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We all want these changes to happen. We want to get into the new age already, and have all the benefits...and do our part to make it happen. I'm sure alot of us, and me too, have moments when we get sort of frustrated with it, and ask, well what's taking so long.

But when I think about it realistically, I think I get now why these changes are taking so long. I mean it's a big thing...huge in scope. And forget spiritual changes, that'll take a real long go from where we are now, to having a world full of loving and enlightened people....I mean forget it, that's in the far off future...lets not even get into that. I'm talking now about more worldly changes...that'll kick off the new the removal of the Illuminati, the changes to the system....that's what I'm talking about. And that's a huge job in and of itself.

Just think about it....even getting rid of the Illuminati is a huge job...especially when they have the power. I mean how are you gonna pinpoint who each of these people are, and what their crime's a huge intelligence job, that probably needs each national intelligence agency to be on board and coordinated. You'd need special prosecutors and lawyers, for each level of make the files and make it clear what each person is guilty of. Then you'd need to present the evidence to a federal court....and have them give the okay to go ahead, and coordinate local and federal law enforcement to make the arrests. And that's for each country.

Now once you get them...where are you gonna try them. There's all kinds of different levels...I suppose the big wigs would be tried at The the UN...and the subordinates would be tried by the federal government of each of their respective countries. You'd need good prosecutors in each country, the best do that. You'd need to find just judges to hear the case, and make a fair judgment. And..on top of it all...all of this has to be done, with the bribery and threats that would go along with it, and the evasion and stalling tactics....because you know these Illuminati wouldn't just sit around and have this happen without doing everything to avoid it.

It really is a humongous job...that needs coordination from all levels of the system, from local, state, federal, and international institutions. And that's just for the arrests...nevermind the issue of, who will take the reigns in each country, exactly what changes need to be made in each country, and how it'll effect each country, their economy, and the world economy...

Like, just the issue of free may seem like some small thing to us, but actually it's a huge thing...the entire global economy is centered around energy...more than half of all world trade is related to energy. Countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc....their biggest industry by far is oil....without it, these countries would be dirt poor, more than they already are. Or countries like Russia, here in Canada, the US or the European Union...huge fossil fuel producing countries, the main export is fossil fuels and energy. Take it away, and what take a huge chunk of wealth away from these nations.....with grave consequences for some of them, with the people struggling enough as it is.

The truth is, a huge source of wealth for most countries are fossil fuels and energy. And you can't just rip that away, without giving some kind of alternative. And I'm not sure there is an alternative, so how are countries supposed to agree to just giving up this hugely important source of income..which ultimately will effect everyone.

And that's just for free energy...there's still changes to manufacturing, and industry....agriculture and finance...we're talking huge chunks of money being taken away here, trillions of dollars worth, that the world economy depends on. How is that supposed to be done, while keeping everything alright...makes you wonder.

I guess people will have their St. Germain Trust money, and other prosperity they can spend on things and start businesses and that may make up for it. Something's gonna have to make up for it, because you can't just take trillions of dollars out of the world economy.

Not to mention it's gonna take billions, trillions of dollars even...for renovation and modernization projects...for every hamlet and town and city, all across the world....that's a huge job that'll take years...and people are gonna have to do that, even if they're millionaires. There'll be clean up and restoration projects, all over the world...again people are gonna have to do those jobs...I mean it's gonna take a massive mobilization....a whole restructuring of the entire global economy...and of peoples lives...and all that takes massive planning and coordination, and that'll take a long time.

Then there's the legal shenanigans, restructuring laws and systemic structures are set up, for each country....government, banking, law, education, media, industry etc....and I mean my God, these changes are gonna be huge. The entire world structure is gonna change....and that's no small's a huge task, that'll take massive planning and coordination...and alot of this needs to be all set up and planned, ready to be rolled out, before the first changes even begin. I mean no wonder it's taking so long...

And this is all on the worldly end...with politics and economics and all that...again, nevermind the spiritual changes...race relations and nation relations...and spiritual growth in each individual....that'll take even longer.. know...these changes won't happen'll take years and years...the scope of it is ginormous, it makes you wonder if it's even gonna happen at all.

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People like to ignore the worldly events and say, oh it's not important, I don't need to think about it...well that's fine for you, but somebody needs to think about it lol In fact alot of people need to think about it, in else are things supposed to change...and it's up to us to change it, you can't have the GF or galactic beings making all the decisions as we just sit back and reap the benefits. This is our world...and we need people from our world, getting together and thinking things through to make it happen. Some people might be content to just ride the wave...not me though, I rather guide and direct the wave lol Some people might be content to reap the reward is to make sure the rewards happen.

I understand & respect your grit & commitment John, & I've spent serious time on the frontline of change against the shitstem (including countless interactions with Illuminati drones/Police, time in jail etc.)... but of course the notion that 'the wave' can be 'directed' is an idea that has kept the masses in mental bondage since the ancient world. One of the primary lessons for Humanity (as biophysical extensions of the Gaian Matrix) is to understand that control is a projection of duality... a fading illusion. Nothing more, nothing less. Learning to 'ride the wave' is our collective responsibility. The only means to eject ourselves out of the 'Time-Loop' altogether. There are Energies in 'play' that eclipse our understanding. They can be rightsized through the realization that we have a symbiotic relationship with them... the ol 'Let go, let God' kind of a thing. ~InLight555     

                                                                                           ~Learn to 'ride the wave', or...

So you think we can just sit back...and Gods gonna come in and sweep through and make all the changes....I mean come on. It's common sense really...reforms are made when people get together, leaders get together, and make decisions that change things. We have to do it.

I understand most people will ride the wave...I mean what else can be done, it's not like they're gonna be making any decisions about the whole thing anyways. But I mean we're told, over and over...this is our world...we're responsible for making the changes..we'll get help, but the change has to come from us, from our people.

I mean how do you expect it to happen lol We'll all just sit back and put our feet up, and magically everything will change on its own. It won't happen that way...this needs to be carefully thought out and directed....of course, how could it happen any other way.

Do I think "We'll all just sit back and put our feet up"? Absolutely not John. Far from it. Do you think that the dude riding that 90 foot wave is kicking back? No way my friend. It takes serious discipline & focus to 'ride the wave' of this thing we call life. I'm simply sharing some insight about the 'nature' of duality: You simply can't 'control' the wave. Not possible. It's like trying to do delicate surgery with a chainsaw ;-)



Hey John, I dont really focus worry or sweat the "big stuff" in life... because for me its a waste of my own energy and focus... the only thing i have right now  is my light... which i can use to help heal and create better!...

So that light is what i can use as an individual to help restore something on earth what has been depleted.

To help save this mighty planet and all her resources takes loving work which the Angelical "team's" are assisting with, whether we are aware of them or not ... 

I see a subtle difference in reality everyday which in a year's time will be a huge difference/change...I dont give the so called "illumanati" any importance in my own life.

-That's just my own perception of reality, there are others like me who see the same changes happening around also :)...

Well everyone has different roles I guess....and I feel my role is gonna be working on these big things. Ultimately somebody's gotta do it lol You can't have everyone sit back and leave the big decisions to the galactics, or angels...we have to do it. And well...if you're like me, you always aim for the top...and do the biggest things you can....that's just how I'm wired, I guess people just aren't wired the same. And that's fine I guess, you need people working on all levels...from the local healer on the the king of world lol Me I rather be king of the world lol

thanks for John.

i hear you loud and clear.
i feel that it is no accident that the set-up and procedures the 1% go by is carefully thought out by their think tanks and their father to son beliefs on HOW to control the masses, so as to not have their necks in trouble. the rise and fall of the roman empire history of fear and control by theats, killing, bibery, lieing, slaves of the many for the few, chucrh and state tactics is a good example we all of mankind should have learned from.
many of the 1% in mankinds history have had to face the masses when the emotions ot the masses was at the point of : they are going to die anyway from lack of food or shelter, and feel they are backed into a corner. this is the worst situation for the 1% to control the mankinds masses, for they are no longer believed by the masses that their concerns means anything to us useless eaters, or worn out horse, ox, donkey, you know the beasts of burden slaves who do the work, the masses have the role assigned to the masses.
this wake up happens all through mankinds history, i feel because there is always a person or small group among the ranks of the 1% who just won't play along with the rest of the 1% who know better, and then gets all the 1% in big trouble, kind of like this bravado thing of playing who is the chicken, or scary cat, this is a dangerous game that must excite the troublemakers in the 1% group.
p.s. we are no longer alone and i know this, feel this, seen this, i just wish our space families would stop being so compassiate with the 1% troublemakers in that group, and forget about their concerns of the shock the people in the masses still in the trance of beliefs they cling to as their peace of mind to comfort their fears of the unknown futures they have for they need to learn the truth the hard way, or it will never come to pass. i feel it is the only way, sad but true.
blessings to all of us for we are all one

Well I've learned that too in life....everything takes meticulous planning and organization. If you wanna be successful that's what you have to do. And that goes for any enterprise, good or bad.

I remember the other night, I spent like the whole night researching the Mexican drug cartels, the history and how they're set up...and it's like a military slash's real has to be or it wouldn't work. That's how they're able to make billions, bribe and infiltrate government and courts and police...and if all else fails, you just kill whoever doesn't play ball with's an amazing set up, actually. And take that, and blow it up to a global level, and you have the Illuminati. It's just a shame the criminals have to be so smart and organized....while the good guys, for the most part, kind of just go along to get along.

And that's why power is important, we need good empowered look at the avenues of power in the world...and take control of it. Instead of letting these criminals and psychopaths have it. Imagine a world where the good people let the bad people take control of everything...that's basically what we have. Good people need to get's the only way we'll take the power back.

And I agree, these bad guys are given way too much leg room...and live by the sword, well you die by the sword. And I don't mean kill them, obviously, but I always felt, these guys would never just give up their power, so it needs to be ripped from their hands. And it's only fitting, they've used so much force in their tenor, it's only fitting they be forced out of it lol I mean when a killer is on the loose, do the police sit back and wait for him to turn himself, they get out there and get him off the street before he can do more harm.

And I agree too, about the shock idea...let people be shocked lol They'll get over it....people go through shocking life changing events everyday...sometimes you need a shocking event to jolt you and make you look around and go, oh my God, what's been happening here. I appreciate the gentle approach...but...sometimes you can be too gentle lol I understand you don't pour it all on at once...but at least get it started lol

I have some questions,,,,, Why would we have to Judge and prosecute anyone,,, when we should be Forgiving them,,, are not all these Extremely rich people "Light beings" just like the poor people are "Light beings",??  even the Pope is a 'Light being" who is living in a hologram just like you and me.

Well I mean...light being or not, they've done some pretty horrible things to people...and to the planet...they've broken every law there is probably, at one point or another...and they need to face up to it. And it's not about executing them obviously...but what do you forgive them and let them go of course not, they need to be taken and sequestered away from society....they need to be incarcerated.

I mean really lol After all they've done...and we're just gonna go, oh it's okay, we forgive can go free. Ridiculous, these guys need to pay a penalty...actually, simply putting them in jail and rehabilitating them is a rather lenient sentence, when you think about the horrible things they've done, and the scope of it....the sheer magnitude of the crimes against humanity...and against God....they're actually getting a pretty good deal.

Well apparently it's supposed to be happening real soon, that's what we're told. In a matter of months. But they've been saying a matter of months now, for years. When we hear that, we tend to think 6 or 7 months...I guess they really mean, 60 or 70 lol

I don't know when it's gonna change really...or when the first things will start happening...I hope it's soon though, I know there's alot of people who don't feel like waiting another 5, 10, 20 years...and it's not fair we have to wait that long.

Anyways, thanks Lori :)

you mean make another jail for the Extremely Rich and Powerful people,???,,,,

Maybe you could have been a VERY Rich person in one of your other lifetimes,,,???



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