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Suggestion: Make a Discord server for this site/community?

Not sure if this is the proper forum to post my idea to, and my apologies if I posted it in the wrong place.

My proposal is to create a Discord server for our whole community here. Discord is basically an app used for instant messaging and voice chatting, similar to Skype but WAY more user-friendly, and hardly has any glitches, unlike other programs. It can be used both on a computer, tablet, and smartphones! For those who have never used it before, I'd recommend giving it a try. A lot of communities use it as well, gamers, writers, clubs, and nearly any kind of group you can think of!

The reason for my suggestion is that it would make socializing with other members of this site a lot easier, and more likely to form friendships since it often takes hours for most to see a message. And... Having the option to voice chat with other people on here could make things like spiritual guidance easier for those wanting to help others. Being able to communicate verbally lets others put a lot more emphasis and emotion into their words. And the fact it'd be nice to get to know more peeps on here.

If any site admins or the owner himself would give permission to do so, I'd gladly offer to make the server myself. (And give them control over the server itself) It's pretty easy to set one up.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear everybody's input on the idea.

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I support it! have set up a server before as well (no way am I an expert) but it would make things a lot easier. my take on the subject is most in here might not be up for the challenge- even the task of downloading the free app and joining the server.. which is totally easy- my two cents

Can it be used by bots?

Yes actually! And there's a surprising amount of them for various things.



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