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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Boston marathon bombing has the signature of the shadow government written all over it!

"Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad", Mike Adams reports for Natural News. "What's not yet being reported by the mainstream media is that a 'controlled explosion' was under way on the same day as the marathon explosion. As the Boston Globe tweeted today, 'Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.' Some people believe this explosion might have been part of the demolition of another bomb. It seems unlikely, however, that a bomb at the library, one mile away, could be so quickly located and rigged to be exploded by the bomb squad in less than one hour following the initial explosions at the marathon." -- [1].
This is the EXACT modus operandi of the secret brotherhood ruling the world from the shadows!

I will present you a series of terrorist attacks that took place AT THE SAME TIME and IN THE SAME WAY as official "drills" were being conducted by governmental institutions or companies affiliated to the government:
1. I remind you that during the 9/11 attacks, the US Air Force was conducting a "simulation" where terrorists hijackers had taken over passenger jets in order to fly them into the WTC towers.
Also, for several years prior to the 9/11 events, the U.S. defense agency conducted "drills using REAL AIRCRAFT simulating terrorist attacks crashing jets into buildings, including the twin towers and the Pentagon."
"On the morning of 9/11, 5 war games and terror drills were being conducted by several U.S. defense agencies, including one 'live fly' exercise using REAL planes. Drills also apparently included the injection of false 'radar blips' onto the screens of air traffic controllers." [2] points: 15, 16, 17 and 18. 2. "Simulations" of a terrorist attack were also undergoing in 2005 in London, when the actual attacks took place: "On the afternoon and evening of 7th July 2005, information came to light about a private company running a terror rehearsal operation in London at the time that real explosions were reported to have occurred on the transport network. These revelations came not from an anonymous source but instead from the Managing Director (Peter Power) of the private firm running the terror rehearsal operation." Do you think it was just a coincidence? Well, think again! Peter Power: "Our scenario was very similar (...) it was based on bombs going off, to the time, the locations, all this sort of stuff. (...) there was a few seconds when the audience didn't realize whether it was real or not." "Yesterday we were actually in the City working on an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real. (...) When news bulletins started coming on, people began to say how realistic our exercise was - not realizing there was an attack." I don't know how many of you know, but almost one hour after the London Underground tube system attacks, a fourth bomb was detonated on the top deck of a double-decker bus. But Mr. Power's "simulation" did not included any bus bombing "simulation"...or has it?

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Yes, listen to Alex Jones (  today.  He goes through this whole thing.

b*******-it's pointing toward islamist al-quida, probably a brainwashed 'student'

    Dittos, Kat Came Back.  Either Pet Rock has just drunk too much of the Cabal's "Kool-Aid" or he is a shill for the NWO.  Anyone who has looked at the photos on InfoWars or PrisonPlanet can see that this was a false flag operation involving many "Seals" with black backpacks  Only the mainstream media isn't reporting on those military looking guys with their packs but are focusing just on the backpacks that exploded.  But the photos are out now from many different cameras and the "genie can't be stuffed back in the bottle".  This may be the beginning of the unravelling of the Big Lie. 

Come on, Pet Rock, you're a lot smarter than that.,

As I expected. False flag conspiracy.

Thanks for the video, Kat! And thanks for the post, Happy!  When I first heard that there were drills, I knew then that it was an inside job.  Just like the others.  When are people going to finally wake up??  Are they still buying this crap??  Good Lord, there's enough info out here to see a pattern and how they operate.  But no, I have to believe everything they tell me like mindless sheep.  Everything I hear and see on tv and the newspapers are the truth.  This happens over and over again!

The question now is what's it going to take to snap the unawakened masses out of the brainwashed state that their in?

When you are in the business of perpetuating lies and fear Kat, it's only a matter of time before you push it too far. 

When what you've always done is no longer working.

so you up the ante even more.

Because it's all you know how to do.

And the lie can no longer stand up.

Thanks for sharing Kat. Video like this is a must see to all earth people.

why am i not surprised.

our e.s.p. is comming on line as was promissed as a revelations, and judgement day is around the corner also was promissed. belive it or not, ready or not, it will be done.

blessings to all of us for we are all one

Thanks for sharing this.


Other area over which they have control is "Professional Sports", for obvious reasons, they keep lots of people occupied with completely irrelevant stuff, focusing more on Games, than on the Family and the situation of the world, worried about a score instead of worrying about salvation, this is the reason why professional athletes get paid so much for only playing a sport, as shown in the card, to keep everybody busy with stuff that isn't important at all.

So what country is going to be invaded for this one!



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