The Benefits Of Cannabis

It's quite funny how time cycles.

Actually I believed the time of when I was used to be an regularly cannabis user long to be past.

But today I rediscovered how powerfully it can help to let go of any kind of stress. Thanks God/Jah/Allah/Buddha/Existence/Source/Creator/Jehova or what name ever! Puh!

Many years ago I stopt using it because it made me forget many things. Now I'm very happy about being able to suspend my own inner shadow government with it!

What a great release.

No wonder that this drug is the most unrightfully prosecuted world wide while being the one which does the very least harm at all.

There is not one single recorded case of death because of it.
However smoking is always unhealthy - so be smart and vaporize it or make an oil THC extract out of your buds or piece. PEACE!!!

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  • Perhaps TCP is banned because it is conducive to an inability to deal with stress. Why take responsibility for a stressful situation when you can desensitize yourself to it? True, many successful artists "use" mind-state altering compounds, but how many unsuccessful ones would be successful if they didn't? An economy depends on a competent workforce and a minimal definition of competence is the ability to respond proactively with solutions to the major and minor stresses of daily life. Its many years since many of my friends used pot. It's many years since I've personally known anyone I knew to be a pot user. I can say that I have a real liking for everyone I know who is currently part of my work and/or social life, and that includes a lot of people. Looking back, the clique I "hung" with in the mid sixties was group whose members had a strong emotional dependence on the affection we gave - in varying measure - to one another. There was a dependency on much more than the substances we couldn't seriously consider abandoning. It was a dependency on the subculture we promulgated. The music of the time still brings a strong reaction of nostalgia and I had a great time at a recent dance where it was played. Of the hundred fifty or so people there, there were no drugs, no alcohol, and no tobacco, though there was a goodly amount of sugar in the lavishly available desserts.
    I read here, if in modern idiom, the same arguments my ancient friends and I made about "release." Buddha spoke of release from suffering with the middle path. My own preference, not just as a balm for all discomfort, but as an inspiration for love, creativity, and spiritual freedom is the Light and Sound of God. While all light and all sound is a reflection of the direct Spiritual Current, mind altering substances limit one's access to any but the reflections of reflections of reflections .... thereof.
    Of course I only speak from experience.
    • Very well put. I've been a chronic for over a decade and have integrated THC into my life, but I have no judgement of others who do not share my inclinations. It sounds like you have mastered the art of chemical free happiness which is difficult in this society.
      Personally I find alcohol to be one of the worst things you can do to inhibit soul growth. Have a great day :)
  • Thankyou James for your reply. The rulers of our world are not our or Mother earths friends.
    Greed is their mantra.
    They cannot see the forest for the trees so they cut them all down!!
  • They de-criminalized it in the UK then realized how strong the new bud is from Amsterdam so re-criminalized, DOH some peeps in positions of authority just can't seem to make up their minds!!! LOL
  • There may not be any recorded human deaths from THC??? but industrial hemp without THC can go far to saving the life of our Mother Earth and her atmosphere.!!!

    If people would just open their eyes and see the beneifets of promoting hemp for industrial uses and not just personal gratifation and I mean really stand up and be counted then Mother eath will reward them tenfold.
    Stop and listen to her pain of being destroyed.
    Hemp has been grown for thousands of years and governments of the 20th and 21st centary wont let us grow it largescale in Australia and other places.

    I belong to the industrial hemp industry in Australia. For the last 15 years we have been trying to get our Government to take out of our laws "not for human consumption". Someone and we do not know who will not allow our laws to be changed. It is made very easy for them because of people who use it for it's THC content. As soon as we make any ground in our fight they point their fingers to the illegal use of cannabis with THC being our societies downfall.

    Medical hemp has great benifets and should be made legal then we may be able to get on with the extended (see below for some of them) uses for hemp. In fact for the last 35 years I have been saying that we should be using hemp for industrial uses. I get looked at like I am someone who wishes to smoke it or a mad woman. No one listens.
    In Australia now we are waiting on the government, to have an indrustry that can produce hemp to do so much.

    Hemp grows in 90days. It can replace cutting down our precious trees.trees take 25-200years to grow.

    We can now make paper,art paper,art canvas,newsprint,Cardboard,filterpaper, fine specality paper, fibrebosrd, insulation, fibreglass substitute, cement, stucco and morter. animal bedding mulch & compost.
    food: salad oil, maragine,food supplements vitamins flour, protein powder, milk.
    industrial products: boiler fuel abrasive chemicals oil paints vanishes, printing inks fuel solvents lubricants putty, coatings.
    persional: soap, shampoo bath gels cosmetics lotions blams. pet food granola birdseed.
    textiles: apparel nappies fabrics handbags denim shoes fine frabrics twine rope nets canvis tarps carpets geotexztiles.
    agrcultrural benefits: weed suppression, less need for pesticides than most crops, pollen isolation, soil improvement in crop rotation, deep roots are natural soil aerators.

    Please consider how you may help Mother Earth's distress.
    in love and peace,
    • Beautiful Post! The benefits of hemp are tremendous & I to hope that we can move to a more tolerant society in which we an benefit from this abundant natural resource!

      DO you have a website or organization you are a part of helping this cause?
      • There are several industrial hemp assc in Australia. I am a member of the Queensland branch. The members loby the governments to no avail.

        My task at present is to raise awarness around the planet to get people to demand hemp for personal use everywhere and not just in a few countres.
        I would love to have a house built from hemp. It is available now but at a great cost. It would be such a great, strong place to live. The energy everyday would be magical! The nights so peaceful. It would be very affordable if we had an hemp indrusty. I dream.
  • All of the earth grown "drugs" (isn't that a nasty word- stinks of 3D control?) are devic entities who incarnated here to help humanity open their chakras, which are abused by the harshness of 3D. Used with respect they are infinitely helpful for a myriad of ailments and simply to open your spirit. The "false" manmade chemicals that people use like meth and crack obliterate the soul and invite negative 4th level entities into their etheric vehicle. Pity the poor fool who is a cronic junkie because their spirit is being devoured by their addiction.
  • The only bad part about Marijuana is the connections it has to the mob/mafia/cartels that have taken to supplying it to the masses. That is why if you smoke it I recommend growing your own as to not help the underworld fund its killing and gun supply.

    I have an all to personal story about this that I wont be telling anytime soon. Maybe 5-10 years from now but certainly not now, not while the world is still like this. It has played its part in my life to open my eyes to the world and has helped me along this journey of life and self realization.
  • Thanx for sharing Cortex, So true.

    I used to be legally allowed to smoke this following a major car accident that left me limited mobility for over ten years. I discovered something quite profound - puff doesn't totally switch off the pain, it does however switch off emotional attachment to pain and aids the user to disconnect from the pain in far more comfort. The more emotionally disconnected you are from something the less it bothers you. I notice that often (but not always) users want to emotionally disconnect from some pain that has occurred in their lives, be it childhood emotional suffering or other.

    I then got to a point of not needing it and chose to give it up. After doing so I then realized another profound discovery, that puff also opens the user up to such an extent that some users can be left in a state of emotional vulnerability. In the same way a candle left in the open air attracts bugs so does the user of cannabis. It doesn't happen to everyone but some people are more susceptible than others. ( I trained as a shaman and remove energy that is stuck)

    It was a real gift for me when I needed it and it does serve a real purpose, for me I think that continued long term use can have some detrimental effects and especially for anyone using it to disconnect from emotional trauma, it is definitely better to find the root cause of an issue and fix it rather than burying it.

    Hope you are having a great weekend my friend.
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