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Not sure if this has been posted before or not. I would just like to relate my experiences with sun gazing and the effects that I have noticed from practicing this. I have been sun gazing daily (clouds permitting) going on 7 months now. I am up to 33 minutes at a time. If you are interested and want to learn how to Properly Sun Gaze then you can click on the link below. It will answer all your questions that you may have about it, including how to, when to, when not to and what results can be expected. I can honestly say that this is by far the best practice that I have ever under taken. It is actually a form of open eyes meditation. I followed the procedure for sun gazing set out on the site in the link, adding 10 seconds everyday just as directed. I will say that you can even start out with your eyes closed looking at the sun, to get a feel for it, you can even absorb some energies this way to start. Now I always finish my SG secessions (Sun Gazing) with the closing of my eyes while still looking in the direction of the sun and just meditate for a while, you would be amazed at what visions come. After about 2 months I began to notice a calmness about myself, my wife noticed this as well. I just started to feel more alive, more connected with nature and everything in it. I started feeling loved as well, I know it sounds strange, but I'm only speaking the truth as I see/feel it. When I start my SG everyday a smile always comes to my lips, as I feel a joy in me and I know that I am doing my body/soul good by bringing all this light into it. SG is supposed to enlarge your pineal gland. I don't know if this is a fact, but I can tell you that my 3rd eye is opening and getting clearer to see through every day now, and this is a fact. The HRM website below will explain it all. My vision for has improved just as I read it would. I can now see things far just fine without my glasses. But I still need my glasses to read fine print. All I know is that iy felt right for me almost as soon as I started this practice. It has helped me and this is a fact. I've lost weight as well. I have an aversion to eat meat now, is this from sun gazing? I'm not sure. I always feel joyous when I'm sun gazing. These are just the facts as I know them. The sun gives life to all things. We are more than our physical bodies, as anyone that has had an OBE can attest to. The light energy that we absorb through SG only helps to strengthen our energy/astral bodies IMO. I know that the sun will not harm me when gazing. But one needs to follow the guide lines, use common sense and gaze only when the UV Index is 2 or less. It is always zero at sunrise and sun set. Try to SG within an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset when the UV Index is at its lowest to be sure. Or check out what the current UV Index on the weather channel for your area is.......Love & Light...........Audie

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  • how to look at the sun safely.

    Sungazing and why you shoulnd't do it.

    You feel better because you are getting vitamin D from the sun.  Not because you stare at it.

  • Hi Audie, will do on keeping my barefeet on the dirt to stay grounded (kinda like being metaphysically "plugged-in" perhaps.) Interesting observastion regarding your lawn and garden, maybe the suburban stardard (I live in the suburbs) of having a green lawn is part of the illusion that acts as a barrier or siphon to Gaia's solar energy source. Re: living in the suburbs, it is a struggle for me but am able to see native trees (oaks) and plants (coyote brush) before they are removed and say "hi" to them and sharing a peaceful vibe, guess we're all solar brothers and sisters, it's nice to AWAKEN with the sun. Peace all : )

  • correct.. for there is now Right or Wrong :) Just Love thanks again for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing, was interesting to read your post. I have found myself casually sungazing over the past few weeks. Was not aware SG was a practice, but was surprised to find I could look at the sun at certain times, and under certain conditions without any negative effects. What's interesting? Everything, but really related to your comments and following post regarding meat. I have in addition to SG have had regular thoughts (as well as remorse) regarding the consumption of meat which started about the same time I started looking at the Sun. It seems this practice is waking me up to a greater web of lies. In short. believe the following thought  was shared with me during meditation: the beef and fast food industries are a continuation of the blood sacrafices written about in the old testament, and that the belief these sacrifices stopped with the new testament is a lie. Felt compelled to share as this has all related to an active and current state of experience in this being. Thanks again, love, light, and peace.

  • i was led to SG. my 1st time i will never forget. i am in my 3rd week of SG and the info you have shared, i thank you Friend :)      and i also just after eating meat my entire carnation on May 28th that day burst into tear realizing what i have been doing. I stop eating meat.


  • I believe the aversion to meat is a natural thing.  As you (SG) you are bringing in fairly full spectrum of Light not only into the Astral Bodies, but into many aspects of the physical body.  For example the Nerves being highly energetically based are nourished by the full spectrum, the DNA as well being charged with the fuller spectrum, and in my opinion there is a chemical that is a very important part of the biochemical makeup of all proteins, nucleic acids, and some vitamins.  That chemical component is the Phenyl ring or C6H6 which is the only known natural resonant bonded chemical compound and it is Light Active.  It absorbs light and passes the energy throughout the compound it is bonded to.  It is so common in biology that if you could look at cells structure with only the concentration of the phenyl ring being visible then you would be able to make out the full shape of the cell, its structures, and likely a network of Interaction Pathways where the concentrations are more focused.  Personally I believe it is the biochemical information network whereby a cell is able to maintain overall awareness of itself however rudimentary it may be, almost like the nervous system is for the body.  And I believe that network and awareness is founded on light.

    Back to the issue of meat, the light is obviously triggering rejuvenation and new development of the body, so it is only reasonable that it signals your brain to seek out higher protein diets and foods with more developed animal protein structures, that and the fats and lipids used to power, carry, and shield such process.

  • What I find to be even more cleansing and rejuvenating than sungazing is sunbathing in the nude.. It really seems to open up the third eye better than anything else I have tried. I don't use sunscreen...

  • that is wonderfully amazing and very cool. i was looking online about sun gazing just a bit ago, cause I wanted to know more about it. when the sun comes out in portland oregon it is like a national holiday, and people flood the parks......When I meditate outside I will naturally face the sun with my eyes closed and soak it in and it does feel so so good. thank you for posting this I will check out the website and get some sunscreen to sungaze.....especially as it is approaching summer time....

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