We all want these changes to happen. We want to get into the new age already, and have all the benefits...and do our part to make it happen. I'm sure alot of us, and me too, have moments when we get sort of frustrated with it, and ask, well what's taking so long.

But when I think about it realistically, I think I get now why these changes are taking so long. I mean it's a big thing...huge in scope. And forget spiritual changes, that'll take a real long time...to go from where we are now, to having a world full of loving and enlightened people....I mean forget it, that's in the far off future...lets not even get into that. I'm talking now about more worldly changes...that'll kick off the new age...like the removal of the Illuminati, the changes to the system....that's what I'm talking about. And that's a huge job in and of itself.

Just think about it....even getting rid of the Illuminati is a huge job...especially when they have the power. I mean how are you gonna pinpoint who each of these people are, and what their crime is....it's a huge intelligence job, that probably needs each national intelligence agency to be on board and coordinated. You'd need special prosecutors and lawyers, for each level of crime....to make the files and make it clear what each person is guilty of. Then you'd need to present the evidence to a federal court....and have them give the okay to go ahead, and coordinate local and federal law enforcement to make the arrests. And that's for each country.

Now once you get them...where are you gonna try them. There's all kinds of different levels...I suppose the big wigs would be tried at The Hague...by the UN...and the subordinates would be tried by the federal government of each of their respective countries. You'd need good prosecutors in each country, the best actually...to do that. You'd need to find just judges to hear the case, and make a fair judgment. And..on top of it all...all of this has to be done, with the bribery and threats that would go along with it, and the evasion and stalling tactics....because you know these Illuminati wouldn't just sit around and have this happen without doing everything to avoid it.

It really is a humongous job...that needs coordination from all levels of the system, from local, state, federal, and international institutions. And that's just for the arrests...nevermind the issue of, who will take the reigns in each country, exactly what changes need to be made in each country, and how it'll effect each country, their economy, and the world economy...

Like, just the issue of free energy...it may seem like some small thing to us, but actually it's a huge thing...the entire global economy is centered around energy...more than half of all world trade is related to energy. Countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc....their biggest industry by far is oil....without it, these countries would be dirt poor, more than they already are. Or countries like Russia, here in Canada, the US or the European Union...huge fossil fuel producing countries, the main export is fossil fuels and energy. Take it away, and what happens...you take a huge chunk of wealth away from these nations.....with grave consequences for some of them, with the people struggling enough as it is.

The truth is, a huge source of wealth for most countries are fossil fuels and energy. And you can't just rip that away, without giving some kind of alternative. And I'm not sure there is an alternative, so how are countries supposed to agree to just giving up this hugely important source of income..which ultimately will effect everyone.

And that's just for free energy...there's still changes to manufacturing, and industry....agriculture and finance...we're talking huge chunks of money being taken away here, trillions of dollars worth, that the world economy depends on. How is that supposed to be done, while keeping everything alright...makes you wonder.

I guess people will have their St. Germain Trust money, and other prosperity programs...so they can spend on things and start businesses and that may make up for it. Something's gonna have to make up for it, because you can't just take trillions of dollars out of the world economy.

Not to mention it's gonna take billions, trillions of dollars even...for renovation and modernization projects...for every hamlet and town and city, all across the world....that's a huge job that'll take years...and people are gonna have to do that, even if they're millionaires. There'll be clean up and restoration projects, all over the world...again people are gonna have to do those jobs...I mean it's gonna take a massive mobilization....a whole restructuring of the entire global economy...and of peoples lives...and all that takes massive planning and coordination, and that'll take a long time.

Then there's the legal shenanigans, restructuring laws and constitutions...how systemic structures are set up, for each country....government, banking, law, education, media, industry etc....and I mean my God, these changes are gonna be huge. The entire world structure is gonna change....and that's no small task...it's a huge task, that'll take massive planning and coordination...and alot of this needs to be all set up and planned, ready to be rolled out, before the first changes even begin. I mean no wonder it's taking so long...

And this is all on the worldly end...with politics and economics and all that...again, nevermind the spiritual changes...race relations and nation relations...and spiritual growth in each individual....that'll take even longer..

So..you know...these changes won't happen overnight....it'll take years and years...the scope of it is ginormous....so ginormous, it makes you wonder if it's even gonna happen at all.

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  • Agree, I think it will take a couple of lifetimes. Which is not that long if you put it in perspective. In this lifetime, I think my life will be about lifting the veil. For myself as well as others that is. Dealing with ego, cleansing myself and others and trying to find a way of life that suits my ideas for the future.

    It IS happening, but we cannot expect the whole world to change in a day, that has never happened before either. I think in a hundred years people can look back on this time and tell that this was the start of something new. While we are in it, it's not possible to see and experience the scope of it.

    For me personally, yes, many things have changed in the past months, and I know many people that are also feeling things, knowingly and unknowingly so.. It might be in 20 to 30 years that we are really beginning to see a change, who knows. I don't think we should expect magic, although I highly believe in magic, we are magic. And may be we will learn how to use it again. I am working on that :)

    LOVE Jenn

    • 'Expecting' Magic is a key factor in breaking ones mental bondage to the shadows of duality. Of course the deeper truth is that Magic is at the center point of this thing we call Life... & the simple fact remains: Everything can change in the blink of an eye. It is merely the limitations of the 'five sense prison' that has disconnected Humanity from the realm of Infinite Possibility. As absurd as this may sound: It's ALL happening right Now! Including the scenario of our return to Unity-Consciousness in this Lifetime. Feel it... Know it... Believe it! ~InLight555

      It's funny... some of the most profound Teachings can be found in the songs we sing to our Children:

      'Row, Row, Row Your Boat,Gently Down The Stream.

      Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream' 

      So absolutely Jenn... 'We are Magic! And we are learning how to use it again.' ;-)

  • things are not taking.."so long" per se. Things have already happened. YOU have to change your perception. Everything already exists.

    • What a big fat crock that is...honestly. So I just have to change how I see things...and it'll all start happening for everyone. I mean there is a reality out there outside of us, don't be fooled...I know Bashar talks about it, but it just makes no sense really....think about this.

      If someone out there...has a belief that 911 never happened...right...that there was no 911, planes didnt fly into the towers...none of that happened at all. They believe it, and that's their reality. But if they'd go to New York...they'd see, the twin towers aren't there. I know I've been to NYC, the towers aren't there. They'd see a big empty space where the towers were, called ground zero. They'd go and ask, hey what happened....oh you didn't know...the towers were hit by planes, and came down. It happened no matter what they believed.

      Or are you saying, that they live in an alternate reality...where actually 911 didn't happen...and they'd go to New York, and the towers would actually be there. Or people 1000 years ago, would sail across the ocean and fall off the sides because the world is flat....I mean it doesn't make any sense at all...I can imagine forever that the disclosure already happened...but somehow I doubt I'll put myself in some parallel reality where the disclosure would be happening. I'd be waiting until it really does happen, in this reality, just like everyone else is.

      • @John..OK..I would not worry about what everyone eles "sees" they are apart of the hologram. And also ..you have to remember time is still in effect, it wont happen overnight..but gradually. Again its not about belief but a shift in your freqency (perception) change the inside of you (not everbody esle).

        the changes you seek are already existing on a planet somewhere maybe it is sharing the same space. you shift from one to the next at every moment its faster than the brain can compute.

    • Does that mean everyone else will follow? I've often thought about, what if everyone else around me is just an illusion to keep me "trapped". It's hard to explain, but I've thought about if everything would follow when I changed my view rather than I have to wait for everyone else?

      But then again, I would've noticed some more changes under 2012, I was really into that stuff. But maybe it's not the same "perspective" you talk about? I mean the view you have on the outside world and other persons. Geez it's complicated trying to understand with my limited brain..

      • Bashar is a good view for these things..there are infinite realities and planets and a new one born each second. Think about this..when you read words..where is the voice that speaks.?..it is not one of your five senses. Also...look at how much your brain "fills in"  in reality you only view a small portion of what actually is entering your eyes...the brain "fills in" the rest. So do you think your brain could fill in people as "the rest"?

        • Let me rephrase that...reality is like a stream of light..the brain fills in the rest and gives you the panoramic view. the brain fills in all the details

          @Lori...go Bashar!!..to me he is one of the few that I actually resonate with too. He says he is Darryl, therefore that element of corruption we find in others is just not there...:-)

  • To be honest I am more dissapointed in myself for believing as much as I did regardning the outside world changes, rather than dissapointed at nothing seemingly ever happens.

    I often take my mind back to the uninformed people of all these visions we have been given through various channeled sources, the people "knowing" about these are such a small fraction of the world's population, and I can say that without needing to dig deeper. People are so caught up in general in their careers and materialistic supporting lifestyles, things are definateley going to change this year to all we've been told. Therefore I feel stupid for even believing all those changes that our GFL spokesman Sheldan provided. Anyone remember getting the feeling that under 2012 everything would happen, the year of global change, and undeniably changes before the 21st December?

    I have had to rethink. And quite honestly I feel refreshed, but in the same way a little bit tired of earth life. I have a hard time fitting myself in to live a normal life again in this normal society. I guess that's why so many got hooked on those predictions, because someone knew what we would like to hear. Of course I choose love before fear in the best way I can, but I feel it's not enough. I would want bigger changes, I'm not happy with the position I have in the society and with other human beings. I just want open unity, respect and above all unconditional love to be implemented everywhere.

    So yes, I'm tired of the current life I live. Guess I have to find ways to happiness through some other means even if that means I have to have a mediocre job to earn for a living, I would still want to be happy while doing it. There is no option for giving up and there never has been for me. Suicide especially is no option, I want to be around as long as I am allowed/agreed upon and see / learn what I choose for myself.

    Are we all here for a reason? Incarnated with blindfolds wandering around amidst darkness trying to "find back"? I have certainly gone through some serious ups and downs in the last two years, my greatest wish is that I learn to connect to my heart and soul and that I find someone that understands me and respects me no matter what, and that I can do the same.

    Thanks for starting this thread John, really got me spinning :) I can't believe how fast the "time" have begun to speed up all ever since 2012, that is for me an undeniable fact of that something have been happening.

    Love you all!

    • Well I sure did Ogdoo....and not because I was hopeful, we were told....get ready, 2012 is the big year...everything's gonna change. I don't really believe in Sheldan Nidle anyways, but I remember the 2012 timeline...and I think it's safe to say...that timeline was a flop lol Not even the first thing on that list happened, and it's well into 2013 now. I don't know how these guys, with their advanced knowledge and foresight...could put out a timeline and get it so wrong.

      I guess the Illuminati is more powerful than we thought. I mean they can thwart God lol They can stall, almost indefinitely. It is a huge job though, so it's kind of hard to know what to expect, in term of timing....but...I just hope something starts happening soon....not in 5, or 10, or 30 years. I mean I think people deserve better than that....everyone wants a better world...and it's not fair that our wishes always take a back burner to everyone else.

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