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Unarius: The Arrival part 1

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I could not find this movie at the IMDB. It 1969 low budget science fiction movie.
The Arrival (1969) - A Unarius Academy of Science Film - “This is a true story of reincarnation, reenacted by individuals who were reliving their past lives on the continent of Lemuria 156,000 years ago. Zan, an aborigine and the son of the chief, is contacted by an immense starship while he is on an expedition. In telepathic conversations with the Space Brothers, he is awakened from his psychic amnesia, becoming aware of the reasons for his low state of consciousness and malcontent life.” —Unarius Academy of Science
Thanks Andrew for the summary.
This looks very cool, never seen it before, I'll definitely check it out! :)

Ha ha your critique! Zan DOES look like he is wearing eyeliner, lol. Actually the subject matter of this movie was taken very seriously by many and had a cult following of sorts back in the 70s and maybe even still, not sure. I know someone who is very seriously believes in there being Unarians and believes the whole story, tried to sell me on it for awhile...will post more about this when I find the information I have saved. Really kind of interesting and downright quirky.
Here is some more information on the Unarians. Quite an interesting bunch....this is kind of long but interesting.

"Unarius Academy of Science

El Cajon, California

The Unarius Academy of Science stands in a desert town east of San Diego. It's the knowledge hub and meeting place for a space cult formed in 1954 by the late Ruth and Ernest Norman. Unarians await the arrival of huge galactic ships in 2001. The Roadside America Team explored the Academy in 1993 (and again in 2002 and 2004). Unarians were merrily playing Renaissance musical instruments, and the understudy of a reincarnated archangel invited us to stay for the Psychodrama that evening. Eight years later -- 2001 -- the prophesied Landing is upon us. We asked Smiler Greg Brown to look in on preparations for the impending Visit:

In the Unarius parking lot I was met by a 50-ish man who saw me admiring the space mural painted on the building. He immediately introduced himself as Bob, a 20 year Unarius believer.

I asked Bob if they were still expecting the 33 Ships of the Federation this year, and he said that yes, they were. The Ships are arriving in 2001. I followed Bob into the Academy and proceeded to take in a four-hour lesson in the belief systems of the Unarians.

Unarius = UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional
Understanding of Science

The Unarian belief system appears to be based on two intertwined areas: energy and reincarnation. Energy is spoken about in both cosmic and earthly terms. Nikola Tesla plays a major role with the Unarians, mostly for his work in attempting to build an energy transmission tower that was supposed to provide free power for the world. Being somewhat of a Tesla fan, I told Bob that I knew about the tower and Tesla's plans -- that was mistake. We spoke IN GREAT DETAIL about Tesla, the Tesla Coil, Faraday cages, and other electrical principals.

One Tesla principal we spoke about was the concept of transmitting data via electrical waves (voice waves, in this case) through the Earth by synchronizing transmission waves with the natural magnetic waves of the Earth. Bob didn't think this method of transmission had been worked out past the theory stage, but I informed him of the experiments of Nathan Stubblefield, who had transmitted voice in this manner. Bob was happy to hear such a transmission had been made.

After the long Tesla rant, we discussed Cosmic Energy. Bob said cosmic energy is all around us, radiating through the universe at all times. This unseen energy is what "powers" humans -- and there is both negative and positive energy. Humans, as Bob informed me, spend most of their time with bad energy and this causes many people to get stuck in a cosmic rut. For some it is drinking, for others the problem is drugs, and for others it is s**. Negative energy is also what causes people to get sick. Because negative energy saps one's (paraphrasing) "cosmic strength" those people who are stuck consuming mostly negative energy are the ones that get sick because, "the mind can heal itself. If you are at a conscious level where your mind, using positive energy, can tell your body to get better and heal itself, it will," said Bob.

Unarians don't believe in organized religion. They say Jesus was a scientist who was attempting to show the peoples of the world the teachings the Unarians are currently trying to dispense. Bob said that Jesus of Nazareth was later reincarnated as the Unarian founder Ernest L. Norman (AKA "Raphiel").

Even better -- Ruth Norman, AKA Uriel, was the reincarnated unnamed Archangel who originally prophesied the plan of the Space Brothers arrival. The plan dates back "just over one million years," Bob noted.

Uriel passed away in 1993. Bob told me about two other famous reincarnated persons at the Academy: Leonardo DaVinci and Napoleon Bonaparte. Da Vinci was (currently?) a young Unarian who had no art training in this life. Uriel told him to paint because she saw that this person had been DA Vinci ("She could read you like an open book", says Bob). The young student took up the paintbrush and painted the "Hall of Art," and later produced sculptures and other objects 'de art for the Academy. DA Vinci II painted the mural on the outside of the building. "Hardly a miracle" says Bob. "He was simply enlightened to his own past by Archangel Uriel". "Sometimes, that's all it takes," says Bob.

Napoleon, on the other hand was quite a project to bring around. Once you are something in a past life you will naturally gravitate to doing the same thing in your next life. Napoleon was a born leader, but he concentrated too much on negative energy over his collective past lives. Once a person dies, if that person spent too much time with negative energy the person will become less intelligent in the next life due to the mental cloudiness caused by the negative energy lingering around. If a person is never enlightened, his cosmic energy will eventually be absorbed back into the Universe to create the next brand new person. Napoleon (who was also Genghis Khan and other bad historical dudes) was pretty near the end of his life-force rope when he found the Unarians. Since he was so far down the "bad" energy path only an Archangel could save him. Uriel did save him and Napoleon, known in this life as Charles L. Spaegel, unclouded his mind and eventually rose to be the leader of the Unarians until his death in the late 1990s.

Attrition through death seems to be the main cause of shrinking Unarian membership. [RA: Or "made their transition to the spiritual worlds," as the Unarians say.] "In 1993 we had about 50 people working directly out of the Academy," Bob said. "Now it's down to 25. Six men and the rest women."

Cosmic energy is what holds the universe together, according to Bob. The spiral arms of our galaxy are "held in place" by negative and positive cosmic energies. "And the position of the arms is no 'accident of nature'" said Bob, pointing to a helpful painting with extruded glowing spheres. "You see, the arms of the galaxy are at the intersections of these energy fields".

"There are inhabited planets and solar systems at each of these cosmic energy intersections which are inhabited by intelligent life forms. Each of these planets have been visited by the Ships of the Federation; our planet is the last in the galaxy to be visited. Does this placement of the planets look random?" asked Bob. "No," he answers himself, "and it wasn't created in seven days, either, I can assure you! ... Just look, at the placement of the planets at the direct intersections of the energy waves, that's what is holding them in place. ... If it wasn't for the energy waves the planets would fly off into space! ...What's holding them there?" asks Bob. "Energy waves, that's what."

Pay dirt. "So", I asked, "each of these planets has been visited?. What does the visitation mean for each planet?"

"Oh", said Bob, "the visitation will bring about a new level of consciousness that will bring about the rapid development in human evolution. A new era of understanding, learning, and peace will be realized by humans after the landing in 2001."

"Do you know the exact date of the landing?" I asked. "No", said Bob. "The ships will not land until humans are ready to accept the fact that intelligent life exists outside of our planet and one, possibly two events will prepare humans for this event."

"First", says Bob, "there could be a global energy crisis that brings about panic and unrest all over the globe". "The energy problems in California are just the start and will not be limited to just our state or country. Once the energy crisis starts, the Ships of the Federation will descend and show us what Tesla knew so long ago: that free energy for the world is a reality." Bob also added "the people of Earth will trust the Space Brothers because they will have shown they come in peace."

"On the other hand", said Bob, "our Government might release the information they possess about life on Mars". "See, the people of Mars live underground in vast cities where they carry on with life much as we do." "But the government knows of a mile-long glass structure on the surface that filters sunlight to the inhabitants below and we, the people of Earth, are very close to knowing about this structure. The structure will prove that life does exist on Mars and it will be impossible for anyone to deny. If this occurs before the power crisis, the Ships of the Federation may arrive at that time".

Greg: "How is the prep work coming along for the big landing?"
Bob: "Oh, it's coming along. Do you know where Jamul, California is?"
Greg: "No, is that where the landing will take place?"
Bob: "Well, personally I think the Ships will land somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, but Jamul is where the City will be created".
Greg: "City?"
Bob: "Oh yes." "As I told you, the purpose of the visit from the Ships is going to be to bring about a new era of enlightenment, understanding, and peace on our world. The City will be the center of this. Let's go take a look at the city."

Happily, the city was a model and not some far-off place in the desert. Bob showed me how it will be created with crystals, and how the City will radiate out from the center. "The City will be free to all, and all will benefit", said Bob. "The only thing different about this model and the actual City is that in the City center the 33 Ships of the Federation will be stacked one on top of another".

"So", I asked, "the ships are going to stay here and not take humans to other parts of the galaxy?" I asked. "No", said Bob, "the ships will not transport humans -- not for a thousand years after the landing, until human evolution is ready," said Bob. "The preparation for the landing is underway, and will be coming very shortly".

With that, my afternoon with Bob ended. He had to get back to work for the big Tesla seminar next weekend. What a day! I had a great time visiting with the Unarians.

Unarius Academy of Science
Address:145 S Magnolia Ave., El Cajon, CA
Directions:At Douglas Avenue downtown.
Admission:Free. Buy publications.
Hours:Closed Su. (Call to verify)
Thank you for posting these videos.I'll enjoy watching them later.
For more information and to become a member of Unarius Academy of Science log on to
So did I miss it in 2001?

No it did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances...this will happen as most of us humans have only 3rd dimension vision




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