Hello Lovely Angels of the Mother Earth. This morning, I've channeled the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother came forward to tell us about Love.

Divine Mother Speaks:

"Love is All There is. Love is All That is. Love is the Voice of God. Love is Creation."

"Love envelops: Light, Peace, Gratitude, Compassion, Empathy, Harmony, Abundance, Wisdom, Patience, Purity, Clarity, Intuition and many other Divine qualities which you cannot fathom. But, don't you worry, I'll Guide you to know/understand them."

"Love leads us to God. Love is the way to God."

"We have come here on the earth via the SpaceShip known as Love and it is with this very Divine SpaceShip of Love We Travel back to the ONE (i.e God)."

"All around YOU is Love. The rest is illusion.

The Key to Unlock Illusion is only through(with the help of) Love."

"All Problems you experience on this Angelic Planet is a big Illusion. Only through Love you can make your way out of this illusion."

"There are no Problems at all. All what you think as Problems are sugar Crystals waiting to be dissloved in the Water known as Love. The Divine timing (Free Will) is left upto you. You Will know Exactly when to take a spoon full of sugar and stir it in the glass full of Water. "

"Everything came out of Love. And Everything will disslove back into Love. Everything Exists in/as Love."

"Just go deep into your hearts and hear the Voice within-- It is the Voice of Love. It's always telling you --- "I LOVE YOU". You can hear it not only with your ears. You can also hear the Voice of Love through your Hearts, With your Hearts and In Your Hearts."

"And yes, there's something that I have to tell you. People call/know me by many names and often think that I'm the Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity, Or the Shakti of Shiva, or Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati or Mother Fatima or Mother Sekhmet or Mother Mary or any other Name. They are not wrong at all. They are Right. Because these all are My Aspects. These Ascpects of Mine help People to understand and know me. But also remember, I AM Beyond all these Aspects. "

"LOVE is all around you. You can SEE it, TOUCH it, FEEL it, SMELL it, DRINK it, HEAR it, TASTE it, BREATHE it. LOVE is the TASTE of your food, The GREENARY of the Nature, the SCENT of the FLOWERS, The WATER you drink, the MUSIC you hear, the GENTLE BREEZE that touches your skin, the FRESHNESS after your Bath, the Peace and Calm you experience when you see the BLUE SKY, the BEAUTY of the SUN RISE and SUN SET, the HOUSE/HOME you Live in, the FURNITURE you Lay on, the JOY you Enjoy with your Pets. These are just a few of the Infinite Aspects of Love which you Experience in your Everyday Life. Love is the Divine Energy, it is Formless just like the air you breathe in, yet it also has a Form. Love contains many Colours of Light, Yet it is the single Light which contains all Colours. This LOVE is the Voice of The God. The Spirit of God. The "Life Force" of God. The Life Force of the Entire Universe, Mulitiverse.



-- The Divine Mother.

In Love, Light and Gratitude,


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  • thankyou it is to be enjoyed always, blessings light and love

    • You're Welcome Jason.

      Love & Light.

This reply was deleted.

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