The departure from earth.

I encounterd hundreds of souls during my time on earth, who long to escape its confiding dimensions and yearn to return to their "home planet"

And I say, from what the wise ones have told me, you are nothing but a human on this realm. You may have come form another planet or dimension but you are forever human on this life time. No matter how far your thoughts and theories may carry you, you are still grounded on this earth. Grounded, no, you are bound. No means of sorcery and escapism will free you. You still need to live of the earth and you still need it underneath you. To me they said, enjoy being human. Live your human side, for if you fail to do so, you will return once again as a human.

And if you fail at that beware the endless cycles of rebirth. The population is rising. This is because of the new souls that are being born and that are lead into a world of excessive knowledge that will keep them trapped. To free your soul return to the natural human state. Eat from earth. Love on earth. Grow from earth. See earth from all its sides and you shall be freed. Make this life time on earth your last and join the wise ones on your true home planet. 

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  • I completely agree with this, and it's nice to see people put out something that comes from their own self, and not just some article or piece of information from some other self.

    I think we are here to be humans. I see alot of people, like you mentioned, who seem to just want to escape this place, and "go home" and identify themselves with ETs, or other dimensions, and it's understandable sure, me too I don't really feel totally at home here. But the fact is, I am a human. I may be from some other place, who knows....but as of right here and now, in this moment....I am a human being. And you know, I'm proud to be human. We may not be perfect, but we have an incredible story behind us, and I believe firmly we are destined for great heights.

    This escapism that people try to do, to me, is based in fear and non-acceptance of self. People just don't want to think they're lowly humans, so they identify with beings they perceive as greater. But, at the end of the day, they go to bed and are still human. So be human. Enjoy this life and live it to the fullest. There's so many great things to do and experience, in this human experience, on this planet Earth.

  • Assia, yes many people have forgotten *mission statements* that they made before they got here.

    Its very natural for these people to feel like they miss their homes.

    However, home, is always found in the NOW, and home is always found within.

    We are always connected to our star homes, our star families, in every moment of our now time.

    When people realise that, then they know they are never alone and there is nothing to *miss*...

    Home is never far, home is here, now :)

    • Absolutely, we have a mission here. We have things to do. So I don't understand why people seem to be choosing to just wait for the disclosure, and ETs and the new system, and all of that...and you can just tell that's what's they're thinking....I'm going to meet my twin flame, I'm going to have abundance and technology, I'm going to live in a paradise, I'm going to have powers, I'm going to get to ride on motherships, I might work with or maybe even be part of the GF....and all these things.

      You know what I look most forward to....being in a position to really do great things and help this world evolve. And help all the people that I've seen, like in places like help them have a better life. To help teach them, so they can know who they really are, and what life is all about. That's really what I look forward to.

      And yes I have my own desires for myself, I'd like to go on adventures and travel the world and explore every type of wilderness...and yea it'd be nice to go on motherships and have powers and all of that stuff. That's not what's important to me though, what's most important to me, personally...for the legacy I leave behind when it's all said and done. And I want to look back and know that I helped as many people as I could, and I did real great things for this world.

  • Being human is a unique experience. The chance to live in duality and the opportunity to evolve as a soul in a human body.

    Earth is a beautiful planet and home to inhabit, so the whole experience should be unique & beautiful and treasured.

    Home is where the heart is; and we know the heart has no limits, it can be out there on *home planet* and over here on earth both at the same time; its just our limited thinking which makes it not so.

    I love earth and i love this human experience.

    I love pleadies  vega, sirius, orion , arcturus, (and the list goes on) but would i go back? well, i dont think i would've chosen to come here, if i didnt want to experience earth, whatever has happened, has happened for conciousness sakes... i love earth too, it is my home too.

    Like the song goes, *wherever i lay my hat, thats my home*... so true in my case.

    • nice...............

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