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July 12

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I am young at heart and over 50 in age. Maybe I am a very old soul or an angel? My main hobby is one on one computer (written) friends. I am interested in science, history, spirituality.

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  • i agree. BUT once we EVOLVE BEYOND the illusion of ownership, there's nothing to trade. my apples are your apples and your oranges are my oranges! tell me what you think about that
  • Andrew, hope you also have good health without which the other two become meaningless.There is more than one truth and that lies in the heart of our own perception which can serve to deceive us at times.The more freedom we enjoy, the greater the responsibility we bear, toward others as well as ourselves. Our purpose in life is to awaken, money is a tool like any other tool for transformation. It teaches me about myself by realising my relationship with it. It is not evil, on the contrary..I recently bought a luxury item, I also contributed funds for charitable causes that will assist the less fortunate than myself. As soon as we see God in the very thing we condemn, fear or judge, in that moment we will awaken.
  • Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for your friendship. Welcome to Ashtar Command.
    May you find, here, a loving atmosphere, stimulating discussions and a sense of belonging.

  • This may become a blog.

    The reason behind the ego being part of my truth, is that (1) truth is relative and now and (2) truth is another word for being honest. And since words are imperfect mainly because there is a discontinuity between the thoughts which led to the words, and the thoughts coming from read words, honesty is an elusive target. But striving for honesty is the goal and practice of my life. And now, I have acknowledged that I am ruled by what some people call the egoic mind.

    Money and time is essentially identical to freedom. It is a personal circumstance and not some goal. Basically, I am assuming that the actions of the universe are for a purpose. If I was in need of money, I would have to sacrifice my time to get money, and I would not be as free. Of course some people manage to do both - pursue money and spirituality. And some people who have money feel that they should have more. This is an interesting expression of fear of lack. I also am operated by fear. But my fear is to pursue money. So, I do not claim to be lofty in a spiritual sense, since I am not going after more money. That would be hypocritical and a lie.

    I love to analyze myself. I always considered my lack of sexual experience and my fear of pursuing money to be two separate fears. But since I have been on the computer
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Andrew Katz replied to Butterfly's discussion Who else feels they are moving beyond sex or relationships? Happy alone?
"My opinion is personal. According to Michael Teachings [not to be confused with arch angel Michael] there exists souls at all levels of evolution. I stand at the level where I have YET to experience SEX and relationships. So, I tend to be hurt by…"
Jun 30, 2011
Andrew Katz commented on Karma's Helper's blog post Emergency Broadcast - World Wide Revolution
"A person cannot stop paying their mortgage. Even if you do not like the mortgage, it was an agreement you entered in fairly with the lender."
Mar 14, 2011
Andrew Katz left a comment on Akashic Records Focus Group
"I always knew that nothing is ever lost. This gives me great comfort. I knew about this before I ever heard the term 'Akashic records'. Also, I now believe that water molecules are the bits in a super massive computer. This may be where the Akashic…"
Mar 1, 2011
Andrew Katz left a comment for Linda Morrison
"hi Linda"
Dec 14, 2010

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"RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
The Chinese are doing that"


This story is all around. Notice that they have realy not sanctioned Russia's gas or oil. It is only that Russia demanded doubles out of…"
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"So, my friend, go to a nearby forest, take a log of dry wood, or two of them, place it somewhere in your room, ignite it, and you will find that it won't go off for the whole month! Neither ashes nor smocks are poisonous.

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"Roaring said: " Gas is not a basic need. Gas is about convenience, not necessity. Life can go on without it."

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EARTH ANGELS ✦ʚ♡ɞ✦ NOW IS THE TIME! Transformation of Earth Has Begun Blessings Beautiful Family of Light, With everything coming to a head, we are beginning to experience the transformation of the world's power structure. For many, this is…
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"RL where did you see the US may buy from Russia to sell to Europe?
The Chinese are doing that"
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"Problem-if all who got the 'jab' die as the demons intened then expect 4 billion deaths(God forbid) within the next 2 years-total collapse of society-food, supplies, (and all other activities that contribute to economies)all on a conveyor belt to…"
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""Epic Tribute To The Unvaccinated - Indian in the machine, Scott Buckley and Fernando López-Mirones...."

Another reminder that we who did not give in to evil, will inherit the Earth....
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