the Sirian Atars in space, exactly located between planets Atarmunck (Sirius B3) and Samanet (Sirius B4) and the great blue light of creation is invoked...Through this transference of stepped-down higher cosmic energies, the divine will of Lord Surea is known...and becomes available to us.


In the Sirian language, the name for such a stargate opening ceremony, is defined as an "aktaiwa." The Council of Nine receives the information packages from the Logos and relays them out to the rest of the galaxy...the will of Prime Creator.

So this very special stargate location, within this Milky Way galaxy, is held sacred on GFL worlds and is the actual crown chakra of Lord Surea, who ensouls this entire galaxy....


The heart chakra of Lord Surea is well known and is located at the galactic core.


In the works of Alice A Bailey, which were written decades ago and a product of her link with Master DK, the Tibetan, all references to the Galactic Logos were replaced by the esoteric term; "The One about whom naught may be said" (OAWNMBS.)

And the reason for this, was that Master DK was not permitted to reveal the name of the Logos and was waiting for those of later decades to do so..Those permitted to do so on Earth are the Sirian starseeds, linked to the Great Blue Lodge (of the Great Blue Light of Sacred Creation) and members of the Sirian Atar Clan, itself...


A reminder to those who may be interested in the wording....The Blue Lodge spoken of in this article has no actual connection with the "blue lodge" of Freemasonry. It is of an order far greater in magnitude than the material affairs of Earth, although it stands as a symbol for the secret sacred societies to emulate, as has been the case for millennia.


Selamat majon...! (Sirian for rejoice)


Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



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Thanks Drekx for sharing <3

has the ritual stargate been opened now?

or is it in the process of being opened?

this sounds v promising and exciting for all of us here. Is this something you have been informed about?

so i see, the name *blue lodge* has been stolen by the so called illumanati....  first the pentagram now this,

now thats a funny joke, isnt it ...give our *stuff* back ;) lol

Yes indeed, dear STAR....The ritual stargate opening (aktaiwa) is conducted yearly by the Great Blue Lodge of the Great Blue Light of sacred creation...That is how the Council of Nine (guardians of the Blue Lodge) are able to KNOW the Divine Plan and will of the Logos..And it is information relayed to the Council of Oryon (not Orion) that, in turn, relays the Plan out to the many orders of Heaven and to the GFL itself, across cosmos..So the Council of Nine in the Sirian system is one of the chief councils of Lord Surea.

And certainly, much sacred data has been hijacked by the dark and twisted into a false meaning, by them, deliberately...

Yes, we can joke about some matters, even if not all...  ;-)

wow it sounds a wonderful event :)

why is it conducted yearly?

can it not be more than yearly?

i ponder the specific reason for yearly?

*could it be too much for our planet to take such high energies*?

im unsure so i ask! (i havent had full memory restored yet) lol

Yes Lord Surea does seem to have connections > sirus and pleadies,> 

from what i understood.

This event sounds auspicious, i feel :)


Sorry, that is a typo....It should read daily, not yearly...

The daily ritual is held at the sun Sirius' zenith and daily cycles of planet Atarmunck, Sirius B3...and the aktaiwa, which literally means "summoning," draws forth the energy from the stargate in space....It appears as an indigo flash, followed by an intense blue light....


THAT sounds so beautiful

Drekx, what a beautiful ceremony indeed.

Practiced daily, summoning the creator life force energy... sounds amazing, thank you for sharing... if you know of any other practices do share , its v interesting to know :)


Thankyou for your interest, dear starseed....!!

btw, im always interested in such things;

as the sirians are my cousins and much well known to me,

love <3

Prime Creator is everything, in all dimensions, planes, universes and galaxies....Of course, there are sacred orders that "represent" each tier of that great being of which we are all a part....From the greatest Logos, to the smallest deva...

The galaxy-wide GFL receive their instructions from the Council of Oryon, who recieved it, in turn, from the Council of Nine and the Great Blue Lodge of the great blue light of sacred creation...So PRIME CREATOR has aspects of him/herself working through all the Logoi, Seraphim and Orders of Heaven......

Prime creator is utterly amazing too! lol

Such a beautiful union across the cosmos indeed.

Who are the council of Oryon?

There are several Councils of Oryon in Heaven, that relay the divine will, or holy decrees of Lord Surea, out across this galaxy...There are many, many orders of heaven, in various planes, that receive these decrees and that will include SHAMBALLA on Earth, where the "will of God is known," as well as the various angelic orders, such as the Elohim and Timelords...

The Council of the Nine, singular, relays the orders of the Logos to many Oryon Councils...thus the entire body of Lord Surea receives the necessary evolutionary impulses...

Incidentally, thankyou dear STAR.....I appreciate these highly intelligent questions, as they afford us the opportunity to aid all in understanding the process by which the sacred edicts of the Logos are disseminated across cosmos...So the Divine Plan is sent forth, as well as consciously summoned here ito the galaxy, by the Great Blue Lodge...

Thanks for explaining Drekx, do u know why its called "Oryon" ?

as its separate from Orion, lol

It makes perfect sense that the divine will has to be relayed out to all the other planes across galaxy, heavens, etc...

sounds like a marvellous process to be part of!

Yes i agree with you;

its important these answers & questions as they will aid those who seek knowledge ...

those who seek... shall find... lol

thank you much <3



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