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  • Hi,


    I have asked our geobiologist GiRa about the 'predicted California earthquake' message described in the article of Goddess some days ago.

    Seemly, since October, there is 'trouble' in the ground region California.

    Among GiRa, we can do a lot (reduce any possible earthquake) by performing on collective scale some energy work (sending 5 to 15 minutes energy).  But, we need more people for it than just the core GIRA team.

    Further instructions (shaman techniques) that can be performed, will be given later on.


    So, this is a call for all people who are interested to help California.

    Please, do contact us via the following website:

    --> contact form --> title: California energy sender


    We need people worldwide who are willing to sacrafice 5 to 15 minutes of their time, especially people from California!


    Thank you!

  • happiest of birthdays to you my new friend
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Houston, TX

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