strange visit from the etherial

I have to ask if anyone can come up with an explanation of a strange visit last Friday. I had just turned out the light when I saw what I thought was a butterfly or a moth fly accross the room. It landed behind the lamp by the bed. I reached to turn the light on carfully so as not to scare it and there was nothing there. I then realized it is winter it couldn't have been a butterfly or moth. About 10 minutes later I saw a man about 5 feet tall with a strange burlap looking suit and very curley hair just staring at me. I was not frightened as I have seen spirits all my life, but this one was different. I asked who are you but got no response. He faded away in about 1 min but I could still see his outline for about 20 seconds more. I have no idea what it means but I was feeling very depressed about the none event of 12/21 and wonder if it had something to do with that. Any ideas about what this was all about?

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  • This I find interesting.  The only times I have been visited by other beings, I have either been sleeping in a lucid dream or having an out-of-body thing.  And the beings were  never silent and staring, but rather spoke or communicated telepathically in a very clear, understandable manner.  That kind of behaviour as you described seems rather rude and even creepy on the part of the little guy in the burlap suit.  If he has something to say or some reason to stare, then he should say it or leave you  and respect your space and privacy, in my opinion.  I don't wish to upset you with this comment, but I would be uncomfortable with such a visitor.  Any visitor I've encountered has always had something clear and specific to communicate with no obtuse mind-games or creepy stares. 

      As for the "non event", I am sorry you were disappointed.  I wasn't personally holding onto any specific expectations, so I wasn't let down much and I do, in fact, feel that the event was real and just like the coldest month of the year is usually February even though the shortest day (the solstice) is in late December, the real changes will only manifest in the coming months and years. 

    P.S.  I like your hooded cloak and staff with orb! 

  • As Joshua said you need to raise your vibrational level plus you need to attune yourself to a higher telepathic level these beings speak within your heart (meaning the Intelligence of the heart ) these beings speak from their hearts this is a vast vibrational level when they talk to you.  You will hear them as a buzzing or a loud vibrational noise pay attention meditate center yourself and let your heart energies flow You will then be able to recieve what they are trying to communicate to you Love and light My friend


    • Thanks Sally, I have noticed buzzings in my ears but did not connect it to spirit and will keep that in mind. I will aslo try communicating. I do sometimes hear their voice but not with a visual and they never answer when I talk. I will take your suggestiobns and see how it goes.

      Love and light to you also my friend

  • I never see "Spirits" visually so it's really neat seeing these photographs...  I just usually "feel" them.  If I feel something that may be in a fearful or protective state - I usually say - "I'm not the light you seek, turn around and go into the light" 

    As far as the explanation you seek from your Burlap Buddy - Perhaps you already received what he came to introduce and you just haven't accessed it yet - Perhaps proximity to his higher frequency elevated you beyond your 12/21 disappointment funk...  

    If I feel elevated by a presence - I try to quiet my mind.  I've received more from telepathy than audible words - and I don't even know what that "more" is - but at the same time it's fun to observe that some folks have the elevated hearing - you can visually see beyond the 3D spectrum and other cats like me can feel...  I've heard of people inexplicably smelling Jasmine and Plumeria...  So most of the senses are covered - unsure of touch...

    I wanted an event on 12/21 - but I can feel a consistent elevation both within and in all I observe...  All is in Perfection, my Orb Ohio friend...


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      • Thanks Joshua I will use that with my visitors. As you can see this night was a busy one. A friend who has studied at the Monroe Inst. suggested I create in my mind a waiting room for all the visitors to wait until I am ready as sometimes it can go on all day and night. That has seemed to work, I say "one tonight" and  that has helped. All is in perfection, I have come to understand I really am creating my reality and I choose a good one. A good one to you also.


  • Thank you all for your input, do wish I could have communicated with the being and wishing he would come back with an explanation.

  • Beceause of the strange suit i feel like it was a human extraterrestial. Who knows why he was with you, there are multiple reasons why he would. I think that the contact with our alien visitors will increase this year, and this might lead into disclosure.

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