There is some that is starting to understand, that is on the path, but they can’t really see the magnitude of all there is, all they believe is so important, really is not important at all.


They make God the authority figure to justify their own views, and the consequences of their own actions.  Yet in reality God does not judge or interfere with free will, as it is about the effect your choices have on your own soul and those around you.


The responsibility of your actions is yours, and only your own.  God don’t smite you down for sin, unconditional love does not judge the actions of any soul, but understand the reason for those actions.


Those that use Gods name to judge others “sins” don’t really know God, they only know themselves and their assumptions of the truth.  They assume that this figure they call God magically agree with them and judge people like they do.


When God look at a soul, he/she does not see sin, he/she see a soul hurting itself… senselessly trashing in pain, lashing out at others, and in doing so hurting themselves, and others.  This is when God would wrap that soul in love, unconditional love.


The bad things that happen to us are our own actions reflecting back at us, in the mirror of life.  Each action, ignite a reaction that is the direct effect of what you put out, and not God smiting you down for a sin.


Evolution of the soul, made by the choices of the soul, not influenced by God.


Let’s hear what people think on this statement.

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  • very good post

    since I am a master of my reality I AM GOD of unconditional LOVE.

    be one in your reality

  • That make it complicated as you can do all you can to get where you want, but if they choose different, it does affect it.


    Also I might not have been in the right place inside myself too, that would also affect others choices.

    There really are so many variables that influence our choices and those of others.


    Nothing is ever certain.

  • I think we do know something, honestly :).... Something is more than nothing, that's for sure.  I guess I can only speak of my own life's experiences...

    But life has sure shown me a lot, is that anything close to what a more advanced being or a "God" would know? Probably not, not even close most likely!

    But, it's small pieces of the truth and "just" that means so much to me! :-)  

    I do agree that it's about choices, it's always about choices :)....
  •  Very interesting Anush for what is for you is for you.

     Can I express myself this way with the new understanding which I am

     being shown. We have all heard "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was

     with God and the Word was God" This is the Head logic mind. We meet a partner

     of the opposite sex and our Heart opens up with wonderful beautiful feelings of Bliss.

     Conditioning takes us straight back to the Head. When in actual fact everything

     manifests through the Heart through Our Father/Mother God who constantly create

     All That Is which is Our state of Being and Consciousness. Our Soul/Sol is our Aura  which surrounds us.

     Our job now is  to merge the Head back to the Heart as it it only a reasoning tool we have been provided with and as all You Girls understand this is the return of the Mother which is through the Heart

     Yours Yours and Yours. So open up be in love and merge your head with your heart.

     Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

    • 8115887285?profile=originalJoram, what in the world does money and bank have to do with this....


      A Capitalism Slave, A Thing, you of course do well to try & avoid, so I can find out & so on, greetings

      O_o  I think you rather lost me here.
  • Yes that is how I feel, I wish I can make people feel what I feel every day.


    Arguments is just a lack of understanding.


    We are all here learning, that is the point, we dont know all... If you are here, you don't.  Not meant in a offending tone, as I also am learning more each day.


    Levels of consciousness, just when you crack this level you go to the next and start all over again.


      Anush it appears to me that one of the conditions of incarnating on this planet and this density was to agree to complete amnesia that we are extensions of God. Not-knowing is probably a better term than amnesia.


      So we ( OK, I ) can have the consideration that I am here and God is out there somewhere.


      We do have free will to the extent that we have a power of choice to decide if we want out or want to continue playing this game of opposites.


      Wow, you are sure getting a lot of posts on this topic. Thanks for starting it.


      OK, I got my 2 cents worth in.


      Love, B

  • Evolution of the soul has been set aside for the last 26,500 years.  I know that God knows and understands all and will love me when nobody else will as he is "my dad" and that is the only thing I should know and understand, whatever YOU see is the result of egos gone mad.  Yes, there is such a thing as karma.  That is a teaching point and not an action of discipline but humans for the most part do not understand and I would hope beyond all hope that my evolution of my soul is something influenced by God.  God would wrap any soul, no matter what the soul's have done... murder or inflicting pain... in his love.  Because you see, it all comes back full circle.
    • Very nicely stated.  As unconditional love, have no judgement.
  • Just because YOU don't know "squat" does not mean that there is noone who knows "squat".
    You can say I know nothing. But you cannot be the spokesperson for everyone. Your senses are imperfect
    and you need to inquire submissively to someone who you trust.
    Is there anyone who you trust?
    Is there anyone who you feel can guide you?
    Best if you look for such a being. With the attitude that you seem to put forth in this blurb here,
    you act like you know it all.
    Which is self contradictory to your very title.
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