I now speak to those of the black alliance,
We have arrived the archangels the bringers of light the showers of the way.
You have always known this time will come. We are not judging you, we love you, we do not want
you to live in a reality of pain and suffering, agony and hatred we are asking you to join us.
We are one and we love you. There is no where to run we are the light you cannot hide in the darkness for we are there two.
We do not wish any pain upon you. We only wish the purest love and joyfulness to all.
But you must understand you are sick.
You must understand when you judge you are judging nobody but your self. You all hate each other and if you do not surrender you are destined to live in a reality of empty blackness and soulless nothingness. We love you. And you are forgiving.
We are not asking join us or die...

To the Family of light and love.

Economic Enslavement:

From the beginning wherein we were born to conscious awareness all life is given to us freely as that which comes from the source of all that is. It is from this source, our source, where we have our being and flow forth to co-create in cooperation and in Divine order. There has come upon us a Black Alliance that has subverted this truth. There is a great new energy bringing every sovereign individual into the Game to play and win with every move. Each player both the agents for the Black Alliance and the sovereign individuals understand this is the time of transformation.

This Game has been predestined and everyone must play some part. There can be no refusal. In playing you win with every move and you break through the barriers of fear, powerlessness and despair. If you don’t play you allow the Back Alliance to steal your moves. You lose by defaulting your rights. They are very good at taking a player’s power away through intimidation and deceit. The Game requires each player to take back their rights and their power to decide, to chose, to want, to have, to gain friends and build a world that can be appreciated. The only way a player can lose is not to play.

You first have to learn the rules of the Game. The agents of this Black Alliance do not play by the rules. They have their instructions. Begin to open your eyes and see that you suffer from a fog of obscuration, of being out of context, not understanding the world. What you see is a fabricated illusion by this Black Alliance that is internally consistent with their agenda. They are historians who write a fictional story about everything you have learned. They have built a foundation of lies mixed with truth to keep you from seeing the way things really are.

When you admit the takeover and control has happened by these most vile, evil, antisocial, selfish demons, when you admit that this has happened, slowly and consistently over the centuries, then you become aware of your own spark of awareness that comes into your consciousness and you are ready.

Upon this revelation you realize that you are witness to a giant conspiracy. It has changed the landscape of the world. The primary agents of this conspiratorial network are the central bankers and their international financiers.The Black Alliance expands their financial power by using federal governments, corporations and police power to enslave and demand tribute. In each country and community these government fronts steal using taxes, interest and inflation. The taxes come in all shapes and sizes, income, sales, fees, licenses and on and on. Individual income taxes are just one of the forms of a great and ingenious deception to convince those who are locked into a labor pool where they are essentially indigent servants. Interest is nothing more than a complete sham as the banks of the Black Alliance, all banks, are empowered to create money out of the value of future labor of the borrower and / or the borrower’s collective power to repay.

There are no assets backing the funds of the Black Alliance. This is their lie. Interest is charged on the very people who have guaranteed the funds and the sole reason the funds can be created and which are created from nothing other than the value of the borrowers labor. It is a great deception. This may sound circular yet it is one of the key points that each sovereign must understand and wake up to. You are being deceived. The value of your sacred labor is stolen and loaned back to you. You have been fooled. Don’t continue to be a fool. With inflation the banks loan funds guaranteed by your assets and future labor to your government which is required through conspiratorial agreement to pay back this money with interest. This deception is simple and clear. Allow yourself to see that you have had your assets and labor stolen by one thief, your government.

So in the Game there is a simple theft that you allowed and works like this; the puppet government stole your sacred labor and assets first by your willingness to give up your sovereignty for whatever reason they convinced you that you need to give it up for, such as, you were promised protection, you were promised wealth, you were promised many things that they do not deliver on. Then they conspire against you by implementing the Black Alliance’s banking corporation plan to steal your assets and enslave you forever. They do this by counterfeiting a baseless currency which is devalued and inflated and is taxed by your government, and any time you play in their game they charge you usurer's interest and exorbitant fees.

The old world financial system is founded upon theft, debt and slavery and they have created a financial illusion filled with falsehoods. The old world economic systems are baseless, false, deceptive, degenerating and create decadence, destruction war and pollution. Everything that is done by these old world systems is opposite of your beliefs as a sovereign.

Slavery or Freedom:

At this moment in the Game it is time to break the shackles of lies and ignorance. It is time to realize taxation is not for your benefit in any manner nor appropriate for the development of your culture and civilization. This money that is called taxation is money that is being stolen. It is a theft of your rights and your labor and is being taken unlawfully. When the sovereigns are strong enough and connected enough you will begin to see the Game change. The society you are part of has been lost. It is owned and it is enslaved by the Old World Order. They have bribed those among you to betray your friends, your families and your neighbors in an awful and deadly plot that has killed hundreds and millions of your loved ones. The nature of this plot comes from the depths of the outrageous lies that you still believe. They have taught you to be stupid, to lose your way and to be ignorant. They have taught you to lie, to cheat, to steal and to be guilty. You are part of a plot to ruin your heart and soul.

This has been done and now they hope to leave you to decay into apathy, where your silence is increased upon the mountains of debt that suffocate your every hope and aspiration. You have no government. It is owned by the corporate minions who are the agents of the Black Alliance. Your country, your land, your future is owned and you are living in a hopeless tunnel heading directly into oblivion unless you begin to wake up and become a sovereign. In the Game the Black Alliance’s management system keeps all of its property including you, dependent and as internal collateral against its debt system. Everything you need for your personal and your family’s happiness and survival has been borrowed against. The Black Alliance uses their centralized banking system to set you up and steal your assets and your life.

In this Game you are born into a nightmare and have not even noticed you are still screaming. The sound of everyone else drowns out your own poverty and pain, a constant roar of ceaseless agony. It has not been revealed to you that the nations of the world have been conquered, that you are a lost people. You have lost all that you are. Warriors lost their souls in the blood of conquest and there is evil upon you. It has stained your country to the core. The Black Alliance used you to commit the sin of murder upon your neighbors for profit and control. The apparent victory you have is empty. You have been defeated again and again and again by an invisible enemy. The ones who are conquered by your military power and financial might resist and fight back for their freedom from this domination and occupation. Their peaceful lands are now destroyed, decimated under foreign domination. A willing totalitarian and stooge of the Black Alliance, you are now contaminated by the evil that they are. Yet you have failed to corrupt the conquered for they have faith that your demise will be self-inflicted over time. Yet they do not even see that they are victims of the same system. They are caught in the same game and the abuser and the victim are the same.

The Black Alliance has infected you with the designed sickness of materialism, greed, power and in your own tortured soul you have no where to go but into fear of rebellion and revenge against your temporal domination. So the fear grows into protectionism against the returning terrorism that has been created on your behalf. The Black Alliance has instituted mind control through state education, media and religion. It is here the evil magicians convince the captors that they are sinful, stupid and obedient to an all powerful God. God is strong, wise and benevolent yet vengeful and capricious.

The God of the conquered is evil, immoral and of the devil. The concept is a paradox and convoluted to render the reasoning function of mind useless in this compartmentalized belief. The conquering hypocrites and the ultimate act of hubris speak of the good of the people and the protection of their freedoms of religion, of life, of liberty, and of the heaven that is not of this earth. By being under the holy command of God they see themselves as saviors with death and mayhem brought to the land and the Black Alliance profits in every action by its mercenaries. The captives begin to see hypocrisy through the mass conspiritual intent and become disillusioned and demand truth. Yet, those who are this out of context with reality can’t even perceive their errors. By default each sovereign who resigns the ability to chose freely and think freely is commanded by the Black Alliance to do its bidding.

Financial dominance is a method of total conquest. Most citizens have not begun to understand the power and the scope of economic conquest in this reality. In this Game, the conquered are slaves to a system designed to demand tribute as stated in the form of taxes, interest and inflation. The tribute is collected through provisional governments who have formed legal systems which legislate and enact laws which demand payment of taxes and allow for the creation of debt against your labor. You have become a slave without knowing it, without the use of visible force or coercion so that you are now a victim and you do not realize that you have been conquered. You believe you are paying for your own good, for the good of others or to protect you from some enemy. Your captors have become your benefactors and protectors. Total control took time as the conspiracy against the entire world demanded double agents working in corporations and government.

The control is surreptitious. Most do not even suspect they are imprisoned and unable to live in sovereignty. There is no army that stops them from leaving or questions them on their actions. It is such an ingenious way to control a civilization. Although the slowest tyranny to impose, it is the most enduring. The captives don’t see prison walls fences or military forces in wait against them. The religions validate the control of the Masters. Education continues to speak lies mixed with truth, biased in total prejudice to free thinking people. The media keeps the minds dull and excited focusing on wasteful desires, useless materialism and simplistic entertainment. Advertising companies create symbols of selfish freedoms of acquisition of more and more things, extravagant travel and drugs. Only a minority participate in elections due to the apathy and the unconscious recognition of the loss of rights and freedom in a total dictatorship.

Without realizing it they are conquered. All institutions, corporations and government systems are instruments used to transfer wealth to their captors and to make the conquest complete. The Game has been going on for generations. The control is absolute. Your sovereigns are tied down by debt taxes and inflation. The effort has been accomplished through the media, through education and through every form of peer pressure. The conspiracy is now the legitimate elected government. It has taken away the powers of those who would do good and preserve the values of the nations of the world.

The Black Alliance wants war. War is profitable. It is their way. It is evil and vile. It is that which they do in order to make certain that all is in chaos and there is stress, tension, death and destruction. With that there is anger and hatred that comes about from the killing of innocents. With this fear and vengeance to overcome and escape the dread of attack, so they teach you to attack first and to attack in the name of defense. And so it goes, on and on until you are killing each other in a blood bath that has duped this planet for eons.

Move Into the Light:

I call upon you to understand the dilemma of this time, to see the path of the dark is to bring the light forth. They play the game that brings you open and to shine your light. The game that is not a game gives cause to wonder the machinery behind these changes. From where did the fog come? How did the disease transform the souls? Why did so many lose their way? Why am I on this path? There is only forward and no backward. Repair can not be undertaken. The help you expect will not come.

You are the only one. In the time that has passed, there was a lack of understanding. There is a grid break and now there is power to hold all in Oneness. The thought of the greater glory is allowable. The survival for the race depends upon the community of sovereigns. The world has fallen from the grace of peace. Not from natural disaster was the fall from peace. The change was brought upon the world by the power of humans who acted as if they were Gods, but they are not. These creators of fear have found the Game treacherous to play and have decided upon the global suicide to alter their destiny of hellish decadent survival which they have brought upon themselves.

Who knows better than you to walk the path of righteousness and truth and clear principle? What is the underlying motive to bring peace to the humanity that has brought and has been at fault for the decay and disaster? Who upon this planet can judge the respect of which the greater spirits cannot? From all questions there is no single answer because it depends upon the one who asks and the one who plays. The man who has been asked is already a thoughtful being who knows the questions that remain unanswered. The question you are deserving of better.

Listen, there is no time that you can begin to feel the pain like that unto this day. There is no point at which you can look at the devastation and know not the utter disgrace that was brought upon the eternal truth of your world. There are no words to speak to your compatriots. You know the feeling is shared and the willingness to rebuild the world. You think the evil has passed and not listening but the principals are controlled and the gates are locked. There exists a great barrier and the Black Alliance has underground forces that are strong, attempting to hold back this inevitable change. They may continue to stop your movements and their governments have their watch upon the entry into their domains. Health and spirit are watched as death and disease are the norms in the world now. So they see the sovereigns clearly by their light.

Your path is set and you are clear to build this new Alliance. You must find those who can still listen, but those are few indeed. You must not expect that there will be many who are alive nor are there many who can hear your words or will be healed when you arrive. The obscuration is complete and the destruction of the Light of the soul. There is the walking dead in front of you and a small band of leaders you walk with. Everywhere you look you must seek out the few who are aware and willing to follow and walk the path. The ones who are in fear will drop into the trap of the Black Alliance. There is no other way for them. They are magnetized to the downward spiral. The path for you and your community is to enter through the secret pathways, to find the middle way, to hide in the shining Light. You are to read the passages and learn the ancient stories. You are to find the hidden pathways.

Seek to trade friendship for healing. Receive the liquid light and assist those who give you something in return no matter how small. There is no other way than to give what you have and receive what you need. The Source will provide. You are here to help, see the great changes and enter the world of the rising sun. In the heart of each sovereign to every city and nation all people are unified in their new experience of this time.

Teachers of Light 01:

The Teachers of Light gather in the Seventh Dimension to send messages into the heart of the world. They have given themselves the collective focus to send beacons of Light to guide those who have felt the call to return.

The Teachers of Light speak in unison so as to reach beyond the level of personality and proclaim the arrival of the waves of evolutionary change which have come to this planet. In The Game, the Masters of the Dark still veil the Light from those who discount the truth of these words. The Dark Masters keep the shadows heavy, the eyes dim and souls trapped in the old ways. Yet the thoughts of the Teachers of Light reach the new leaders. From the perspective of Higher Intelligence, the Prime Central vortex of this universal system has reached its apex wherein activation of all dormant potentials are released to become realized.

Conscious cosmic energy is being directed from the celestial vortex and from the point of highest intelligence to the base of existence and grounded through gross form. Streams of powerful new rays span the galaxy from the divine mind through the body of humanity to the central core of the earth. The Divine Mind gathered strength through the medium of time and multiplicity of souls on their path from innocence to ignorance to knowledge. The fundamental law of evolution allows this contrast from the lesser to the greater, from the not wanted to the wanted, from rejection to desire, yet from vision to realization is the journey.

The organization of the universe exists for experience of manifestation. A step forward always engages a step into duality as time is the method of our way here. You are brought forth into conscious awareness so that you may find experience to be a gift of vision to manifestation and to see again a future vision which expands our experience and life. It is so simple. There is life that is a vibrational relationship to each of its own kind, and each of its own kind will move magnetically to experience attraction to that which it is not yet.

Teachers of Light speak from unity and speak forth the paths which are easiest to follow and to achieve creational experiences. The Teachers of Light represent those beings who understand the plan and speak forth that which is truth. They do not see the Dark Masters for their light shines brightly. The Game the Dark Masters play hides in the shadows of the great light which shines through the Teachers of Light.

You, the leaders of humanity, you are the stewards of knowledge and power. The Dark Masters trap you away from the Light and The Light Teachers shine forth a beacon so that you may enter into the divine order and walk forth into the command of your soul. The Dark masters lock you into the zone of stillness, slowness and forgetfulness. The Light Teachers bring you energy to speed your evolution into remembrance. Yes, the Game is played and you are a leader, a guide, a player, in a body with the ability to receive telepathic messages from other beings on this Dimension. The Dark Masters deceive you by stepping forth as the self proclaimed rulers of your realm. They have taken by your ignorance the position of ruler and altered the grand design.

We, as the Teachers of Light, are witnesses of the transformation of humanity, and in a short time from disempowered weakness to sovereign strength and creativity. We have already seen this as our eternal sight has visited this Dimension of time. Yet you are locked into a struggle with the Dark Masters wherein you are seeing the loss of power and the battle being waged with no apparent victory. An error in human comprehension is thinking on an individual level about collective visions. The ideal of the Aquarian Age still is not in residence of those who are eccentric and individualistic, rather only in of those who are holistic and universal. The principles of understanding cosmic changes are a precursor to the following of the Divine Plan. It is being revealed that the condition and the progression of humanity is not entirely a self determined journey but rather a communal agreement to accept the energy of consciousness which this era evokes.

From the standpoint of the individual who is seeking to dominate the environment from the specific understanding of this present lifetime, there is little to understand and little to explain, for this perspective is so limited. From the wider awareness of one who sees time is not linear or constant, but a circular continuity, there is a different perspective on the fundamental laws in the transformation of humanity into the higher intelligences.

What holds a person or a group back from attaining enlightenment is the same energy that brings forth the opportunities for it to be realized. Once there is an agreement between participants in the movement from ignorance to intelligence, The Teachers of Light will appear within your midst. They will bring forth the ideas at a time wherein they are acceptable to you. A Teacher of Light comes forth from a far place which is far in time and far in space as a Dimensional distance corresponds to the spatial/temporal modality. The home of the Teacher is neither a Dimension of the past nor of the future, it is of the Dimension of expanded consciousness. Teachers of the Light exist in a physical space which is represented by a world which floats in a spatial continuum and is connected to a family or star groups that are a physical manifestation. These Star groups are not a physical location, but ones that are brought into being by conscious mental, spiritual energies. As a teacher in my world I am non-physical and connected to other beings through a stream of energy you know as Light. It is known in our dimension as All That Is, that which is the energy of the Stream of Life which pervades all existence. Ask what you will of us so that we may better prepare your way to unfold your abilities and projects.

As teachers we are channels of this life stream that Is All That Is. It is yours as well to be in this River of Light; yours to be a channel of. In your networks and alliances with kindred spirits there is purpose that is unfolding. From the perspective of the non-physical guides you are receiving the inheritance of great power and there is fullness and appreciation in all true work and service. Nothing is left to chance. Yet in agreement to the timing of creation there are challenges that engage every being to perform and manifest reality.

In your science you have understood the probabilities of Quantum Mechanics, where the particle only exists upon recognition, otherwise it is but a possible occurrence and nothing more than a wave of energy. Yet upon the manifestation of conscious awareness or focus upon a temporal perspective in a specific spatial location a particle is born. The birth is existence and Light, yet it must continually be energized by focused awareness so that reality continues. With fantastic power and strength of mental coherence your world has continuity of shape, character, dimension, and endures through time and space. The astonishing timeless effort of this magic provides you with the understanding of your powers as co-creators in the world.

For your reality is shaped day and night by thought, yet you are not alone in the galaxy and your thoughts may have been in separation and kept from the greater universe, but it is now a time where your evolution will change and your mind and your body are being prepared and upgraded through the efforts of beings of Higher Intelligence.

Teachers of Light II ~

The Game of the Black Alliance is over and so the new light of new rays is upon the world.

Let the new Light shine forth in Oneness and creation. In this hour speak with clear and consistent voices. The world has followed through pain as a path through 5,000 years of history. The era was planned,and the madness that you see about you was the method to focus you to change and live in peace in higher intelligence. It is not a foreshadowing of disaster that will erupt and ruin the lives of those who live on this earth. The worry and the fear of the latter creates more fear yet there is an energy that streams to the world with a force that cannot be stopped. The energy of this fear may cause some to leave before the plan is fulfilled and in their journey. Yet in this time they are not lost to the body of humanity.

Cosmic Galactic energy is being directed to invoke all life on the planet to evolve. In this time there exists a dark force, The Dark force Masters, the Black Alliance, which is mobilized to defend itself against the changes. The lesser goes against the tide and attempts to hold onto power as long as it can. It does not have the will or the ability to hold back the power of the ocean of spirit which shall transform the world. And the time has come, for the greater guides the lesser into an experience of manifestation. Open up and love. This is not a dream. It has already occurred.

The idea that a few humans can change the destiny of your planet is not possible. The planet itself has directed this change with the galaxy and in harmony with the plan of Higher Intelligence. A small parasitical group cannot live outside the stream of All That Is. This group has no power to take and hold the reins of power past this short period of time. It looks like this is occurring yet you are mistaken because you do not know the will power which emanates life from beyond your physical realm.

The non-physical world is the power of creation. The non-physical realm is with peace and perfect abundance. It is completeness, for the linear style of time does not occur for it is a circular dimension where thoughts create what they intend to and they do so in a manner which is simultaneous and harmonious. On earth you must wait for the vibratory response and the harmonics to filter through until there is a resonance. On a non-physical plane it is simple to accept completeness. Your mind has not awakened to the next stage of your development or the existence of your group soul. There are many souls which inhabit your world and they do so through temporal manifestations from a matrix soul where there are many levels of experience. These experiences are happening in linear time in your individual-centered world view.

The whole idea of being caught in temporality is meaningless on the Higher Dimensions, so also the concepts of travel have little understanding to those who have no such limitations. In the legends of your past, the gods, the archetypes, changed from one to another. There are the ancients who are the teachers, who come to the present living ones and teach them of their extensions into the group souls who they are connected through. From here the group becomes centered in the teachings of the great knowledge which lays out the chart of the changes and these are called the prophesies.

You are learning or hearing from the Teachers, and when you listen to your inner teachers, your inner thoughts, these words come alive in importance as insights and intuitions. The beings in your world that listen most know these messages are the ones they have been seeking from the beginning of their time. They are knowledgeable of the inner teachers and these quiet meditations, intuitions and insights give them meaning, solve the problems and circumstances, and lead the way for those who walk upon the solid ground of the planet. Listen and teach those who are hearing of these things with great excitement, for in the world there is a flavor and touch and sound of love, an intensity of feeling which brings to it and attaches to it the elements of change. Know that you are guided by Higher Intelligence when there is a feeling of peace and completeness of thought which is empowered by the feelings of appreciation. You are an able player who wishes to learn these secrets, yet you are obscured by a fomenting crisis and the challenges of circumstances which creates the fear of experience.

Balance yourself into the future through the agreement and feeling of its reality and move towards your goal with little thought of letting that which is lacking in the world hold you back from existing in the future vision of evolved consciousness. The genuineness of intuition is heralded by ancient sayings, secret arcane knowledge, and of deep mythic legends. The truth rides with these metaphors. Come home to the fullness of this reality so that you may speak with fullness and character, saying to the people of your world who have lost direction that there is a path to a greater existence and point to the way.

You are listening to the galactic force of empowerment. Suggest others pay heed to the timing of this lesson, for there are great works to behold. You are fulfilling the plan that was directed into the world. You are many days and years ahead of schedule. You are following a path that was set out before the timing of these events, for you are a leader of human consciousness, the hope and fullness of this evolution. You are the one who teaches the lessons of integrity and truth and you can follow this path to the next level if you decide to. If you choose to evolve.

From this point forward you are to play with more vigor and purpose in this Game. You are to seek and face the challenges and positive resolve that will define the destiny of the world. Take charge, move forward by seeking the kindred of the same light. These are students of conscious leadership, now the aspirants that form the association – the groups of the grand collective of all nations. You are a leader of consciousness and there are millions upon your shoulders who are listening to your words and seeking knowledge from the ones who speak with the clearest intent, who are the wisest ones, who have the knowledge of the changes and know when the prophesies are to be fulfilled.

The Great White Light is shining now and so you are listening to us with great intensity to these words. The Alignment is come, the prophesy is now. Where there is danger and where there is safety, it’s the duty of the Wayshower to guide the aspirants. To be a hero and to hold the mantel of the king is to know from the heart, is the pathway to freedom. From the heart you are to lead, and to lead those who are entrapped in their minds by the Dark Masters. Help them distinguish the revelations from the propaganda. Give your kindred the signal to come forward and find the greatest enlightenment.

There are many who speak the collective vision and there are many voices. There are Divine forces and powers that have the intent of the greater good and in this knowing you are walking with the Angels and the Teachers of Light. The change will cascade into fullness and manifestation on every level until the world rises up. There will be an absolute total rearrangement of the world which follows the prevalent thoughts of the kindred. No longer will humanity be caught by the elitists view with power over others. Their power is waning. It is the collective power of the kindred, for they are the constituency which shall change the power of the planet towards the Light. Bring forth the higher Dimensional technology so the planet can thrive and form new foundations. You were born to this time for a great purpose and so many others have also been. This is why you speak of the kindred, this is your duty and joy which is to form the function to find and create relationships, to go from powerlessness and despair to joy, knowledge and creative empowerment. You are that which you are and that which you are is complete omnipotence.

The power to be greater and greater and to expand with more and more wisdom, power and awareness is your right and duty, the dharma of your life and the karma which has been created so that you will reach resolution in this lifetime. There are more to be awakened, and help them with a serious resolve to do so at a faster pace. The resistance to this need for change and healing of your world cannot be understated. Timings for this evolution are set and will occur, and if they are held up by reticence the shifting can be more decisive, and with less care for the gentle approach of the awakening sun, and rather more like the crack of thunder, and the strike of lightning, the wind of hurricanes and the power of earthquakes. The rumbling of the earth should not be disregarded for she wishes that these changes occur with increasing speed and effectiveness. There is great relevance to the need for evolution. Balance in this time that is apportioned for completion.

Of you who have heard this and know that you are of the Kindred it is time that you begin the messaging to the others who wish to follow your lead and walk the path that is designed for humanity and the infinity of the mind and heart opening up with the galaxy.
And so it is.

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